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The New Economics of Video Conferencing: Now Affordable Anywhere, Anytime with Anyone [ Source: Lifesize ]

October 2014- From Salesforce to Quickbooks, the cloud, or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), is fundamentally reshaping the economics of all kinds of business applications by allowing them to be delivered over the Internet via a browser. Video conferencing is the latest cloud trend--it removes the need for high-priced infrastructure and ongoing maintenance, while allowing technology to be deployed quickly and easily.

Cloud-based video conferencing isn't simply about providing traditional services at a lower cost. The new value ...

Beyond the Executive Suite: Video Conference is Now Available to Virtually Everyone [ Source: Lifesize ]

October 2014- Until recently, video conferencing has had limited usefulness because the technology was expensive to own and maintain. And, since no global address book existed, the only people you could speak to were those with whom you shared the system--typically people in your own company. As a result, video conferencing was restricted to Fortune 500 business units talking to colleagues in the same corporation. But all that has changed, thanks to the cloud. It's moved video conferencing ...

Know The Big Three [ Source: HP ]

August 2013- According to Morgan Stanley Research, the smart phone will become the dominant computing platform by the end of 2013, with more units being sold than desktop and laptop computers combined. It's been a remarkable and rapid transformation, and ease of use and flexibility have outpaced security. This paper will tell you how to prevent sensitive data leakage over insecure channels or stolen devices.

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Cloud-Based Video Conferencing: A Flexible Approach to Face-to-Face Communication [ Source: Blue Jeans Network ]

April 2013- Scalability and affordability have extended video beyond the boardroom to meet the demands of a growing mobile workforce. Cloud-based video conferencing has enabled companies to realize the full benefits of video: face-to-face contact, efficient knowledge transfers and a degree of personal interaction that's proven critical for businesses hoping to gain a competitive advantage. Find out how software-based desktop and mobile video conferencing can strengthen corporate agility, responsiveness and productivity. Download the UBM Tech Brief today.

Telehealth ROI: 5 Ways to Profit with Telepresence [ Source: Vu Telepresence ]

March 2013- In very recent months CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicated Services) has released new billing options that, combined with the right technology, can mean big profits for your healthcare practice.

Have you had a chance to review the new CPT and HCPCS codes? Have you seen the new technology that lets you add another layer to your services? We're happy to present this free Telepresence for Healthcare ROI Guide This guide is a ...

Managed Service for Visual Communications [ Source: Dimension Data ]

December 2011- Managed Service for Visual Communications provides a solution for clients to not only implement and manage their technology investment, but to also address the challenges associated with user adoption.

The benefits for organizations wanting to use managed videoconferencing services are compelling:
• Focus on core technologies
• Reduce operational costs
• Improved customer experience

As organizations continue to invest in visual communications, finalize their global video strategies and ...

Five Ways for SMBs to Succeed Using Unified Communications [ Source: Plantronics ]

July 2011- How effectively your company communicates with customers, suppliers, business partners and employees can be the difference between the business won and the business lost. The reality is that a breakdown in communications could easily send your customers to a competitor - and for SMBs, each and every customer is important.

The White Paper written by Blair Pleasant, Co-Founder of UCStrategies, presents the five key ways to be successful in your business by utilizing ...

The Private Fiber-Optic Network Advantage [ Source: Sunesys, LLC ]

November 2010- Today, IT professionals are being asked to shoulder increasing responsibility for the delivery of key services to organizations. Over the last few years, enterprises have seen an escalating need for reliable, secure, and cost-effective bandwidth that will scale their business needs. The solution? A private fiber optic network that delivers the necessary levels of security, reliability, manageability, and scalability – in a cost-effective manner.

Sunesys, a telecommunications and dark fiber provider, has produced a ...

Selecting a Cost-Effective Conferencing Solution [ Source: Sonexis Technology, Inc. ]

August 2010- Because of the ongoing costs associated with conferencing, organizations are looking at alternative solutions to meet growing demand. As regular usage of audio and Web conferencing rises, so does the need to maintain control over these skyrocketing costs. This white paper will help you determine the best solution to meet your collaboration needs.

The Cost Advantages of Hosted Telephony [ Source: 8x8, Inc. ]

August 2010- With the growing number of IP telephony service and equipment options, there has never been a better time for enterprises to find a communications solution that fits their business needs. Top requirements of all businesses today in evaluating new communication solutions include lowering costs, consolidating vendor and provider relationships, refocusing IT staff, and providing flexibility to their employees. For these reasons, more businesses are considering hosted PBX services. With a premises-based solution, all equipment must ...

Ease of Use in Web Conferencing - Why it Matters [ Source: IBM ]

February 2009- Web conferencing is a revolutionary business tool. The technology’s many benefits – which include saving travel costs, increasing individual and team productivity, and removing distance as a barrier for getting the right people (and customers) involved – has motivated many to become proficient at its use. But the recent dramatic changes in the global economic climate have brought into focus a new urgency to find ways to cut costs and work together efficiently.

A ...

The Big 4: Top Considerations in Choosing a VoIP Provider [ Source: MegaPath ]

April 2010- When small to midsize businesses (SMBs) are looking for new ways to reduce telecom costs, why are more of them turning to voice over IP? VoIP is a market-proven technology using the Internet to carry voice and data traffic on the same core network. Get best practices advice for transitioning first to VoIP, and then fully converged services. This brief white paper includes a helpful tutorial section "Why VoIP? Cost Savings and a Platform for ...

