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ABC's of SIP [ Source: Sonus Networks ]

October 2014- Just as analog phone lines evolved to digital, and digital to VoIP, the next evolution in communications is making a rapid push into business communications. Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) can turn your communications network into a strategic asset. Businesses migrating to SIP are able to deploy new productivity enhancing applications and make their network more secure, all while reducing costs. Whether your SIP deployment is scheduled for next month or next year, you need to ...

IAM for the Real World: Mobility [ Source: Dell ]

October 2014- Mobile technologies and bring-your-own-device standards are becoming the norm at every business. But managing identity and access for mobile devices doesn't have to be difficult.

In this e-book, discover:

• How to ensure IAM for mobile technology is easy
• The key governance factors involved with the cloud and BYOD
• Why data and identity management is crucial

Learn to easily manage identity governance, even in a ...

Telstra & WWF: Using ICT To Drive Your Sustainability Strategy [ Source: Telstra Enterprise and Government - Sustainability ]

April 2009- As the issue of climate change becomes an increasing focus of government, public, and industry concern, savvy organizations are recognizing the imperative to have an effective sustainability strategy. Taking mitigating action, through investment in technologies that could help reduce carbon footprints, such as network-centric ICT, will be central to achieving real and quantifiable sustainability and productivity inroads. This whitepaper released by Telstra and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia highlights how Information and Communication Technology (...

SIP Interoperability And Extensions [ Source: MierConsulting, LLC ]

March 2008- SIP will be standard on most new phone systems over the next few years, according to MierConsulting's studies. The organization discussed the past, present, and future of SIP in this presentation.

Negotiating Wireless Carrier Services [ Source: Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby, LLP ]

March 2008- Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby offer this presentation on wireless carrier services. The presentation discusses enterprise approaches to wireless cost control, justifying corporate liability, RFIs and RFPs, and more.

Call Recording Gets Easier, Less Costly with VS Logger [ Source: Versadial ]

April 2008- This white paper describes VS Logger call recording software and its benefits and shows screenshots of the product's interface.

VS Logger provides protection from lawsuits and makes it easy to quickly defuse customer disputes. In addition, it provides business phone security, makes employee training and performance reviews easy, reduces data entry errors, and provides a lower-cost alternative to traditional third-party verification programs.

Users can learn how to use VS Logger in ...

A Dynamic Assessment Of VoIP Adoption, Innovation And Their Interaction With CALEA Regulation [ Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology ]

January 2008- This research paper present a system dynamics model to understand the complex feedback system surrounding VoIP adoption, innovation and the current VoIP CALEA proceedings. System dynamics is a methodology for studying and managing complex feedback systems using a computer simulation. The adoption of the ""managed"" and ""unmanaged"" VoIP is modeled to understand the fraction of VoIP that will be under the CALEA jurisdiction. The paper then models the cost of compliance for the providers of ...

The End of Federalism in Telecommunication Regulations? [ Source: IST ]

January 2008- This paper from IST focuses upon six well-known technology trends that are influencing the evolution of the network: the cost of ""Communicating"" is becoming more distance insensitive; the networks and the services that ride on these networks are becoming more modular; packet-routed networks are becoming more prevalent than circuit-switched networks; the application (e.g., voice) is becoming more independent and separate from the network; geographic boundaries are irrelevant to emerging technology; and intelligence and functions ...

Electricity Deregulation Puts Pressure On The Transmission Network And Increases Its Cost [ Source: Consumer Federation of America ]

January 2008- Many experts are beginning to admit that a substantial part of upgrade costs are caused by need to support the increased strain on system that occurs in the deregulated electricity markets that policymakers have been struggling to create in the past decade. Based upon almost two decades of analysis of the faltering effort to deregulate electricity markets, this paper outlines the reasons why Congress should pass reliability-only electricity bill and put its deregulation agenda on ...

Telecom Deregulation And The Economy: The Impact Of Une-P On Jobs, Investment And Growth [ Source: Progress & Freedom Foundation ]

January 2008- This paper published by Progress & Freedom Foundation explains that economists recognize that government policies have a major impact on the performance of the heavily regulated telecommunications sector. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and state public utility commissions continue to regulate telecommunications prices at both the retail and wholesale levels, and to impose upon incumbent carriers a complex array of sharing requirements. These rules, known as the ""Unbundled Network Element"" or ""UNE"" rules require incumbent firms ...