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5 Emerging Trends Affecting IT Staff in the Recovery [ Source: Hudson IT ]

August 2010-  As we move into an economic recovery phase, Hudson sought to understand how the people within our clients’ IT organizations are most affected. Aside from the obvious effects of staff reductions, a handful of trends are emerging as described in this article. Here is an excerpt…

Trend 1: FOCUS ON BUSINESS NEEDS REQUIRES MORE TALENTED PEOPLE -- Sharper IT Alignment with Business Needs Drives Focus on Building Quality Staff

One of the ...

Missing the Mark in Middle-Market Outsourcing: Configuration vs Customization [ Source: Novus Origo ]

October 2010- Middle-market organizations are different from Fortune 1,000 companies, not only in size but also in behavior and culture, so they require unique outsourcing solutions designed to meet their specific needs. Large outsourcing vendors have thus far failed to deliver such a successful middle-market product. Any middle-market companies in search of outsourcing success should look outside the box at new outsourcing vendors embracing innovative technologies and approaches such as configuration and smaller niche vendors able to scale ...

Cloud Staffing and IT Outsourcing Evolution [ Source: Software and Web Development Company Acceptic ]

September 2010- The article, presented by Acceptic, deals with cloud staffing as a more mature approach to world outsourcing practices. The features revealed in the article explain the pros of cloud staffing against conventional outsourcing.

Outsourcing for Start-Ups: Myth-busting [ Source: IT Sourcing Europe Limited ]

September 2010- Although in today's business world many start-up companies are often put under pressure to reduce operating costs via the outsourced software development by their investors and/or venture capitalists (VCs), it is still widely believed that only non-core development and/or testing functions can be outsourced to a third party offshore, nearshore, or within home country. IT Sourcing Europe busts some major myths of IT outsourcing for start-up companies.

Quantitative Vendor Comparison Technique for RFP or RFI [ Source: Infosys Technologies Ltd ]

September 2010- Clients are looking into the marketplace more often nowadays to buy a product or solution, rather than building it on their own. So it is extremely important for clients to follow an effective and efficient vendor selection process. In this article, I have presented a quantitative methodology to determine the best-fit vendor based on numerical scoring of vendor’s response to a RFP or RFI. In this approach, a total score in “vendor points” is ...

The New Outsourcing Axis: Examining IT Service Innovation Inspired and Built in Latin America [ Source: Globant ]

May 2010- Nearshore providers of IT services have to compete for clients not only among themselves but with India, as well as rivals like China, the Philippines, and Russia. And it's not just strong competitors from other regions, as well as multinational giants -- it's that they're all competing for a slice of a pie that is growing more slowly than it did two years ago and is still suffering the effects of a global recession. The ...

Why You Should Outsource Application Maintenance [ Source: InCrys ]

April 2010- Application development and maintenance scores for 80% of the top IT most outsourced activities worldwide. The motivations behind this scenario reveal more than just the classical cost savings that companies need to achieve. This white paper tries to answer a few basic questions: Should you outsource application maintenance or keep it in-house? What are the benefits of outsourcing application maintenance vs. keeping it in-house? Are these benefits worth it?

6 Reasons Why CIOs Should Embrace Cloud Computing Now [ Source: Hudson IT ]

June 2010- While many CIOs point to cost savings as the primary driving force of their Cloud initiatives, a growing number are seeing broader benefits that are focusing their team on delivering greater business value. Discover the tremendous benefits a mid-sized company can realize by moving some of their applications into the Cloud and about the factors that lead to success. In this informational white paper you will learn: * Real-world Cloud ROI calculations: benchmark your potential for ...

Agile Dedicated Teams: How to Make Outsourcing Software Development More Reliable [ Source: Software and Web Development Company Acceptic ]

May 2010- Acceptic provides this report on how to make relations with IT providers more safe and reliable and at the same time profitable enough. A way to provide a win-win outsourcing strategy may be found in agile dedicated development teams, according to the company.

The Legal Side Of Software As A Service [ Source: Verax Systems ]

May 2010- The SaaS model has become a key concept in today’s software deployment. It is already among the mainstream solutions on the IT market. But however easy and beneficial it may seem, there are many legal aspects one must be aware of, ranging from licenses and agreements to data safety and information privacy.

Why Adopt Nearshore Agile Development? [ Source: Ciklum ]

April 2010- Ciklum, the European leader in IT nearshoring for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), presents nearshore Agile development as a relatively new, yet effective Outsourcing 2.0 trend, able to better meet with the challenging requirements of today's high-tech environment, compared with traditional offshore waterfall development.

P&C Industry - Technology Strategy after Financial Crisis [ Source: Mahindra Satyam ]

March 2010- As the year 2009 ended, the dust from the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression has begun to settle. The depth and breadth of damage suffered by the U.S. and global economies is becoming apparent. From the P&C perspective, insurers saw their net income plummet and the net premium written trend also lowered. Insurers hoping for a resurgence of hard market in the 2nd half of 2009 realized that this was just wishful thinking. ...

7 Ways to Cut Supply Chain Costs with Enterprise Test Software [ Source: Averna Technologies ]

November 2009- Manufacturing environments today are complex, often with multiple sites, offshore subcontractors, many component suppliers and various revisions of technology within the lifecycle of a product. And there's the pressure to introduce products faster all the time. In short, stressors are coming from every direction. This is where manufacturing technology can help.

