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The State of Data Center Evolution [ Source: Siemens ]

June 2013- Most IT executives say that some of their organizations' data centers will max out of power, cooling or space by the end of 2014, according to new research from UBM Tech and InformationWeek Marketing Services. The study, conducted in April 2013, takes an in-depth look at how IT decision makers rate the challenges they face as they evolve data centers to handle fast-growing volumes of data. Among the key findings:

Only 17 percent are actively planning ...

Optimize Programs and Fulfill Mandate Expectations with Project and Portfolio Governance [ Source: Oracle ]

June 2013- Knowing which programs your agency should support doesn't have to be a guessing game. With Oracle's Primavera Portfolio Management's enterprise approach to governance, agency executives can align projects with strategic goals, balance spending and assess risk.

This paper addresses the challenges and benefits of implementing a strategic governance solution to assist in better portfolio management and, ultimately, improved delivery of high value capabilities and citizen services from all projects and programs.

A Simple Path to Effective Root Cause Analysis [ Source: Neebula ]

April 2013- Anyone who has worked an IT Service Desk knows that on average 80 percent of incident & problem management time is spent identifying and analyzing the root cause of an incident... less than 20% is dedicated to fixing the underlying issue. Knowledge is power. Make IT administrators heroes by significantly reducing MTTR and IT executives happy by increasing service availability. This eBook provides problem detection methods, tips for improving root cause analysis, and outlines several approaches for root-cause ...

Effectively Controlling IT Change [ Source: Neebula ]

April 2013- It is often claimed that "80% of unplanned outages are due to ill-planned changes made by administrators or developers." Considering that an average IT organization makes 11-100 changes every week, it is well understood that change management has become a daunting task. This e-book highlights key points necessary for effectively managing IT changes and visually explains the benefits that Neebula ServiceWatch can add to the process without disrupting any existing change procedures.

A Guide to Implementing a Successful SAST Tool and Solving Developer Security Issues [ Source: Checkmarx ]

April 2013- Recognizing security defects early in the development cycle have traditionally posed real challenges for developers as current static analysis tools often generate significant false positive results and other major issues. Next generation tools address these issues by integrating static analysis as part of development teams’ normal ‘design, code, test and analysis’ processes. Download, “A Successful SAST Tool Implementation” to learn how these tools can:

•  Integrate with normal software engineering workflows
•  Accurately report ...

Enterprise Application Security: A Guide to Choosing Between Binary and Source Code Analysis [ Source: Checkmarx ]

April 2013- Software security is a top priority for many organizations with many considering how they should integrate security earlier on in the software development lifecycle. A process change like this would benefit organizations in the form of reduction in costs and increased productivity as a result of minimizing flaws and removing defects via software patches. Download, “Enterprise Application Security: Source vs. Binary Code Analysis” to learn about the benefits of Source Code Analysis (SCA) and how ...

Best Kept Secrets of Peer Review [ Source: SmartBear ]

February 2013- Developers are often reluctant to do reviews because they traditionally take the form of a heavy-weight, meeting-based process. Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review turns this notion upside-down and shows how to perform effective lightweight code review - which takes 1/5th of the time of more traditional, heavy-weight reviews.

In this ebook, you'll learn:

• Why some developers resist code review and how new tools change the game.

• The 5 ...

11 Best Practices for Peer Code Review [ Source: SmartBear ]

February 2013- It's common sense that peer code review - in which software developers review each other's code before releasing software to QA - identifies bugs, encourages collaboration, and keeps code more maintainable.

But it's also clear that some code review techniques are inefficient and ineffective. The meetings often mandated by the review process take time and kill excitement. Strict process can stifle productivity, but lax process means no one knows whether reviews are effective ...

Things To Look For In A Bank Vendor [ Source: AccuSystems ]

January 2013- The selection and implementation of an imaging and document management solution can seem overwhelming. Your institution will have many concerns and questions as you work through the selection process, but ultimately must ensure that the needs and requirements of your institution will be met in the product selected.

A successful implementation starts with the right foundation. This document is meant to help you build that foundation by understanding and working through critical steps ...

IDC: Top Five Considerations for Cloud-Based Security [ Source: Blue Coat ]

October 2012- According to IDC's 2011 Security Survey, nearly two-thirds of enterprises are challenged by end users who do not follow corporate securities policies. Cloud-based Web solutions can secure mobile users without requiring VPN backhaul to an onsite gateway or security agents installed on clients. In this whitepaper Phil Hochmuth, program manager for IDC's Security Products service answers the top 5 questions to consider if you plan to move to cloud-based security.

Secure File Sharing and Collaboration in the Cloud: Maximizing the Benefits While Minimizing the Risks [ Source: Accellion ]

September 2012- The rampant use of free, cloud-based dropbox-type of applications has created new security vulnerabilities for enterprise organizations. Employees using mobile devices are increasingly taking advantage of these services to share confidential or protected information and collaborate with people outside the organization-without providing adequate security, tracking, or visibility for the IT department.

Employee use of unmanaged cloud-based services puts your organization at risk for a data breach or non-compliance with industry and government regulations.<...

Putting IT Back in Control of BYOD [ Source: Accellion ]

September 2012- Osterman Research conducted a survey of 760 individuals with regard to the BYOD issues they face in their organizations. Personally owned Apple iPhone and iPads, as well as Android smartphones and tablets, are more common than their company-supplied counterparts.

The research also found widespread use of third party, cloud-based storage and file synchronization offerings that are sometimes used with IT's blessing, but more often not. Dropbox, for example, is used in 14% of 1,000+ employee organizations ...

The Need for Enterprise-Grade File Sharing and Synchronization [ Source: Accellion ]

September 2012- Cloud-based file-sharing and synchronization solutions are among the most popular applications used in the workplace.

