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Creating the It Just Works Video Network [ Source: Sonus Networks ]

November 2013- From the boardroom to the browser, video has become a valuable business tool. When video communications systems work properly, people become more interactive, creative, and productive. Conversely, when video systems fail, they cause delays along with angst and frustration in the people trying to use them. Read this paper to learn more.

SIP Trunking for Dummies [ Source: Sonus Networks ]

August 2012- The SIP Trunking for Dummies book gives examples of how how SIP trunking, trunking consolidation, and the move to VoIP can collectively reduce traditional enterprise telecom bills by up to 75%. If you are doing research on making the move to SIP, this is a must read.

The Top 5 Ways Hosted PBX with Unified Communications Can Help Your Enterprise [ Source: XO Communications ]

April 2015- When voice moves into the cloud, enterprise communications rapidly becomes a strategic function that drives revenue. A reliable, business-grade solution that integrates Voice over IP with hosted Unified Communications can help you lower total cost ofownership,enable self-management,improve productivity,streamline business continuity and free up IT resources to focus on more important requirements. Read how Hosted PBX with Unified Communications can help your enterprise integrate complex voice and IT environments, centralize voice applications, and ...

Is Your Phone System Holding You Back? [ Source: XO Communications ]

April 2015- Enterprise communications is at a critical juncture. Employees require the very best mobility and collaboration tools while IT struggles with tight budgets and lean staffing. Read this paper to learn about these looming challenges and how hosted PBX with Unified Communications can help you address these issues, paving the way for better enterprise communications.

Decision Guide: Hosted vs. Premises-based Unified Communications Solutions [ Source: XO Communications ]

April 2015- Unified Communications offers a host of benefits to SMBs and large enterprises alike. But every organization needs to determine whether a premises-based UC solution or a cloud-based hosted service is the best fit for its own situation. This decision guide takes you through a list of important considerations to help you do just that.

Why Sales Reps Underperform -- And How You Can Change That [ Source: Jive ]

June 2013- How many of your salespeople perform at their peak potential? Probably not enough. For decades, sales teams have depended on tools and practices that don't maximize effectiveness and execution, because they don't address key challenges at the heart of selling: getting reps trained and up to speed fast, keeping them aligned and ready to sell at all times, helping them work together to manage and complete deals efficiently. Learn how social business drives dramatic performance ...

Marketing Transformed [ Source: Jive ]

June 2013- Successful marketing is, at its core, all about collaboration. Yet working together-across teams, departments and agencies, as well as with customers and partners-is getting more difficult as the pace of business and the number of moving parts increase. Most marketers still depend on the same tools and methods they used 20 years ago: email, meetings, phone calls and desktop apps, leading to a lot of disconnects, inefficiency and pain. But change is finally at hand.

Marketing's New Imperative: Bring Social To Your Team [ Source: Jive ]

June 2013- Today's marketing teams have to work smarter and faster across a growing range of activities and an increasingly diverse array of participants. Improving cross-functional collaboration is the new marketing mandate, and social business is the enabler, allowing marketing teams to drive more leads, increase sales and cut operational costs. Learn how marketers are achieving success with social business technology.

Four Reasons Why "Facebook for the Enterprise" Isn't Good Enough [ Source: tibbr ]

June 2013- The concept of using social networking in the office has evolved from simply connecting people and conversations to taking action and getting real work done. But in order for enterprise social networking to be successful it must incorporate the applications and relevant conversations employees use everyday to get drive business outcomes.

In this whitepaper discover how tibbr provides relevant updates employees need from CRM, ERP, expense, inventory and document management systems, plus unifies ...

Secrets Revealed: Brilliant Simplicity and Lower TCO [ Source: ShoreTel ]

June 2013- This white paper discusses the benefits of researching the total cost of ownership for a UC system and how businesses can lower their total cost of ownership (TCO) by selecting a simple yet sophisticated solution.

Applying the simplicity principle to selecting a Unified Communications system can result in significant cost savings over time. The total cost of ownership of a simple solution such as that from ShoreTel makes deployment easier, learning easier, and ...

Demystifying Unified Communications [ Source: ShoreTel ]

June 2013- Enterprises have committed to IP telephony, and completing the conversion to VoIP is just a matter of time and money. VoIP equipment sales surpassed TDM in 2003, and Infonetics projects that 89% of worldwide enterprise voice lines will be IP-PBX based for calendar year 2008. However, while IP telephony is moving into its second decade with enormous momentum, most users are still waiting for full convergence and voice-enabled applications. Increased network efficiencies have been the primary benefit of ...

Comparison of Cisco and ShoreTel Unified Communication Solutions [ Source: ShoreTel ]

June 2013- In a side-by-side comparison of these two solutions, this white paper demonstrates that organizations in need of comprehensive UC solutions can avoid Cisco product shortfalls.

The flagship Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) solution was assembled with technologies accumulated from several corporate acquisitions. The result is a complex solution that provides multiple user interfaces and requires extensive resources to manage. The ShoreTel UC system, by contrast, was designed to provide a single, all-in-one solution.<...