Manufacturing technology can help improve visibility and control over operations, correlate suppliers to product quality, optimize resources and improve quality - the ...

From Fighting Fires To Affirming Allies: Vendor Relationship Management [ Source: Novus Origo ]

December 2009- Executives are spending escalating portions of their time on fewer essential business-building activities as a result of the ever more complex and costly issues that undoubtedly arise within contracted vendor relationships. By securing the services of an experienced vendor relationship manager to practice their expertise and ease executive burden, leadership will no longer feel hindered in their efforts to generate effectual change.

Reducing Risks Maximizing Returns From HIPAA 5010 Transition [ Source: Infosys Technologies Ltd ]

September 2009- Healthcare is a complex ecosystem with "many-to-many" interactions among payers, providers, clearinghouses, and employers. An enormous amount of data is exchanged between these entities on a daily basis using the standard X12 4010 transaction formats for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The mandate on the healthcare industry to move from HIPAA 4010 to 5010 transaction standards is both a source of opportunities and a transition laden with risks. Infosys believes that upfront planning and effective risk management strategies identified ...

Inshoring: A Blueprint for Building the Most Efficient Domestic IT Services Model [ Source: Systems In Motion ]

November 2009- Sourcing of technology services has become truly global. American enterprises today have well over 2 million people around the world in low-cost geographies providing IT and process support services. However, this has created a fundamental gap in integrating service delivery across business, function, technology and operations competencies. Bridging this gap requires significant investment in redundant resources, governance processes, infrastructure and travel. These costs, along with the escalating cost of global resources will only grow with rapid ...

From Authorized To Engaged Turning On Your VAR Channel [ Source: MarketLink Services ]

November 2009- Creating a productive reseller channel requires many steps, but the primary step is the conversion from authorized (signed) to engaged resellers. This is the most important, and most difficult, component to an effective channel campaign.

Instantly Connecting Developers Across The Miles [ Source: Citrix Online ]

October 2009- Software developers don’t work in a bubble. Whether they’re in adjacent cubes or adjacent time zones, developers must communicate efficiently to ensure project success. Relying only on instant messaging, e-mail, and phones to connect with one another works, but slowly -- it's kind of like running in a pool. Learn the key challenges remote developers and teams face while exploring the advantages of leveraging an online collaboration solution to instantly connect, eliminate travel, ...

Who Benefits From Outsourcing? [ Source: Intetics Co. ]

August 2009- Over the last year, the global financial crisis and recession have resulted in accelerated adoption of outsourcing and offshoring as essential business tools. Companies of all sizes are turning to outsourcing and offshoring to weather the severe economic downturn by reducing costs and overhead and gaining more flexibility in order to ride out the storm. Of course, this raises some key questions: Is outsourcing a good business decision during recessions and other times of crisis? ...

Outsourcing For Success - The Retained Organization [ Source: Novus Origo ]

July 2009- The requirements for the advanced planning and design of a skilled retained organization are paramount to the success of any outsourcing relationship, and should be facilitated early on in the outsourcing process. Additionally, key success factors in the design and implementation of a retained organization include: the ability of the team to operate against new processes and methodologies, having a clear understanding of what transactions are being outsourced, properly selecting retained resources based on skills ...

How Outsourcing Can Help Recession-Proof Your Company [ Source: Infuze Technologies Inc. ]

July 2009- The economic downturn has forced many companies in the U.S. and Europe to reduce spending across the board. For the information technology organization in these companies, this financial hardship means falling behind in the fast-moving Web service-oriented economy. Outsourcing with the right offshore development partner can overcome this problem. It can enable companies to maintain an aggressive strategy of new Web application development in the face of budget reductions of up to 70 percent.

Unlocking the Value of Medical Data Within Injury Claims [ Source: MedNeutral ]

February 2008- MedNeutral's Medical Records Optimization (TM) solution enables adjusters, attorneys and medical professionals to extract the most information from medical records with the least amount of effort. MRO converts medical records into structured data and presents this in several user-friendly formats. Features include record-level abstracts and file-level overviews, full chronology with flexible sorts on key criteria (e.g., provider, diagnosis, facility, medication), full index, embedded notepad and collaboration tools. Download this white paper to learn how ...

Current Trends In European And North American Offshore Outsourcing [ Source: Team International ]

July 2009- TEAM International highlights the changing offshore outsourcing landscape in Europe and North America. The organization analyzed offshore outsourcing market trends and presents some of its findings in this report.

Would You Bank With Your Bank? How Technology Can Help Banks Restore Customer Confidence [ Source: GXS ]

April 2009- Bailouts, mergers, failures, and acquisitions. These are familiar words that were all too frequently the lead stories in the financial services industry in 2008. What will it take to restore corporates' trust in the financial services industry? Recent headlines have not only increased the pressures in the marketplace but have also created new opportunities for regional and community banks to capture market share away from the big boys.

Eight Steps To Implement Agile Software Product Testing Practices [ Source: Proteans Software Solutions Pvt Ltd ]

April 2009- The new economic reality puts the spotlight on the need for agile software product development. An agile environment reduces the cost of development and achieves payback on the investment sooner than in a traditional approach. Software product testing in an agile environment offers a completely different perspective and is packed with multiple challenges. Proteans Software Solutions offers eight steps to implement agile software product testing practices.

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