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Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing Responsive Web Design for Your Financial Services Firm [ Source: Nagarro ]

April 2014- Growing numbers of banks and financial service organizations are adopting responsive web design to address heated demand for multi-device application access. Should your firm do the same? Though responsive design may not always be the best solution to your mobility needs, it offers extremely attractive advantages, and is a powerful option to increase the number of customers who can use your applications effectively. If you're a CXO, IT leader, or business executive looking for increased ...

Pharm MD doubles performance while reducing costs with Rackspace Private Cloud [ Source: Rackspace ]

February 2014- Pharm MD doubled their performance and reduced their costs by moving to the Rackspace Private Cloud. They use Rackspace?s Core Support which provides installation, patching, troubleshooting, bug fixes and capacity management and have utilized Chef to help further automate their environment

Genpact sets up and runs an investment banks virtual captive, delivers six hundred percent greater trade throughput at twenty percent lower cost [ Source: Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets ]

December 2013- When in 2006, the corporate and investment banking arm of one of Europe's largest banks, needed to reduce its risk prole by focusing on simpler 'vanilla' trades - they also had to ensure the volume of such trades increased signicantly to oset the reduced protability. With the limited back-oce capability supporting this trade and it's obsolete systems, it was challenge for the bank to cope with the rising volume of trades. So we partnered with Calypso ...

Minimizing cost and risk for capital markets: Industrialized operations in the back office [ Source: Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets ]

December 2013- As the events of the financial crisis grow more distant with each year that passes, the search for a sustainable operating model for capital markets operations is intensifying. Costs are escalating while the deleveraging of the business model has stunted the growth of the industry's US$340 billion in annual revenues. As a result, the call for a transformational change in the back office have grown louder. Banks must reassess their definition of "core" operations and ...

The State of Data Center Evolution [ Source: Siemens ]

June 2013- Most IT executives say that some of their organizations' data centers will max out of power, cooling or space by the end of 2014, according to new research from UBM Tech and InformationWeek Marketing Services. The study, conducted in April 2013, takes an in-depth look at how IT decision makers rate the challenges they face as they evolve data centers to handle fast-growing volumes of data. Among the key findings:

Only 17 percent are actively planning ...

High-Performance Grid Computing for Financial Services: Get the advantages of grid computing the easy way with Infrastructure-as-a-Service [ Source: Savvis ]

November 2012- In the financial services industry, success often depends on timely reaction to market shifts and minimizing the time to assess current positions and make decisions. High Performance Computing (aka Grid Computing) delivers computing power and speed, helping financial institutions to accelerate innovation and improve business success by delivering fast transactions and analyses, even when those involve processing large data volumes.

This white paper discusses the benefits of leveraging a specialized Infrastructure as a ...

The top 10 secrets to using data mining to succeed at CRM Discover proven strategies and best practices [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- This white paper address how data mining is used to get more value from CRM systems -- particularly focused on application of predictive analytics to the customer lifecycle (acquire, grow, retain).

What's the most cost-effective route to a unified IT cloud computing solution? Ask a calculator. Run some ROI. [ Source: External IT ]

February 2012- This paper offers a detailed guide to help any company calculate both the initial, transitional hard costs associated with moving to a unified cloud IT solution, and the ongoing management costs.

It offers an objective way of assessing whether your financial needs will be best served in building a unified cloud solution in-house, or teaming with a cloud unifying specialty firm.

Why Cloud-Based IT Outsourcing Firms Are So Popular [ Source: External IT ]

February 2012- Best-of-Class Resources. Conserving Capital. Reducing Risk. Speed of transformation. These are a few of the most common reasons why companies, in increasingly large numbers, are choosing to team with cloud IT unifying specialty firms.

While every company has its own reasons for making this decision, industry surveys have identified ten common reasons that companies cite as driving factors.

This paper details the ten. The list may serve as convenient reference criteria ...

Everything A CEO Needs To Know To Select A Cloud IT Unifying Platform [ Source: External IT ]

February 2012- Technology may not be your specialty, or even your interest. But given its critical role in supporting a business, and the rapid transition companies are making to unified cloud solutions (to cut costs, lower risk and otherwise enhance their competitive stance), this five minute read will be time well spent.

It explains the fundamental differences between the two cloud unifying platforms (the OS33 Portal Desktop and Hosted Desktop/VDI), and does so in ...

IBM and SAP: Delivering enterprise solutions [ Source: IBM ]

January 2012- IBM supports SAP clients with business consulting services with global implementation and outsourcing capabilities plus infrastructure of optimized servers (mainframe, POWER, x, BladeCenter) and storage, DB2 database, Alloy, middleware and software. An innovation partner for SAP projects.

The Evolution of LAN Bypass Technology: Lanner's Generation One to Generation Three Bypass [ Source: Lanner Electronics ]

October 2011- Software stability is a major issue on any platform, but especially network appliances since it could affect the availability of a network. Anyone who uses software has most likely experienced problems that hang and/or force a reset of a computer or program. Such problems also occur in network appliances, and there may be times when there are no administrators around to get the appliance up and running again when things go wrong. The interruption ...

Three reasons why ITIL is essential to your cloud [ Source: HP Software ]

June 2011-
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Cloud computing and hybrid delivery models promise to help IT seamlessly integrate services. But when services are both in- and out-sourced, the emphasis on service levels, trust, security, and the user experience ...

