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Dell | Cloudera Apache Hadoop Solution [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

October 2014- With the explosive growth in data volumes and complexity, organizations are finding that managing vast amounts of unstructured data exceeds the capacity and capabilities of traditional data intelligence systems. In response, many companies are turning to the Hadoop for scalability, flexibility, and affordability. Learn how the Dell | Cloudera Apache Hadoop Solution delivers the tested and validated elements of Hadoop-data management tools, scalable storage, distributed computing and data analytics , ready for enterprise development-in a Reference Architecture.

Inside BIGDATA Guide to Big Data for Finance [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

October 2014- Companies are increasing their efforts to derive value through big data initiatives, with many already implementing big data projects. As the 3 Vs of big data-volume, velocity, and variety-continue to grow, so too does the opportunity for financial sector firms to capitalize on this data for protecting business and building strategic advantages. The financial industry's cautious adoption of big data technologies such as cloud solutions and Hadoop using the open source distribution model will be transformative ...

WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile compared to Tomcat [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- Make an informed decision when choosing your application serving environment. Does it matter if your developers use open source software while your enterprise has standardized on a commercial application server? You bet it does. Learn the facts of TCO and performance in this comparison of IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile to Apache Tomcat.

Application Server TCO comparison: WebSphere vs JBoss [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- When considering open source, one of the main benefits is the perceived cost savings that open source can offer. While the easiest and most obvious costs to calculate are acquisition costs, often overlooked are the far reaching effects that your choice of application server can have on other areas such as management, administration, training, hardware, and lost opportunity due to unexpected downtime. Learn the facts of TCO and performance in this comparison of IBM WebSphere ...

The Total Economic Impact of WebSphere Application Server [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- There are many great things to come out of open source initiatives, not the least of which is innovation. But relying on an open source application server for your most critical customer-facing apps may not be the smartest strategy. Consider the security, integrity, scalability, and ultimately lower TCO of the proven IBM WebSphere Application Server for your enterprise.

5 Phases of Capture [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- Many organizations haven't implemented a document imaging capture system for two simple reasons: they were expensive and difficult to use. New alternatives address these problems and a noted document-management expert explains how to build an effective document strategy around them, whether you need a simple scanning or enterprise-wide capture solution.

Failing to Open [ Source: AlienVault ]

April 2013- Our inability to share information about how we are being attacked, and who is launching those attacks, leaves us at a disadvantage. Sharing threat intelligence is the first step to changing the dynamics of this situation.

Powering Linux in the Data Center [ Source: Symantec and DLT Solutions ]

March 2013- Many IT professionals are drawn by the savings that Linux® brings to the data center but are concerned about the potential uptime and data protection risks that arise from trusting their business-critical applications to "free" or native software. Native Linux solutions also prove challenging with required manual scripting and lack of automated operations and management. For business-critical data center applications, the complete line of Symantec high availability, data protection, backup and recovery, disaster recovery and ...

Comparing the Total Cost of Ownership of Business Intelligence Solutions [ Source: Birst ]

March 2013- In this paper we first review the three primary delivery models for BI: traditional, Open Source and Cloud. We then build and establish a TCO model by which we can evaluate the three offering types. Finally, the three BI offering types are evaluated at a summary level against this model.

The Case for Better Software Configuration Management and Agile Processes [ Source: Perforce ]

January 2013- The current state of software configuration management (SCM) systems employed at medium and large corporations is often inadequate to support modern agile processes, reveals exclusive research from UBM Tech. Core challenges include code refactoring, cross-repository migration, improved branching and support.

SCM systems play an important supporting role in audit - and compliance - related tasks, but the UBM Tech research indicates that many corporations are lacking in this area. Added to this challenge ...

Leveraging Open Source [ Source: Actuate ]

January 2013- Read this white paper to learn why Actuate's Business Intelligence Reporting Tools (BIRT) Open Source solution has become one of the most robust and web-centric Open Source Business Intelligence tools today. We invite you to download this white paper today!

Selecting a Framework for Rich Internet Applications [ Source: Actuate ]

January 2012- This white paper examines the latest trends in RIA technology and discusses which RIA technology, or mix of technologies, makes sense for your organization. We invite you to download this white paper today!

Windows 7 Migration: Why Now Is the Time to Say Goodbye to Aging Client Systems [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

June 2012- As client hardware, software and operating systems age, the costs - and the associated security risks - of retaining older systems eventually outweigh the expense of replacing them.

With the 2014 expiration of Microsoft extended support for Windows XP, many enterprises and government agencies are deciding that the time has come to make the move to Windows 7 on new and, in some cases, older systems.

This detailed UBM TechWeb white paper explores ...

Windows 7 Migrations: 4 Steps to Reducing Challenges [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

June 2012- The expiration of Microsoft Windows XP support is driving enterprises and government agencies to prepare for the imminent move to Windows 7.

The complete impact assessment process in this UBM TechWeb guide, which includes detailed assessment worksheets, will help IT managers accurately plan resource requirements, overcome common migration hurdles and tap into the application environment optimization that migration makes possible.

