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Digital Transformation Built on the Cloud

Dec 13, 2019

Digital transformation (DX) has reached every industry, with 89% of business leaders proclaiming DX as a strategic priority, according to IDC research. It is now moving into the next phase, where return on investment on digital transformation initiatives needs to be proven.

To demonstrate return on investment on digital transformation initiatives, enterprises need to transform the way they develop products and services to realize speed-to-market goals, compete globally in existing and new markets, and meet customer expectations for varied, customized experiences. Platform-based systems and software tools, powered by cloud and artificial intelligence technology, are enabling enterprises of all sizes across industry to achieve these goals.

Cloud is the key enabler of digital transformation and ecosystem innovation. It is not just about cost reduction or outsourcing of IT hardware and services, but about using the cloud as a foundation for digital business innovation and ecosystem collaboration. This is a new era where users are able to consume services on demand rather than investing in heavy and lengthy installations.

Read more in this report from IDC which explains how a cloud-based data platform drives digital transformation in engineering. It covers:

  • You cloud strategy as a framework for transformation.
  • Challenges of running software on-premise.
  • Benefits of moving to a cloud platform.
  • How to progress on your DX and cloud journey.

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Research Report