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Survey: The State of Flash in Financial Services [ Source: LSI ]

November 2012- A variety of competitive, regulatory, and technology challenges continue to keep IT professionals awake at night. While new types of software systems address such challenges, flash-based storage and flash-based application acceleration technologies are vital to maximizing the benefits from such applications.

Download “Bullish on Data Center Flash“ to learn details of the state of flash-based technology deployments survey, such as:

•  More than three quarters (77 percent) of all financial services firms report ...

Accurate Time for Linux Applications [ Source: Symmetricom ]

October 2012- This white paper explores the challenges in delivering sub-microsecond accurate time to a Linux program, and it will present IEEE 1588 Precise Time Protocol (PTP) solutions and test data showing how to overcome those challenges.

Cloud Infrastructure Matters [ Source: Red Hat ]

September 2012- New IT technologies and abstractions, such as cloud computing, layer on top of existing ones.This may make the foundational layers less visible, but they remain just as important (or even more so).

The capabilities of a specific operating system aside, the operating system as a technology layer remains highly relevant in a cloud computing world. It insulates the application from lower-level technology (such as hardware) changes, provides a rich set of services ...

5 Key Backup Features To Ensure A Successful Backup Redesign [ Source: Idera ]

August 2012- There are five key features that all backup software must now possess to ensure organizations successfully execute on their backup redesign initiatives.

The last few years have seen a monumental change in the backup and recovery landscape, as organizations of all sizes have shifted from tape to disk as their primary backup target. But the adoption of disk in this new role as primary backup is really just the start of a much ...

Built to Tell the New Holistic Backup Management Story that Companies Want to Hear [ Source: Idera ]

August 2012- As companies solve their long standing backup challenges they are turning their attention away from reactively managing backups to taking a more proactive, holistic approach to managing their backup infrastructure. In this new world of backup management, tasks that were previously either overlooked or ignored due to the urgency of troubleshooting failed backups are now given the attention they deserve

Milwaukee Electric Tool Turns on the Power of Continuous Data Protection [ Source: Idera ]

August 2012- Learn how one company, Milwaukee Electric Tool looked to Idera Continuous Data Protection to make the transition from tape-based backup for their virtualized enviroment, and utilizing CDP's robust feature set and high-performance backup solution, met their backup requirements while positioning to move ahead with its Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and disaster recovery plans.

KVM Smart Card Authentication Systems: Best Practices [ Source: Raritan ]

July 2012- Selecting a smart card-enabled KVM system? Choose one that supports PKI authentication to multiple servers from a single location and makes the necessary KVM feature adjustments to enable seamless use of the reader. This white paper examines best practices when evaluating a Smart Card solution.

CIO Quickpulse: Drivers for Enterprise Virtualization Diversification [ Source: Red Hat ]

June 2012- A 2011 CIO Quick Pulse study found that nearly 75% of respondents who already have virtualization implemented into their datacenters have either already deployed a second vendor virtualization solution or are planning to. As the virtualization market matures, you would expect an increase in solution offerings through greater competition, resulting in lower product solution costs. Unfortunately, the proprietary virtualization software competitors are doing quite the opposite, driving up the costs of their proprietary solutions while simultaneously removing ...

IDC Whitepaper: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization [ Source: Red Hat ]

October 2012- As the number of virtual workloads surpass the number of physical workloads with the maturing or the virtualization market, IDC data indicates that as many as one third of virtualization customers are planning to use multiple hypervisors over the next year.

This whitepaper discusses why agencies are pursuing a multi-vendor strategy for virtualization software and how Red Hat, with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0, is quickly emerging as a leading strategic alternative and is ...

With Enhanced POWER7 Systems, IBM Raises the Ceiling, Again Clipper Navigator white paper [ Source: IBM ]

November 1011- As vendors abandon the UNIX market, IBM continues its commitment to AIX and POWER7 components on Power Systems. And with its recent architectural upgrades, it's even redefining performance.

Read the Clipper Group white paper and see how POWER7's faster processors accelerate the delivery of applications and services, and improve the utilization of resources.

Clabby Analytics report: The Mainframe Virtualization Advantage: How to Save Over [ Source: IBM ]

October 2011- Large-scale mainframe architecture provides the most cost effective solutions for running heavy input/output workloads. Read the Clabby Analytics research report to see how consolidating Linux servers on an IBM Systems z mainframe is more cost effective than deploying Linux on x86 servers. It could save you over a million dollars!

Breaking Through The Storage I/O Barrier For Cloud Computing [ Source: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. ]

September 2011- It's no secret that public and private cloud computing is experiencing exponential growth. IDC projects that by 2014, server sales will grow to $718M for public clouds and $11.8 billion for private clouds. IDC also projects public cloud services will grow at 30% per year, five times that of global IT spending in 2011.

One of the biggest challenges in cloud computing is the storage I/O bottlenecks that come with large-scale virtual machine (VM) deployments. As ...

Seven Best Practices for Increasing Efficiency, Availability and Capacity: The Enterprise Data Center Design Guide [ Source: Emerson Network Power ]

September 2011- This paper builds upon several of the steps in Energy Logic to define seven best practices that serve as the foundation for data center design. These best practices provide planners and operators with a roadmap for optimizing the efficiency, availability and capacity of new and existing facilities.