Comparison of Avaya and ShoreTel Unified Communication Solutions [ Source: ShoreTel ]

June 2013- Unlike ShoreTel's all-in-one, all-IP solution, the Avaya platforms have been adapted from legacy technology and assembled piecemeal. The result is a complex solution that can require extensive time and resources to manage.

By contrast, the ShoreTel Unified Communications system was designed from the ground up expressly for IP to provide a single, all-in-one solution that integrates a full range of communications capabilities.

The white paper walks you through direct apples-to-apples comparisons ...

The Key Technology Components of a Cloud-Based Unified Communications Offering [ Source: Mitel ]

April 2013- In today's hyper-connected world, businesses need to excel at communications and collaboration - or risk missing out on potential growth opportunities and falling behind their competition. Unified communications (UC) solutions allow organizations to improve collaboration while enhancing worker productivity and customer service. These solutions provide effective ways for people to keep in touch, regardless of their location or communications device. Cloud computing is one of the most efficient delivery models for UC. For many companies, ...

MiCloud: Helping Companies Reap the Benefits of Cloud-Ready Unified Communications [ Source: Mitel ]

April 2013- Most IT and business decision makers understand the benefits of unified communications (UC) and are exploring UC offerings. The need for better communications and collaboration is clear, but many businesses struggle to prioritize requirements, manage implementation and realize the potential benefits. How companies deploy UC - and how much flexibility they have for supporting future changes in their business needs - will go a long way toward determining just how successful they will be in ...

Guide to Social IT Basics [ Source: Service Now ]

June 2013- When IT organizations utilize social media, it can efficiently help more people inside and outside the data center quickly access more services and knowledge. Combined people's knowledge and good will and the essence of information technology service management (ITSM) can be more fully realized.

The When, Where, and How of Cisco vs. Microsoft for UC [ Source: Cisco ]

February 2013- Unified communications is critical for remote working, collaboration, and cost savings. With an increased demand for mobility, which solution is best? See how a 2012 survey of purchasers and evaluators rated Cisco and Microsoft.

The Unified Communications Journey [ Source: Cisco ]

February 2013- IT managers know the benefits of unified communications (UC)-but where, when, and how much should they invest and deploy? Forrester explores how IT managers can expand UC capabilities with smart and effective infrastructure investment.

Read white paper.

Solution Brief: Unify communications quickly--HP AppSystem for Microsoft Lync [ Source: HP ]

December 2012- By combining communications tools such as instant messaging, presence, telephony, unified messaging, video conferencing, data sharing, and email, the technology known as unified communications (UC) lets your employees communicate and collaborate as never before.

Download this white paper to find out how UC can help your business gain a competitive edge as you make faster and better decisions, attract and retain top talent, and benefit from cost containment through redeployment or reduction in ...

Solution Brief: It's time to make communicating simply and continuous [ Source: HP ]

December 2012- Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) solutions offer enhanced user productivity and reduced costs from streamlined communications. These benefits are exciting, but they can also place significant demands on network performance, quality of service (QoS), scalability and security. That's why HP and Microsoft joined together to create and deliver the most complete, end-to-end UC&C solution, optimized for Microsoft Lync.

Download this paper to learn how you can leverage complete end-to-end solution for ...

Ignite Collaboration and Worker Productivity--HP UC&C Solutions with Microsoft Lync [ Source: HP ]

December 2012- If your company already uses Microsoft Lync for instant messaging, web presence and conferencing, you probably know that unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) means running all communications vehicles on a single, common, unified platform.

Download this white paper to learn how you can deliver a consistent worker experience and enable fast adoption and easy management with Lync.

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IDC Expert ROI: Assessing the Business Value of Unified Communications [ Source: HP ]

December 2012- IDC forecasts the worldwide enterprise network equipment market will reach $42.6 billion in revenue in 2012. It is expected that UC components such as IP telephony, video, and mobility to be main drivers for network upgrades and expansions.

Download this white paper to learn how you can measure the benefits of UC from reduced costs, increased availability, and improved IT.

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Research Report - Cisco vs. Microsoft for UC [ Source: Cisco ]

November 2012- Unified communications are critical for remote working, collaboration, and cost savings. Learn the critical factors to consider when evaluating unified communications solutions such as Cisco Jabber™ by downloading the research paper from respected analyst Zeus Kerravala.

Three Trends Driving Videoconferencing Technologies [ Source: Huawei Enterprise USA ]

August 2012- Videoconferencing has evolved from being high-end applications specific for select industries to being deployed in enterprises of all sizes and across numerous industries, and now is making its way into people's everyday lives.

According to Wainhouse Research, by the year 2015 nearly 200 million people around the world will be collaborating through videoconferencing systems.

There are three trends moving videoconferencing technologies forward: lifelike experiences, widespread use, and industry-specific applications. To meet the requirements ...

CIO's guide to Mobile Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) [ Source: BlackBerry ]

July 2012- Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) is a top driver of productivity and competitiveness. But as organizations continue to grow more diverse and mobility becomes vital to everyday operations, it is vital to implement a mobility component to allow for a success UCC strategy. This resource explores what you should look for in any mobile UCC solution.

Explore the changing enterprise and top three considerations to make when considering any mobile UCC strategy. Also ...

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