Many of these solutions, classified as "consumer-focused" because they are typically deployed by individual users and not as part of a coordinated IT plan, offer tremendous usability. By synchronizing files across a variety of platforms-desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet-these tools enable users to have near real time access to all of their content from any platform and any ...

Evaluating Cloud File Sharing and Collaboration Solutions [ Source: Accellion ]

September 2012- Consumerization has had a broad impact on IT-users are bringing in their own devices and subscribing to their own applications without waiting for the IT department' permission. Users want and need to be able to access documents from multiple devices and are subscribing to consumer applications like Dropbox to share files between devices and collaborators.

This creates a tremendous challenge for IT, which is in charge of managing and protecting corporate information assets, ...

Best Practices for Secure Enterprise Content Mobility [ Source: Accellion ]

September 2012- The proliferation of mobile devices and the popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are creating new security challenges for enterprises. Employees are using devices such as iPads and smartphones to access and store business data. And they're relying on email and consumer-grade file-sharing services to share and access this data. As a result, enterprise data has never been easier to access and more difficult to secure.

To secure mobile devices while enabling ...

Aberdeen Group Analyst Insight: Left to Their Own Devices: Does Your Enterprise Have a Dropbox Problem? [ Source: Accellion ]

September 2012- In the absence of well-defined policies, awareness and education, and officially supported alternatives for sharing files securely, knowledgeable end-users will often overlook security and compliance in favor of getting the job done by taking advantage of free and readily available alternatives.

Top-performing organizations are able to support the business objectives of end-user productivity, convenience and collaboration while simultaneously sustaining the organization's requirements for security, compliance, and cost-effective management.

Download this Analyst ...

eBook: Trusted Data Assurance in the Cloud [ Source: Evault ]

August 2012- How will you prepare your company for cloud adoption? Cloud services are especially attractive to midmarket companies hit with the high cost of meeting compliance requirements.

Author and information security expert Felix Santos discusses:

• Information security and data protection in the cloud

• Recent cloud standards and audit initiatives

• Evaluation criteria for selecting a cloud provider that offers trusted data assurance

Best Practices for Business Class File Sharing Solutions [ Source: Ipswitch File Transfer ]

July 2012- What happens when employees go around IT and use their own Dropbox-like services, webmail or USB drives to send company information? This behavior presents significant security and compliance risks including: Loss of control over who has access to files and data, lack of visibility and audit trails, risk of data breaches and compliance violations.

This Osterman Research white paper sponsored by Ipswitch File Transfer provides an in depth discussion of the issues and ...

Enterprise Information Management Security Options [ Source: Brainloop ]

January 2012- As organizations increasingly participate in a collaborative economy, sharing documents becomes ever more crucial. Documents travel farther and wider than ever before due to expanding corporate ecosystems and increasingly virtualized business networks encompassing more partners, joint ventures, and collaborative projects. While transactions such as M&A and technology licensing have long wrestled with the problem of securing documents traveling outside the company, now a host of business and collaborative processes face the same problems.

10 Questions to Identify Compliance Risks [ Source: Brainloop ]

January 2012- Corporate and regulatory compliance policies have forced companies to ensure that information flows are documented, auditable, and highly secure. Yet in order to conduct their business, companies must share sensitive information outside the firewall, introducing serious potential information risk. How can companies enforce security policy and cost-effectively meet compliance objectives when documents must be shared with partners, investors, board members, bidders and others outside the enterprise?

This white paper by Cheryl Klein, CPA, ...

Managing Information Risk in the Extended Enterprise: Why Corporate Compliance and IT Security Must Join Forces [ Source: Brainloop ]

January 2012- It's no secret: end users take huge security risks in order to get their jobs done. One of the biggest sources of information risk companies face is collaboration with externals. Companies can't operate without sharing sensitive information with strategic partners, regulatory authorities, board members, consultants, acquisition partners, contractors and legions of other individuals outside the corporate network.

But without a safe means to do so, how do employees share sensitive documents? Too often, ...

Security Policy: Five Keys to User Compliance [ Source: Brainloop ]

January 2012- Business users are a key part of a company's security, and even the most conscientious employees can introduce serious breaches of security policy. IT can do everything in its power to secure the company's confidential documents - provide first-class security infrastructure, develop reasonable security policies and engage in extensive communication and training - yet still people fail to comply. The solution is to provide security that helps people do their jobs more efficiently, thereby inducing ...

Data Protection and Your Customers [ Source: CenturyLink ]

November 2011- As businesses look to improve customer experiences with interactive kiosks, and mobile applications and payment options, they must also ensure that customer data is protected against security breaches. See how Payment Card Industry compliance can keep customer data safe and strengthen your business.

The 7 Myths of IP Risk: The Real Exposure Issues with Open Source Software [ Source: Black Duck Software ]

November 2011- Open Source Software (OSS) is widely recognised as providing significant technology, innovation and business benefits to software development organisations, but it is not without associated challenges and risks.

In this complimentary whitepaper, we address the intellectual property (IP) risks that developers, development managers and c-level managers must take into account when developing and distributing software created with OSS. We also discuss a number of common myths surrounding OSS that keep developers up at ...

Reducing Banks' Compliance Toll [ Source: Lexmark ]

October 2011- As regulatory pressures on the financial services industry mount, financial institutions face a growing cost of compliance. Focusing on improving just the productivity of compliance efforts will be insufficient to reduce the toll. Financial institutions must improve upstream lending and account opening processes.

While achieving a paperless environment is a worthy goal for banks, a less-paper environment is a necessary - and realistic - starting point. Automating processes by deploying imaging and business ...

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