Tips to Improve Network I/O Performance on Virtualized Servers [ Source: Solarflare Communications ]

August 2011- Traditionally, virtualized servers have relied on the hypervisor to fully manage data flow, providing powerful services and management capabilities, but also introducing overheads that dramatically impact network I/O performance. The new PCI standard, single-root I/O virtualization, or SR-IOV, has emerged to address these performance issues.

This solution brief explains how to cost-effectively improve network I/O performance on virtualized servers and comply with the new standard.

Server Virtualization: Achieve Higher I/O Performance and Maintain Hypervisor-based Services [ Source: Solarflare Communications ]

August 2011- Citrix partnered with Solarflare to develop a unique unified approach to SR-IOV that delivers unprecedented cut through I/O performance while maintaining full hypervisor-based management.

As a result, virtualized servers can now benefit from accelerated network performance as well as hypervisor-based services and management capabilities.

Learn how to achieve higher I/O performance, scale to consolidate more workloads, and maintain efficient hypervisor-based services and management.

Social Networking Site Accelerates Network Performance [ Source: Solarflare Communications ]

August 2011- myYearbook, an innovative and rapidly growing social media site, must manage the extraordinary demands caused by the explosive growth in traffic.

To do so, its engineers need to stay ahead of the curve on the deployment of leading edge technologies which both meet its current performance demands, but also provide headroom for growth.

Learn how myYearbook upgraded its infrastructure to improve network performance.

How to: Accelerate Web 2.0 Application Performance [ Source: Solarflare Communications ]

August 2011- Memcached is a widely deployed distributed database caching technology implemented by tens of thousands of Web 2.0 sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,, Wikipedia, and Craigslist. Memcached accelerates dynamic web applications, and is an important part of many social networking and big data infrastructures.

Discover how Solarflare's 10GbE technology accelerates user access to Web 2.0 and learn how to improve the efficiency of the infrastructure to provide a better user experience, while managing ...

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Desktops Solutions Guide [ Source: Red Hat ]

May 2011- The advent of virtualization technology on x86 platforms has allowed a radically new, cost-effective model of desktop delivery. It allows IT to centrally manage, maintain, and enforce policies on desktops in a much more effective and holistic manner than traditional desktops (individual PCs running an operating system and applications) and legacy SBC/terminal services solutions (shared OS and applications).

This enables better compliance and leads to a significant reduction in the total cost ...

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers: Competitive Features [ Source: Red Hat ]

May 2011- Server virtualization offers tremendous benefits for enterprise IT organizations?server consolidation, hardware abstraction, and internal clouds deliver a high degree of operational efficiency. However, today, server virtualization is not used pervasively in the production enterprise datacenter. Some of the barriers preventing widespread adoption of existing proprietary virtualization solutions are performance, scalability, security, cost, and ecosystem challenges.

The Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization portfolio is an end-to-end virtualization solution with use cases for both servers ...

Enterprise modernization made simple [ Source: IBM ]

April 2011- Maintaining IT systems across multiple platforms can be costly and complicated. The need for innovation is growing, but budgets are not.

Read the white paper and learn how streamlining development and deployment of applications with IBM can support enterprise modernization throughout its lifecycle, reducing complexity and costs.

BCBS Minnesota achieves a significant TCO reduction with virtualized Linux on IBM System z [ Source: IBM ]

April 2011- Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota (BCBSM) faced a significant IT issue?their Microsoft Windows and Intel processor-based servers were inflexible and costly to operate.

Read the case study and learn how IBM consolidated 140 servers to a single IBM System z platform with six Integrated Facility for Linux engines - improving efficiency while reducing TCO.

Customer Usage Scenarios: Virtualization on the Integrity Servers [ Source: HP ]

April 2011- The new line of Integrity Servers attack IT sprawl with standards-based, modular, bladed architectures as well as common components and a common management environment across all HP servers.

This white paper highlights common usage scenarios using the different HP-UX virtualization technologies on the Integrity Servers. Discover how you can design solutions with more efficiency, higher levels of availability, flexibility and service, all, with a lower total cost of ownership.

Product Comparison: Mission Critical Operating Systems Engineered for Critical Workloads [ Source: HP ]

April 2011- When evaluating mission critical operating systems, there is no shortage in options. This white paper provides a technical comparison of HP-UX 11i v3, AIX 6.1, and Solaris 10 UNIX, focusing on their functional capabilities in terms of virtualization, reliability, and security.

Review critical technical requirements and the significance of the requirements in current customer environments.

The Mission Critical Data Center [ Source: HP ]

April 2011- Today, the term ?mission-critical? covers an ever-increasing set of data center workloads. The good news is that mission-critical capability can now be achieved in a more space efficient and flexible form factor.

This paper reviews the BladeSystem Matrix with HP-UX, which leverages systems management, server blade design, and operating systems to provide a resilient infrastructure well suited to the mission-critical data center. Plus, benefit from a comparison of HP mission critical capabilities, Oracle ...

HP ProLiant DL980 G7 Servers in Highly Available Linux Environments [ Source: HP ]

April 2011- Many enterprises are migrating or evaluating moving their core enterprise applications from expensive proprietary platforms to Linux on standards-based servers. In the past, the lack of an x86 server with the performance, availability, and scalability found in proprietary platforms hindered adoption of these servers at the enterprise core.

Designed with the enterprise in mind, the new HP ProLiant DL980 G7 server overcomes these limitations. Discover why the DL980 is an excellent platform for ...

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