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The Anywhere, Anytime College Experience [ Source: VMware / Carahsoft ]

November 2014- As technology advances and students remain on the cutting edge, colleges and universities have no choice but to keep up. While the changes in culture, strategy, and technology take some adjustment, the advances also ultimately benefit the institutions and their staff by improving efficiency, enhancing security, and bolstering management capabilities.

Bonjour Gateway: Enterprise-level Zero-Configuration Networking for Apple Devices [ Source: Aerohive Networks ]

March 2012- To make networks service-aware and make BYOD with Apple devices a native part of every network, Aerohive has built a Bonjour Gateway to manage and control Apple service availability (such as AirPrintTM, AirPlay, file sharing, collaboration applications, etc.) across an entire enterprise network.

iPhones, iPods, And Flash Drives: How To Protect From The Dangers Within [ Source: Lumension ]

April 2008- Organizations of all sizes/industries are susceptible to data leakage. Removable devices provide an easy way to transfer data. Lumension provides this presentation to help you enforce user and data controls and audit activity.

Kleer Advantages Over Bluetooth [ Source: Kleer ]

April 2008- This whitepaper compares Kleer technology to Bluetooth technology for the application of wireless streaming audio. Bluetooth is a standard for relatively short-range general-purpose data communications. Bluetooth has found initial market success in wireless voice headsets for mobile phones and is now trying to address stereo audio for mobile phones and portable audio players. Bluetooth solutions suffer from poor audio quality due to the use of lossy audio compression, poor ISM (2.4GHz) band coexistence performance in ...