Why You Should Consider The Advantages of Cloud-Based Email Archiving [ Source: Perimeter E-Security ]

January 2011- In 2011, the average corporate employee will send and receive about 112 email messages per day and this volume of emails sent and received is only growing with time. This continuously growing number could mean a large impact on your organization’s regulatory compliance, and security. Organizations not only need a system to store and manage these messages, which may contain sensitive and confidential data, but also a system that provides an efficient way to monitor and ...

A Guide to Short-Listing Vendors for RFI or RFP [ Source: Infosys Technologies Ltd ]

October 2010- Clients are looking into the marketplace more often nowadays to buy a product or solution, rather than building it on their own. So the vendor evaluation process is getting more and more important. This process starts with short-listing a set of vendors for RFI or RFP. There are numerous vendors in the marketplace with different strengths and weakness and it is very difficult to figure out whom to include in the initial list. Cost of ...

Cross-Functional Warranty Management: A Closed-Loop Approach to Boost Profitability [ Source: Tavant Technologies ]

September 2010- For gaining competitive edge in every single deal, it has become essential for manufacturers to differentiate themselves in terms of product quality, price, and customer service. Warranty performance of an organization elects an opportunity for cost reduction and product improvement. End-to-end deployment of an automated warranty system, integrated with critical business functions, helps close the loop and remove functional silos within the organization. It enables all stakeholders to work in coordination to achieve common objectives, ...

Outsourcing for Start-Ups: Myth-busting [ Source: IT Sourcing Europe Limited ]

September 2010- Although in today's business world many start-up companies are often put under pressure to reduce operating costs via the outsourced software development by their investors and/or venture capitalists (VCs), it is still widely believed that only non-core development and/or testing functions can be outsourced to a third party offshore, nearshore, or within home country. IT Sourcing Europe busts some major myths of IT outsourcing for start-up companies.

Quantitative Vendor Comparison Technique for RFP or RFI [ Source: Infosys Technologies Ltd ]

September 2010- Clients are looking into the marketplace more often nowadays to buy a product or solution, rather than building it on their own. So it is extremely important for clients to follow an effective and efficient vendor selection process. In this article, I have presented a quantitative methodology to determine the best-fit vendor based on numerical scoring of vendor’s response to a RFP or RFI. In this approach, a total score in “vendor points” is ...

Choosing the Right SaaS Product Development Partner [ Source: Sonata Software ]

August 2010- With a majority of ISVs adopting an offshore model for their product development needs, immediate impediments can be addressed by choosing a right-sized offshoring partner. However, choosing a right-sized partner involves its own set of challenges. But some best practices are available that can help ISVs choose the right offshore partner. This White Paper discusses some parameters that should be considered by ISVs while choosing a partner for on-demand applications.

Outsourcing 2010: What Are Your Competitors Buying? [ Source: Alsbridge, Inc. ]

July 2010- As the economic slump begins shifting slowly in a positive direction, it is vitally important for potential outsourcing and shared services clients to understand trends in the industry and the factors that impact service offerings, contract structure and of course, pricing. This White Paper answers some of you most burning questions about the outsourcing market including: Where does the current path lead for the outsourcing market? What is on the horizon for the next few ...

PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion Market [ Source: HTMLcut ]

July 2010- This article analyzes changes in the PSD-to-HTML/CSS conversion services market during the past year, highlighting achievements, problems, statistics, and tendencies. Web designers, Web companies, and those who work in the Web industry may find themselves faced with this challenge, according to HTMLcut.

The New Outsourcing Axis: Examining IT Service Innovation Inspired and Built in Latin America [ Source: Globant ]

May 2010- Nearshore providers of IT services have to compete for clients not only among themselves but with India, as well as rivals like China, the Philippines, and Russia. And it's not just strong competitors from other regions, as well as multinational giants -- it's that they're all competing for a slice of a pie that is growing more slowly than it did two years ago and is still suffering the effects of a global recession. The ...

An Approach to Enterprise Content Migration [ Source: Wipro Technologies ]

May 2010- More than 80% of data in organizations is unstructured; this content is critical for business decisions, collaboration, marketing, litigation support, e-Discovery, and other references. With changing customer behaviour, technology advancements, consolidation in ECM product market space and new demands from increasingly impatient businesses, it is often required to switch to a new product vendor or upgrade the existing product and redesign data models and flows. Following a proven approach improves the chances of a successful migration ...

Why You Should Outsource Application Maintenance [ Source: InCrys ]

April 2010- Application development and maintenance scores for 80% of the top IT most outsourced activities worldwide. The motivations behind this scenario reveal more than just the classical cost savings that companies need to achieve. This white paper tries to answer a few basic questions: Should you outsource application maintenance or keep it in-house? What are the benefits of outsourcing application maintenance vs. keeping it in-house? Are these benefits worth it?

Need More Storage? Reclaim It! [ Source: Microland ]

June 2010- Did you know that 60%-80% of storage capacity in most organizations is never utilized?  And that the demand for data storage is expected to grow at 35%-65%CAGR in the next five years?

So does more storage mean more costs? Not Necessarily.

Microland’s whitepaper “Need More Storage Capacity? Reclaim It!!” details a step by step covering the entire storage capacity audit and reclamation service lifecycle for your organization including

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