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Accelerating Microsoft Office 365 with Riverbed SteelHead SaaS [ Source: Riverbed ]

August 2014- Riverbed SteelHead SaaS addresses cloud services/software as a service (SaaS) performance challenges by providing an easy-to-deploy optimization solution that meets customer needs for application performance over WAN and Internet connections.

Combining private wide area network (WAN) and public internet optimization, the SteelHead SaaS is a first-of-its-kind solution, which optimizes traffic across the public Internet with Riverbed's award-winning SteelHead optimization system (formerly RiOS or Riverbed Optimization System) technology to accelerate data and application ...

IBM MobileFirst: Meeting the Mobile Challenge with IBM System z [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- The need to access information on mobile devices is prevalent everywhere. Customers demand access to your enterprise from any device, anywhere, at any time. Employees require real-time access to business information. The fastest and most cost-effective way for businesses to extend data to a mobile channel is to leverage existing investments and locate the processing where the data resides. This e-guide will show you how a mobile strategy that meets all your constituents' needs can ...

Gartner Newsletter : A Smart Idea for Big Data [ Source: CommVault ]

March 2014- A Smart Idea for Big Data

Ten Steps to Better Requirements Management [ Source: IBM ]

October 2013- Requirements definition and management is recognized as a necessary step for the successful delivery of systems and software projects; the discipline is also required by standards, regulations and quality improvement initiatives like Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).

Marketing Transformed [ Source: Jive ]

June 2013- Successful marketing is, at its core, all about collaboration. Yet working together-across teams, departments and agencies, as well as with customers and partners-is getting more difficult as the pace of business and the number of moving parts increase. Most marketers still depend on the same tools and methods they used 20 years ago: email, meetings, phone calls and desktop apps, leading to a lot of disconnects, inefficiency and pain. But change is finally at hand.

HealthTrans Streamlines Claims Processing, Improves Customer Satisfaction with Splunk [ Source: Splunk ]

December 2012- HealthTrans, the fourth-largest pharmacy benefits provider in the U.S. (by claims volume), delivers member claims processing services to customers of healthcare benefit plans. The infrastructure supporting HealthTrans' claims processing environment is complex and diverse in terms of hardware, software and OS heterogeneity. In addition, the company supports multiple UNIX "flavor", Windows environments, Apache, custom applications, and a variety of Web and Java application servers.

Few tools provide end-to-end visibility and monitoring across ...

Bronto Software Buys Splunk versus Extending their Hadoop Deployment [ Source: Splunk ]

December 2012- Like most companies, Bronto Software manages a growing and complex IT environment. Open source software is foundational at Bronto and has become the company standard within its IT environment. When seeking to augment existing open source technologies, Bronto was faced with an immature market that often failed to provide the analytic capabilities needed to respond to critical processes and services.

Bronto needed a solution that would allow engineers to deep dive into system ...

Cloud Infrastructure Matters [ Source: Red Hat ]

September 2012- New IT technologies and abstractions, such as cloud computing, layer on top of existing ones.This may make the foundational layers less visible, but they remain just as important (or even more so).

The capabilities of a specific operating system aside, the operating system as a technology layer remains highly relevant in a cloud computing world. It insulates the application from lower-level technology (such as hardware) changes, provides a rich set of services ...

Intel Core vPro Processor Comparison [ Source: Intel ]

July 2012- Intel Core vPro Processor Comparison provides a Good, Better, Best guide for selecting the best processors to power your business PCs.

IDC Business Resiliency Report IBM Power Systems and Their Support for Business Resiliency in Challenging IT Environments [ Source: IBM ]

July 2012- IBM Power Systems provide a comprehensive approach designed to protect the continuity and availability of business-critical applications and services. Deploying integrated disaster recovery allows companies to deliver new services faster, with higher quality, and with superior economics.

Downtime can be highly disruptive and expensive to an organization, with cost drivers including lost revenue, reduced employee productivity, reputational damage, and the cost of resources required to address and avoid outages. Most organizations in IDC ...

Seven Things to Let Go of Before Software Release [ Source: Electric Cloud ]

June 2012- For most enterprises, creating, testing, and deploying a modern software application demands well-planned orchestration of an assortment of disparate tools and technologies. Sadly, far too many of these organizations are still attempting to deliver software the same way they did 20 years ago, using an amalgamation of manual procedures, homegrown scripts, and other archaic approaches. These techniques are no longer effective, and merely serve to delay delivery while amplifying costs.

In this White paper ...

RHEV Sets Stage for VMWare Challenge [ Source: Red Hat ]

June 2012- In a February 2012 review, well-known enterprise technology information publication eWEEK wrote that Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0 is set to challenge VMware at its own game and discusses why Red Hat is now being considered an enterprise virtualization market contender.

Built from the long-standing stability of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0 is a strategic alternative virtualization solution and is the first enterprise-ready, fully open source virtualization platform. Designed for ...

Best Practices for SPSS on Power Systems [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- Organizations adopting the IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services 4.2 can be affected by many variables.

Read the white paper which explores the best practices and characteristics of running the software on a POWER7 platform, and learn how this can influence performance optimization and scalability.

The Source-to-Consumer Era: Best-in-Class Commerce Integrates Order Fulfillment, Inventory, and Supply Chain [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- Best-in-Class Commerce Integrates Order Fulfillment,Inventory, and Supply Chain According to the January 2012 Omni-Channel Retail Experience report, 58% of consumer goods manufacturers and retail industry companies rank commerce or web-enabled order efficiency as a key strategic area that is vital for creating a 360-degree unified customer experience across all channels of sales and service.