The Promise of Mobile Unified Communications [ Source: BlackBerry ]

February 2010- Mobile unified communications allows organizations to provide employees with the ability to collaborate and communicate efficiently, as well as access information on-demand. An exclusive Computerworld online survey offers insight into how companies can develop cost-effective strategies for implementing or improving mobile applications and foster an efficient workplace. Mobile devices provide a platform for mobile access to enterprise applications as well as a host of new methods of communication and collaboration.

The CIO's Guide to Wireless in the Enterprise [ Source: BlackBerry ]

February 2010- With mobile devices popping up everywhere in corporations and government organizations today; it's not only executives that want to connect their device to the corporate email server. Wireless email is spreading fast as more and more people discover the personal and organizational benefits that stem from being connected.

This guide provides a basic overview of mobile computing for those who are interested in evaluating a wireless enterprise solution. Key topics include: Wireless technology ...

The CIO's Guide to Mobile Applications [ Source: BlackBerry ]

February 2010- Today, many companies are investing in wireless and mobile solutions. Where mobility was once viewed as a risky venture, its value is now understood. These solutions are expected to increase productivity and improve efficiency due to improved field-based access to knowledge within the mobile workforce. In the current competitive climate where companies must compete globally, wireless solutions are no longer about gaining an edge, but about keeping up with the competition.

This white ...

The CIO's Guide to Fixed Mobile Convergence [ Source: BlackBerry ]

February 2010- Mobile working has transformed the business world, stimulating innovation, improving productivity and creating new opportunities. Industry analyst estimates suggest the mobile workforce could exceed 800 million in 2009. These workers can spend as much as 40% of their time away from their desk, complicating their communication needs and draining productivity. As businesses look to do more and encourage the best from their workforce, flexible, on-demand access to information has become a requirement.

Equipping staff with the ...

Developing an Effective Corporate Mobile Policy [ Source: BlackBerry ]

February 2010- By now, most organizations are clear on the advantages and benefits of wireless data solutions in the enterprise: namely, increased productivity, improved efficiency and improved response times resulting in decreased costs and increased revenue opportunities. But with these advantages come risks, and most have to do with controlling the data contained on wireless devices and the networks and applications to which they connect. It is no longer enough to rely on ad hoc policies regarding ...

Choosing an Enterprise-Class Wireless Operating System: A Comparison of BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile [ Source: BlackBerry ]

February 2010- Security considerations remain the single biggest limitation to more aggressive expansion of wireless device usage in many enterprises. It is imperative that companies evaluate a potential device selection based on its inherent platform security capabilities, particularly around the security embedded within the device Operating System (OS). This paper will explore some of the key criteria necessary in a mobile OS so that enterprise use of the device will not compromise the integrity of the company's ...

Best Practices for BlackBerry Administrators [ Source: BlackBerry ]

February 2010- Join us as we dig deep into the best practices for managing your BlackBerry Enterprise Server running on Lotus Domino. Take a tour of the administrative features and tools that can make your job easier, get a better understanding of BlackBerry IT policies, and learn how to decipher BlackBerry logs. This session is a must for any BlackBerry administrator.

Add Dark Fiber to Reduce Telecommunications and Infrastructure Costs [ Source: Sunesys, LLC ]

January 2010- Dark Fiber overcomes today’s monumental telecommunications challenges and stabilizes the cost of your wide area networks.

Download the Dark Fiber FAQs to obtain the answers to your burning questions surrounding Dark Fiber.

Click here to discover how Dark Fiber:

• Simplifies Network Architecture
• Provides Unparalleled Reliability
• Reduces Network Management Costs
• Removes the Complexity from Infrastructure Management

Find out how Dark Fiber Reliability compares to ...

The Benefits of Dark Fiber for Healthcare IT Infrastructures [ Source: Sunesys, LLC ]

November 2009- Today, healthcare IT professionals are being asked to shoulder increasing responsibility for the delivery of key services to hospital and healthcare organizations. Yet many financial and operational obstacles can make fulfillment of these new services highly complex. The current recession has put increasing demands on the healthcare IT professional. Yet even with today’s flatlined or shrinking budgets, IT professionals are being tasked with delivering additional medical and administrative applications. How will you respond to ...

The Benefits of Private High Bandwidth Managed WANs (Wide Area Networks) for Educational IT Infrastructures [ Source: Sunesys, LLC ]

November 2009- Today, educational IT professionals are being asked to shoulder increasing responsibility for the delivery of key services to schools and school districts. Yet many financial and operational obstacles can make fulfillment of these new services highly complex. The current recession has put increasing demands on school district IT professionals. Yet even with today’s flatlined or shrinking budgets, they are being tasked with delivering additional educational and administrative applications. How will you respond to these ...

Networking and Unified Communications [ Source: CDW ]

June 2009- IT managers face a difficult task in trying to offer robust services and applications while reducing IT costs and complexity. With unified communications, IT managers can offer streamlined communication solutions and advanced productivity applications throughout the network. Find out how.

Transformation Of Ring Back Tone And Ring Tone [ Source: Alcatel-Lucent ]

August 2009- Nowadays there are myriad choices of generating revenue from customers by deploying innovative, demanding, and challenging services. Telecom operators and providers are chasing behind those services which benefit the most. Ring Back Tone and Ring Tone cater to a wide spectrum of people in the telecom world.

Call Center And Contact Center Solutions [ Source: Drishti-Soft Solutions ]

March 2008- The Indian Domestic Call center industry is already worth about $1.8 billion and is expected to grow by 35% in the next four years. Given the tight working constraints of competition, resource expertise, and thinning margins, how can domestic call center increase profitability?

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