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Delivering an Integrated Infrastructure for the Cloud [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

July 2013- Cloud computing has emerged as one of the prevailing IT trends today. By providing greater levels of provisioning and automation, cloud computing can help organizations become more nimble, reduce operating costs, improve application performance, and better allocate their compute resources. It enables organizations to more flexibly scale their IT infrastructure while reducing the administrative burden on IT organizations.

But IT departments determined to take advantage of these benefits are at risk of losing ...

Blade Server Strategies: Optimizing the Data Center [ Source: HP ]

July 2013- Blade servers bring efficiency and agility to IT infrastructures by making it easy to add and move resources and applications. In a recent study, IDC found that companies using blade servers were able to cut operating expenses by 64 percent.

But to extract the optimal benefits from blade servers, IT shops must chose a vendor whose strategy and tools reduce complexity, simplify management, support lifecycle automation and deliver the flexibility to work in any ...

Building a Business Case for HP Blades Servers [ Source: HP ]

July 2013- As IT administrators expand their infrastructures, they face a recurring question: do blade servers or rack servers deliver the best value?

This white paper covers all the factors that comprise an ROI model for comparing blades to rack servers, including power usage, cabling, software licensing and maintenance. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how blades can save up to 50% of TCO over a three year period and why blade servers make economic sense ...

IDC Analyst Connection: Using Blade Systems to Cut Costs and Sharpen Efficiencies [ Source: HP ]

July 2013- Data centers need to be more agile than ever, as IT increasingly becomes a strategic asset that determines how well an organization interacts with its customers, suppliers and employees. Yet with today's constrained budgets, IT administrators must ensure that their hardware investments deliver optimal ROI and help reduce operational expenses at every level.

In this IDC Analyst Connection white paper, server expert Jed Scaramella discusses how to address the challenges of data center ...

Survey: The State of Flash in Financial Services [ Source: LSI ]

November 2012- A variety of competitive, regulatory, and technology challenges continue to keep IT professionals awake at night. While new types of software systems address such challenges, flash-based storage and flash-based application acceleration technologies are vital to maximizing the benefits from such applications.

Download “Bullish on Data Center Flash“ to learn details of the state of flash-based technology deployments survey, such as:

•  More than three quarters (77 percent) of all financial services firms report ...

Moving the Data Center from Chaos to Control: Best Practices in Data Center Infrastructure Management [ Source: Nlyte Software ]

November 2012- Given the stunning growth of data centers in recent years, how can an enterprise's IT department improve efficiency, cost effectiveness and mission-critical reliability in the data center? This paper explores the complex web of challenges facing today's data center managers and discusses how Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software provides a complete solution for moving the data center from chaos to control.

Moving Beyond Spreadsheets and Diagrams: Getting Started with Data Center Infrastructure Management [ Source: Nlyte Software ]

November 2012- Many data center managers try to manage their dynamic environments with little more than spreadsheets and a few CAD diagrams. But as data centers have grown in size and complexity, managing this way has become increasingly difficult. Fortunately, there are many good Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions now available.

One of the challenges many companies face getting started with DCIM is that they are afraid that implementing a full scale DCIM solution ...

Case Study: PNC Financial Services [ Source: Nlyte Software ]

November 2012- A VP of Data Center Operations didn't have accurate information needed to make informed decisions, control costs and mitigate risks. In this informative case study, learn what caused this manager to say "We not only freed up half a megawatt of power, but also extended the life of our data center from five years to 15 years."

10 Best Practices to Streamline Updates of Firmware and Software Drivers [ Source: HP ]

October 2012- Installing firmware and software updates is essential to the health of today's highly consolidated, virtualized and converged IT environments. With multiple, inter-related components integrated in blade enclosures, the update process that keeps everything running as a harmonious and efficient whole is business-critical. This technical white paper provides a set of best practices that can enable you to streamline updates to your HP BladeSystem environment and incorporate the process into your server management routines.


Interactive eBook: A Guide to Modern IT Disaster Recovery from VMware [ Source: VMware ]

September 2012- Discover how federal agencies and the DoD can approach disaster recovery. Read the interactive eBook: "A Guide to Modern IT Disaster Recovery," to gain insight and advice on how to build an effective disaster recovery strategy in the evolving world of virtual infrastructures, while mitigating the impact of so-called 'Black Swan' events in the data center.

How Blade Servers Impact Data Center Management & Agility [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

September 2005- This Technology Adoption Profile (TAP) examines enterprise adoption of blade servers in the US, the UK, and China; the benefits of blade server use; and the connection between enterprise data center management and agility goals and blade server use.

The profile reveals that blades are highly associated with core infrastructure consolidation and optimization efforts and offer high value to users as a virtualization platform and means of reducing opex in the data center.<...

Learn more about AMD and HP Innovative Solutions [ Source: HP/AMD ]

September 2012- For more than a decade, AMD and HP have collaborated to deliver a technology portfolio that grows more robust every year. The product line now features systems based on the entire family of AMD processors, including rack-mount servers, server blades, MicroServer, desktops, and notebooks.