However, only 32% of companies share up-to-date order management and execution information across channels, and even fewer (27%) of companies possess processes ...

IBM Systems Director 6.3 Improved Usability, Instability and Functionality [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- IBM Systems Director 6.3 has just been released. Read the white paper and see how this new revision can improve usability with a more logical interface, as well as simplify installation for the program and associated plug-ins. Also learn how its extended functionality enhances control over physical systems, virtualized resources and storage devices.

Red Hat Jboss Enterprise Middleware: A Strategic Decision for Stretching Public Sector IT Budgets [ Source: Red Hat ]

February 2012- Public-sector IT organizations are under intense pressure to do more with less. Diminished tax revenues and powerful political imperatives are putting the squeeze on budgets. Yet, at the same time, legislated mandates and the rising expectations of hyper-connected constituencies are relentlessly adding to IT's to-do list.

This white paper explains how public-sector IT executives can address this challenge and transform the economics of IT by upgrading to Red Hat's JBoss Enterprise Middleware. It ...

Forrester Whitepaper: Become A Social CMO. CMOs Must Experience Social Networking To Lead The Brand Experience [ Source: IBM ]

December 2011- CMOs indicate that, in the age of the customer, collaboration and influence through social networking will have the biggest impact on their organizations in the next three to five years. However, only 16% of CMOs think that it's necessary to become proficient at social media themselves to be successful leaders.

Forrester believes that CMOs who personally participate in social media will be better at leading the new brand experience, and leading a new generation ...

Driving growth and innovation with a trusted support resource - An innovative approach to maintenance and technical support [ Source: IBM ]

November 2011- There's a misconception that maintenance and technical support services are only about on-site repair or necessary when something breaks. Given today's complex technology infrastructure with multiple systems, platforms and vendors, you need more. Learn how IBM's proactive approach to support can save you time and money and help improve the availability of critical systems.

Managing Complex Multi-Enterprise Selling & Ordering Processes Critical for Next Gen Order Management Solutions by Heavy Reading [ Source: IBM ]

November 2011- The success of communication service providers depends on their ability to successfully collaborate and align their business processes with multiple enterprises, including retailers, content partners and supply chain parters. These organizations are also faced with the urgent need to manage a myriat of relationships within and beyond the communications ecosystem. Many are turning to end-to-end order management (OM) systems to evolve their services.

This white paper will help understand the impact of inefficient ...

Consolidating SAP Applications to Linux on Power by IDC [ Source: IBM ]

November 2011- IDC studied a group of enterprises that had deployed SAP applications on IBM Power Systems servers running Linux server operating environments and had been working with those systems for several years:
1)Annual benefits totaled $25,000 per 100 users For a large organization with 10,000 users, this would amount to more than $2 million in benefits.
2)The utilization rate for servers more than doubled, from 34% to 70% and many more

Itanium: Slip/Sliding Away [ Source: IBM ]

November 2011- Oracle has followed the trend of other major ISVs and terminated further software development for the Itanium platform. Looking at the decline in revenue of HP's Itanium-based servers, combined with loss of support by Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware and Fujitsu (in addition to Oracle), it's clear that the Itanium ecosystem is collapsing quickly.

Due to HP Itanium's decline to date, Microsoft and Oracle have already pulled out to avoid investing any more to ...

Smarter Collaboration Solutions [ Source: IBM ]

September 2011- Cloud-based solutions from IBMare helping organizations around the globe - in banking, telecommunications, retail, government, educationand more - leverage the power of the cloud to collaborate both inter-nally and externally.

IBM is helping them increase productivity and lower costs, while creating a security-rich data environmentthat is available when and where it's needed. IBM's depth and breadth of experience in data center management provide theconfidence that security, availability and reliability are builtin, from the ...

How to Measure the ROI of Cloud Data Protection [ Source: HP/Autonomy ]

December 2011- This white paper helps managers demonstrate the profitability of reducing operational costs in server backup and recovery through investment in cloud server data protection (subscription), rather than traditional backup methods. Comparative cost categories used in calculating this ROI are summarized in a convenient checklist. These include capital costs of hardware and software as well as ongoing monthly costs for maintenance, media, labor, and offsite storage of backup data.

Why Cloud and How to Choose a Cloud Vendor [ Source: HP/Autonomy ]

December 2011- The demand for data storage is exploding, which is driving up costs, amplifying the risks of data loss or exposure, and complicating plans for disaster recovery. To cope with this exploding demand, organizations are turning to cloud-based storage for relief. The adoption of cloud solutions is growing,with a nearly 40 percent expansion in the use of third-party cloud storage for offsite copies expected by 2012.

Organizations are finding cloud-based data protection to be especially ...

Survey: All's Not Well at Endpoints [ Source: HP/Autonomy ]

December 2011- With compliance requirements and external threats on the rise, no business can afford to leave its data unprotected, especially at the endpoint. Fortunately, IT leaders understand the risk: Fifty-nine percent of recent IDG survey respondents rate backup and protection of desktop and laptop data as crucial or high priority.

Unfortunately, even though the majority of survey respondents have something in place, many fall short in terms of meeting needs for identification, classification and ...

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