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TV 2.0 - The Big Screen PC [ Source: Icron Technologies ]

September 2008- TV 2.0 is the evolution of the TV from just being able to offer video content from a single service provider to the ability for the TV to offer content from multiple service providers (CATV + Internet) and content and applications from the PC. In short TV 2.0 is the convergence of the PC, TV and Internet. The paper looks at consumer trends, what technologies are available and under development, and the advantages and disadvantages of these.

Introducing DLP 3-D TV [ Source: Texas Instruments ]

January 2008- 2006 saw the introduction of several new cinema titles, such as Return of Superman and Nightmare on Christmas. In 2007, Meet the Robinsons was released by Disney Studios. In each case, the films that were presented in 3-D retained higher receipts than those that were shown in 2-D. With studios like DreamWorks announcing that all future animated titles will be in 3-D, it stands to reason that there will be 3-D content available for home viewing in ...

Delivering Converged Quad-Play Services With IPTV and IMS [ Source: Nortel Networks ]

January 2008- This paper published by Nortel tells the reader that as service providers combine interactive video with voice, data and mobility services to form quad-play bundles, will their subscribers be watching IP Television (IPTV) or engaging in a new multimedia experience? There is an elegant and cost-effective way to not just deliver a video, voice, data and mobility bundle - but to seamlessly integrate them into a richly interactive and personalized experience.