Download this PDF for an overview of the HP ProLiant server portfolio based on AMD Opteron™ processors. You'll learn which server options best address your prioroties, whether performance and ...

Forrester TAP: Blades paper [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

May 2012- This paper examines enterprise adoption of blade servers in the US, UK and China; the benefits of blade server use; and the connection between enterprise data center management and agility goals and blade server use.

It reveals that blade servers are highly associated with core infrastructure consolidation and optimization efforts and offers high value to users as a virtualization platform and means of reducing OpEx.

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Nemertes Research PilotHouse Awards: Servers for Virtualization [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

May 2012- The Nemertes Research PilotHouse Awards provide insight on the performance of technology vendors, according to feedback from IT decision makers who use their products or services. See which vendors were recognized for their servers built for virtualization.

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ComputerWorld Tech Dossier HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers: Intelligent Mgmt and Greater Efficiency Throughout the LifeCycle [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

May 2012- The new HP ProLiant Gen8 server features capabilities that speed and simplify three critical phases of the servers lifecycle:
• configuration and provisioning
• daily operational health monitoring
• ongoing updates and maintenance

Download this short paper to learn more.

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Gartner Presentation: Data Center conference Real Fabrics for a Virtual World [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

May 2012- Many factors influence what "ideal" approach organizations should take when planning to implement a fabric-based infrastructure policy.

This presentation charts the likely evolution of the market for fabric-based infrastructures, to help IT leaders determine the most appropriate vendor approach.

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Gartner Research Picking the Right Server Type to Solve Your Data Center Space, Power and Heat Problems [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

May 2012- The type of server you install in a data center can have a big impact -- positive or negative -- on the space, power and cooling required. Knowing and choosing the appropriate server type can extend the effective life of your data center, saving millions of dollars, and make room to add new systems.

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Forrester Research study How Blade Servers Impact Datacenter Management and Agility [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

May 2012- Get help evaluating your next purchases and accelerate the business value of IT as your datacenter continues to evolve. Download this Technical Adoption Profile on How Blade Servers Impact Datacenter Management and Agility from Forrester Research.

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Forrester on the Converged Infrastructure [ Source: HP ]

May 2012- To understand infrastructure and operations (I&O) perceptions of converged infrastructure (CI), Forrester Consulting surveyed 200 I&O decision-makers from six different countries.

Decision-makers were asked about their expectations of benefits and barriers to implementation of CI and those who have implemented CI were questioned on their actual experiences.

This white paper reveals the results of this study and explains why Forrester believes that CI should be considered for any major infrastructure ...

Amplify data center efficiencies by solving key challenges that impact costs, performance, and growth [ Source: HP ]

May 2012- Cloud delivery, virtualization, volatile business application demands, sustainability, ROI and cost cutting, compliance and risk, acquisitions and mergers - they're all business and technology issues that directly impact the efficiency of enterprise data centers.

Data center managers are under constant pressure to assess operations in order to sustain effectiveness. This white paper reveals the top data center challenges and explains how to conquer them.

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Understanding Structured and Unstructured Data in Real Time [ Source: HP/Autonomy ]

February 2012- The information powering today's organizations exists in two forms: structured and unstructured. When computers were first used, the focus was on structured data, which required humans to adapt the information to fit machines. Manual classification augmented structured information with the nuances and complexity that computers could not grasp, because people do not speak in zeroes and ones.

The nature of human communication is complex, using language and idioms, photographs and videos, recordings and ...

Bernalillo County cuts technology expenses by migrating from a mainframe to the HP BladeSystem [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

December 2011- Standardizing on HP Server blades and storage saves county funds. Reduced the number of physical servers from 150 to 60 with simplified management. Provides scalability and 200% faster application response. Quickens server deployment from one month to two hours, enabling faster response to technology needs.

Delivering Value from the Network Edge to the Core [ Source: HP/AMD ]

November 2011- HP Thermal Logic represents a step forward in managing the energy consumption of today's data center. It plays a key role in the HP Data Center Smart Grid initiative to deliver an end-to-end portfolio of energy-efficient technologies reaching from the server to the entire datacenter.

Its holistic approach extends beyond simply squeezing additional energy efficiency out of individual servers or managing to specific benchmarks to include instead focusing on increasing the efficiency of ...

Blade Servers: Easier Management, Better Power Usage and Quicker ROI [ Source: HP/AMD ]

November 2011- Learn how CIOs are embracing virtualization as a way to reduce overall costs, decrease power consumption and footprint requirements, and improve resource utilization.

Companies of all sizes are rapidly moving to server virtualization - running multiple server OS instances on a single physical machine - because it is an ideal solution to the perennial problem of limited resources and server sprawl in the data center.

Blade Servers: Cost effective, Change-Ready Solution [ Source: HP/AMD ]

November 2011- Virtualization is a powerful technology that can reduce overall costs, decrease power consumption, footprint requirements and improve resource utilization.

Faced with complex data center operations, IT managers are finding it increasingly challenging to support business needs effectively and efficiently. Companies are rapidly moving to server virtualization - running multiple server OS instances on a single physical machine - because it's an ideal solution to the perennial problem of limited resources and server sprawl.

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