Windows 7 Migration: Analyzing Internal vs. External Deployment Strategies and Costs [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

June 2012- With Windows XP's 2014 retirement looming, enterprises and government agencies are intensifying Windows 7 migration initiatives. Most organizations are faced with the choice of managing their migration internally or tapping a third party to do it.

To make an informed decision, this UBM TechWeb analysis identifies the phases associated with a migration strategy and estimates the time and costs associated with successfully concluding each step.

CIO Quickpulse: Drivers for Enterprise Virtualization Diversification [ Source: Red Hat ]

June 2012- A 2011 CIO Quick Pulse study found that nearly 75% of respondents who already have virtualization implemented into their datacenters have either already deployed a second vendor virtualization solution or are planning to. As the virtualization market matures, you would expect an increase in solution offerings through greater competition, resulting in lower product solution costs. Unfortunately, the proprietary virtualization software competitors are doing quite the opposite, driving up the costs of their proprietary solutions while simultaneously removing ...

Secure Virtualization with sVirt [ Source: Red Hat ]

June 2012- Red Hat Enteprise Virtualization 3.0 makes implementing virtualized servers easier and more cost-effective, and it won't lock you in. In addition to holding top virtualization benchmarks for performance and scalability of Windows and Linux workloads, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization provides unmatched security.

This paper discusses Red Hat Secure Virtualization (sVirt), the industry's most comprehensive security solution for virtualization. With its unique kernel-level architecture and NSA-developed security mechanism, sVirt leads to a higher level of ...

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers: VMWare Migration [ Source: Red Hat ]

June 2012- A recent finding by IDG in 2011 found that over 70 percent of customers surveyed are either already deploying a dual virtualization vendor strategy, or have concrete plans to do so. With the maturation of the virtualization market and the emergence of alternative virtualization platforms, VMware customers are recognizing the advantages of deploying Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization either as a second virtualization platform to coexist with VMware vSphere or as complete replacement. Many customers begin this deployment ...

IDC Whitepaper: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization [ Source: Red Hat ]

October 2012- As the number of virtual workloads surpass the number of physical workloads with the maturing or the virtualization market, IDC data indicates that as many as one third of virtualization customers are planning to use multiple hypervisors over the next year.

This whitepaper discusses why agencies are pursuing a multi-vendor strategy for virtualization software and how Red Hat, with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0, is quickly emerging as a leading strategic alternative and is ...

Four Steps to Creating an Effective Open Source Policy [ Source: Black Duck Software ]

March 2012- Creating an open source policy is not a trivial matter. OSS management spans multiple areas of responsibility, and the requirements and points-of-view of each of these areas must be included and reconciled if the policy is to be successful. As such, Olliance has identified four specific steps to creating an effective open source policy:

Identify key stakeholders

Obtain an organizational commitment

Draft the policy

Review and approve ...

The 7 Myths of IP Risk: The Real Exposure Issues with Open Source Software [ Source: Black Duck Software ]

November 2011- Open Source Software (OSS) is widely recognised as providing significant technology, innovation and business benefits to software development organisations, but it is not without associated challenges and risks.

In this complimentary whitepaper, we address the intellectual property (IP) risks that developers, development managers and c-level managers must take into account when developing and distributing software created with OSS. We also discuss a number of common myths surrounding OSS that keep developers up at ...

2011 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study [ Source: Actuate ]

October 2011- A new era of Business Intelligence is unfolding with users buying and deploying BI either with or without cooperation from IT. Because of this shift, users now have many choices and need to make the best decision when it comes to BI features, functionality and price. Stay up to date on the ever-changing BI market by reviewing the findings of the 2011 Dresner Advisory Services Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study. Howard Dresner, report author and ...

Forrester Wave: Open Source Business Intelligence [ Source: Actuate ]

October 2011- Open source software and BI are two related market segments where Forrester sees continually increasing interest and adoption levels. BI specifically continues to be one of the top priorities on everyone's mind.

Comparing open source BI technologies is often an apples-to-oranges comparison: 1) not all vendors include the same functionality in the free community versions of the software versus commercial open source versions that carry license and/or support cost, 2) some tools offer full ...

Smarter Collaboration Solutions [ Source: IBM ]

September 2011- Cloud-based solutions from IBMare helping organizations around the globe - in banking, telecommunications, retail, government, educationand more - leverage the power of the cloud to collaborate both inter-nally and externally.

IBM is helping them increase productivity and lower costs, while creating a security-rich data environmentthat is available when and where it's needed. IBM's depth and breadth of experience in data center management provide theconfidence that security, availability and reliability are builtin, from the ...

Social Networking Site Accelerates Network Performance [ Source: Solarflare Communications ]

August 2011- myYearbook, an innovative and rapidly growing social media site, must manage the extraordinary demands caused by the explosive growth in traffic.

To do so, its engineers need to stay ahead of the curve on the deployment of leading edge technologies which both meet its current performance demands, but also provide headroom for growth.

Learn how myYearbook upgraded its infrastructure to improve network performance.

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