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Transparency in the Public Cloud: Eliminating Public vs Private Tradeoffs [ Source: iland ]

March 2014- It's now possible to get the same visibility in the public cloud that you have in your own data center - or even better. A Best of Interop 2014 finalist, analysts and media agree that the new iland Enterprise Cloud Services portal provides unmatched visibility into the true costs of cloud as well as performance, security and compliance data.

According to Torsten Volk, research director at Enterprise Management Associates, "iland's new portal exemplifies the ...

Disaster Recovery: The Budget Item You Cannot Afford to Cut [ Source: iland ]

March 2014- According to a recent survey, the cost of downtime over the last few years increased 65 percent. Not surprisingly, growing technology dependence can expose companies to threats from human error, cybercrime and natural disaster - causing their digital infrastructures to come crashing down in a split second.

Read "Disaster Recovery: The Budget Item You Cannot Afford to Cut" and learn why virtualization ensures business continuity; how one company's strong DR plan results in millions ...

Forrester Wave Report for Enterprise Backup & Recovery [ Source: CommVault ]

March 2014- The enterprise backup and recovery software market is, as ever, in a state of flux as more and more I&O professionals grow tired of traditional backup methods. From missed backup windows to slow or failed recoveries, many firms are weary of the constant battle with their backup software and are looking for a change.

Intelligent Imaging Leadership Guide [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- Read this paper to discover -

&bul; Deliver a better customer experience. Intelligent imaging solutions combine advanced document capture, imaging archive, workflow and content analytics to consolidate multiple inputs from email, faxes, mobile devices, online sources, archives and paper.

• Create a map for getting from here to there. If your clients are going to get ahead with intelligent imaging, they need to start by mapping their current process. This guide ...

Improve Insurance with a Smarter Process approach [ Source: IBM ]

August 2013- For insurance leaders, the time has come for Smarter Process. In today's mobile, connected era, customers expect perfection from their service providers. With competitors only a click (or tap) away, companies have a strong incentive to deliver flawless operations. Online retailers have ?set a high bar? in the way that they engage customers throughout the entire sales process?not just during the commercial transaction, but before, during and after the transaction. Can your insurance company ...

Forrester: Evaluating the Performance of Shared WAN Links for Data Center Backup and Disaster Recovery [ Source: Silver Peak ]

June 2013- Running multiple data centers can be costly and complex. While using shared WAN links is a viable option for cutting costs, many organizations would rather incur the additional expense of private lines than sacrifice performance.

This resource details the challenges of sharing WAN links and explores how WAN optimization - which employs a set of technologies to improve the bandwidth, latency, and loss characteristics of WAN links - can help you achieve the ...

Eliminating the Need for WAN Acceleration Using the Cloud [ Source: Nasuni ]

May 2013- Data is an organization's most important asset and the ability to provide access where and when it is needed is vital to the success of every company.

Download this white paper to learn about how the cloud is an exciting new alternative to traditional WAN acceleration. Specifically:

•  WAN acceleration - the good and the bad
•  The cloud as the new data center
•  How Storage Infrastructure as a Service changes ...

The Top Ten Headaches Caused by Remote Office Storage [ Source: Nasuni ]

May 2013- IT directors at growing, distributed enterprises face a number of unique challenges, particularly when it comes to storage. Nasuni has worked with hundreds of customers to alleviate the pain that today's enterprise IT departments face in trying to manage storage remotely.

We drew upon the insights and experiences of IT directors at enterprises that range from five to fifty locations and often cross multiple continents. In every case, IT has to ensure that ...

Powering Linux in the Data Center [ Source: Symantec and DLT Solutions ]

March 2013- Many IT professionals are drawn by the savings that Linux® brings to the data center but are concerned about the potential uptime and data protection risks that arise from trusting their business-critical applications to "free" or native software. Native Linux solutions also prove challenging with required manual scripting and lack of automated operations and management. For business-critical data center applications, the complete line of Symantec high availability, data protection, backup and recovery, disaster recovery and ...

Keys to Data Protection: Myths, Realities and Proactive Planning [ Source: Carbonite ]

November 2012- Through a series of case studies, Inc. and Carbonite explore the all-too-common small business ‘nightmare’, data loss – and, examine the consequences suffered as a result of being ill-prepared. Experts Pete Lamson, senior vice president for small business at Carbonite, and Philip Jan Rothstein, president of Rothstein Associates Inc., weigh-in on the importance of making data protection a business priority. With proper – and more importantly, proactive - planning, small businesses can aptly prepare for whatever may ...

How Prepared is Your Business if Disaster Strikes? [ Source: Carbonite ]

November 2012- Research from the Insurance Institute states that up to 40 percent of small businesses affected by disaster will never reopen. Carbonite provides 10 easy tips to help small businesses develop a solid disaster preparedness plan. Having such a plan in place, helps businesses minimize loss and disruption and return to normal business operations as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster. Through this checklist, small business owners will receive ideas on how to appropriately assess ...

