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Mitigating DDoS Attacks With F5 Technology [ Source: F5 ]

October 2013- Distributed denial-of-service attacks may be organized by type into a taxonomy that includes network attacks (layers 3 and 4), session attacks (layers 5 and 6), application attacks (layer 7), and business logic attacks. Each type may be matched with the best F5 technology for mitigating that attack. This paper explains how taken together, the F5 BIG-IP portfolio of products provides effective anti-attack technology for each layer of the taxonomy and can also defend against specific attack tools, network reconnaissance, and ...

High Bandwidth Internet Access: Opening Doors to New Capabilities [ Source: Cornerstone Advanced Communications ]

March 2013- High bandwidth, and the content that rides over it, enables rapid acceleration of business development and the type of collaboration that drives innovation. Companies are now choosing - from options such as fiber, cable access transport, copper, and wireless - the greatest bandwidth available in their markets. Gain perspective on trends in American and global markets that are generating the need for big bandwidth as companies rely increasingly on business and IT tools such as ...

Insurance New Product Introduction Using Agile Scrum Framework [ Source: Infosys Technologies Ltd ]

October 2010- Key to success in a rapidly changing global economy is to respond to the change with a timely offering of new products. However, the legacy environment in most carriers stalls the speed to market. These systems usually lengthen cycle times and increase cost of product introduction. Scrum is an Agile framework and is increasingly getting popular, thanks to its proven track record of delivering high-quality results with less time, reduced effort, and lower cost. Insurance ...

It's Time To Review -- And Renew -- Your Telecommuting Policy [ Source: Citrix Online ]

October 2009- There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to telecommuting. This new Forrester white paper explores how implementing best practices to create a telecommuting program and standardized policy significantly reduces operational costs and increases employee productivity -- a winning combination in a tough economy.

Revealing VOIP Adoption Trends [ Source: Interactive Intelligence ]

August 2009- Is your company ahead of the pack or lagging behind when it comes to VOIP adoption?

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In this research report you’ll discover:
• Management’s top concerns
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VDSL2 Service Deployment with Bonding: Longer Reach and Higher Rate Triple-Play Access [ Source: Conexant Systems, Inc. ]

January 2009- A major challenge facing telephone company operators in deployment of broadband access services is the issue of reaching all customers in the serving area with good signal quality suitable for triple-play service—voice, video, and data. The available bit rate on a twisted-pair cable is roughly inversely proportional to the length of the subscriber line. For triple-play services, VDSL2 is the leading access technology, since it operates with bandwidths of at least 8 MHz to enable ...

Phishing Response Kit [ Source: Harland Financial Solutions ]

December 2006- Given the proliferation of phishing attacks, Harland Financial Solutions has designed a Phishing Response Kit to aid financial institutions in helping protect consumers' personal identity data and financial account credentials. Created specifically to educate and assist financial institutions, the kit provides a detailed checklist and directives to help them respond in the event of a phishing scam.

IBM Sales Center: With Computer Telephony Integration [ Source: IBM ]

January 2008- Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is a technology that allows the integration of interactions on a telephone and a computer. CTI includes the integration of all customer contact channels, such as voice, e-mail, Web, fax, and so on, with computer systems. CTI involves using a computer to manage the incoming and outgoing telephone calls. This paper discusses how to integrate IBM Sales Center for WebSphere Commerce with a Computer Telephony Integration system that uses Java Telephony ...