Australian Building Products Leader Easily Achieves Disaster Recovery Objectives with Silver [ Source: Silver Peak ]

February 2013- See how Australia's largest independent locally-owned manufacturer and distributor of wood-based building products, Gunnersen, has implemented Silver Peak Systems to ensure its recovery point objectives (RPO) are achieved. In the end Gunnersen was amazed by Silver Peak's data mobility performance, price and deployment ease.

Protection enterprise servers with StoreOnce and NetWorker: HP StoreOnce Backup systems [ Source: HP/Intel® Xeon® Processors ]

September 2012- Learn more about the benefits of using HP StoreOnce Backup systems combined with EMC NetWorker to backup enterprise servers. This document also recommmends backup and recovery implementations.


Cloud-Based business continuity [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

September 2012- Learn how HP examines the emergence of a new genertion of cloud-based continuity solutions. The paper adressess the most current challenges of enterprise-class continuity, and how traditional IT operations can be recovered to the cloud. Also the paper explores the key issues that organizations may examine when considering a cloud-oriented approach to disaster recovery (DR).

Sponsored by: HP and Intel®

10 Purchase Considerations for Endpoint Backup and Data Availability Solutions [ Source: Druva ]

September 2007- An executive brief on the top purchase considerations when choosing an enterprise-class solution for endpoint backup.

Cloud-Connected Backup and Recovery [ Source: Evault ]

August 2012- Go hybrid and get the best of both data protection worlds. Cloud-connected backup and recovery seamlessly combines cloud-based and onsite data protection technologies for fast, local restores and ensured, offsite disaster recovery.

Read the white paper to:

• Discover the benefits of transitioning from tape to disk

• Learn how to get shorter backup windows and faster recovery times

• Ensure your data is totally secure and easily recovered

Carnegie Mellon CyLab, Governance of Enterprise Security 2012 Report [ Source: EMC ]

August 2012- Company directors have a duty to protect the assets of their organizations. Now, this duty extends to digital assets, and has been expanded by laws and regulations that impose specific privacy and cyber security obligations on companies. This 2012 survey is the first global governance survey, comparing responses from industry sectors and geographical regions.

Practical Advice for Streamlining Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions [ Source: Riverbed ]

April 2012- To succeed and thrive, today's organizations must create network environments that enable them to continue operations or recover in the shortest possible time. This paper provides practical advice for maintaining a functional DR strategy, and for streamlining business continuity solutions.

Seeding the Cloud: How Choosing the Right Model Can Be a Business Rainmaker [ Source: mindSHIFT Technologies ]

February 2012- The business benefits of cloud computing are clear, but for many IT decision makers, the path to cloud implementation is not. Each cloud model offers its own set of strengths and weaknesses and many business and technical factors must be considered. Choosing the right cloud provider with expertise in the cloud model and solutions you need based on proven technology is key to achieving the increased business agility and flexibility, reduced capital and operating expenses ...

What's the most cost-effective route to a unified IT cloud computing solution? Ask a calculator. Run some ROI. [ Source: External IT ]

February 2012- This paper offers a detailed guide to help any company calculate both the initial, transitional hard costs associated with moving to a unified cloud IT solution, and the ongoing management costs.

It offers an objective way of assessing whether your financial needs will be best served in building a unified cloud solution in-house, or teaming with a cloud unifying specialty firm.

Why Cloud-Based IT Outsourcing Firms Are So Popular [ Source: External IT ]

February 2012- Best-of-Class Resources. Conserving Capital. Reducing Risk. Speed of transformation. These are a few of the most common reasons why companies, in increasingly large numbers, are choosing to team with cloud IT unifying specialty firms.

While every company has its own reasons for making this decision, industry surveys have identified ten common reasons that companies cite as driving factors.

This paper details the ten. The list may serve as convenient reference criteria ...

Everything A CEO Needs To Know To Select A Cloud IT Unifying Platform [ Source: External IT ]

February 2012- Technology may not be your specialty, or even your interest. But given its critical role in supporting a business, and the rapid transition companies are making to unified cloud solutions (to cut costs, lower risk and otherwise enhance their competitive stance), this five minute read will be time well spent.

It explains the fundamental differences between the two cloud unifying platforms (the OS33 Portal Desktop and Hosted Desktop/VDI), and does so in ...

Business continuity: How to increase workforce resiliency during disasters [ Source: IBM ]

February 2012- What would happen to your business if your workers were unable to perform their jobs due to natural or manmade disasters? This paper shares five critical areas in which IBM can help you build human factors into your continuity strategy to help ensure that your workforce and your business remains resilient in the face of adversity.

Business Continuity and Resiliency Services from IBM--Helping Business Stay in Business [ Source: IBM ]

February 2012- How do you know if your organization is proactively prepared for - and able to flexibly respond to - unplanned events? Does your business possess the resilience it needs to rapidly react to potentially costly man-made or natural disruptive events?

Read this paper to discover how IBM can help protect your brand and potential revenue should the unthinkable occur by helping you to:

• Assess your risks
• Develop a tailored business ...

Building a Disaster-Ready Infrastructure [ Source: CenturyLink ]

November 2011- Everyday problems, such as hardware failures and power outages, are much more common than natural disasters and can bring a business to its knees. Only companies with a disaster-ready infrastructure and solid business continuity plan can come through such events with minimal downtime and cost.

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