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Transforming the Enterprise WAN [ Source: Sonus Networks ]

February 2015- This report looks at the business value of dynamic-path networking, flow networking, the "atomic element" of path control, and the opportunity to transform the nature of the WAN so that it can better deliver applications instead of packets. It will help IT executives understand the limitations of packet routing in traditional WAN networks as well as the key factors they should consider when adopting dynamic-path networking.

ABC's of SIP [ Source: Sonus Networks ]

October 2014- Just as analog phone lines evolved to digital, and digital to VoIP, the next evolution in communications is making a rapid push into business communications. Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) can turn your communications network into a strategic asset. Businesses migrating to SIP are able to deploy new productivity enhancing applications and make their network more secure, all while reducing costs. Whether your SIP deployment is scheduled for next month or next year, you need to ...

Giving Voice to the Virtual Desktop: A White Paper from Mitel and VMware [ Source: Mitel ]

March 2012- For the first time ever, Unified Communications (UC) joins other mission-critical applications on users? cloud-based desktops.

Organizations can now run business-critical telephony applications on the same servers as other business applications, reducing capital and operating expenses, improving application availability, ensuring integrated business continuity, and driving innovation and productivity like never before.

Uniting the Worlds of Data and Voice [ Source: Mitel ]

March 2012- This White Paper from Mitel and VMware evaluates the benefits and methodology for integrating Unified Communications into the Virtual Data Center.

Discover the benefits and learn how your organization can maximize its virtualization investments by integrating your voice applications.

Power-up Your Business with the right Communications System [ Source: Avaya ]

February 2012- Small businesses know that success depends on keeping ahead of the competition. Dependable communications are critical to achieving a competitive advantage, but the here-and-now business challenges facing small companies, like budget concerns, employee multitasking, and ensuring current customers' satisfaction, can make it difficult to find the time and financial resources to proactively improve their communications systems.

This white paper examines how the adoption of a unified communications system based on Voice over Internet ...

Five Ways for SMBs to Succeed Using Unified Communications [ Source: Plantronics ]

July 2011- How effectively your company communicates with customers, suppliers, business partners and employees can be the difference between the business won and the business lost. The reality is that a breakdown in communications could easily send your customers to a competitor - and for SMBs, each and every customer is important.

The White Paper written by Blair Pleasant, Co-Founder of UCStrategies, presents the five key ways to be successful in your business by utilizing ...

Intelligent Branch Solutions for Enterprises, Service Providers and Cloud Applications [ Source: Siemens Enterprise Communications ]

May 2010- Now in the days of mature data center-based communications and the move towards Communications-in-the-Cloud, there is an equal revolution in the provision of sophisticated Branch solutions – the era of Intelligent Branch Solutions for both Public and Private Cloud applications.

This White Paper examines the requirements for and use of Intelligent Branches and Gateways and explains how modern communications products can provide scalable and feature-rich communications for:

• Cost-conscious customers with multiple ...

Aberdeen Research: Unified Communications - Unleashing Transformation, Efficiency, Collaboration & Compliance [ Source: Siemens Enterprise Communications ]

March 2010- With so many potential points of contact – desk phones, soft phones, voice messaging, email, videoconferencing, texting, social media, mobile devices – how can we ever actually be reached within a reasonable timeframe? How does Unified Communications transform an organization’s communications infrastructure, improve efficiency, optimize work processes, and provide for business continuity and compliance? To find out, Aberdeen Group surveyed 184 organizations in more than 28 countries around the world.

Using key performance criteria to distinguish ...

Frost & Sullivan: Finding the Value in Unified Communications -- Understanding the Hierarchy of Return [ Source: Siemens Enterprise Communications ]

January 2011- To stay competitive in an increasingly global workplace, companies today must find ways to allow and encourage their employees to communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Unified communications and collaboration—an integrated set of voice, video and Web collaboration applications—can enable advanced communications among employees, customers and business partners. But as is true with any technology deployment, IT and telecom executives must be able to justify the necessary investment—and demonstrating ...

Unified Communications Can Change Your Outlook - Making Your Small to Midsize Business Better [ Source: Siemens Enterprise Communications ]

December 2009- The goal of unified communications is simple: to make it easy and cost effective for employees to reach one another—as well as business partners and customers—as soon as they need to, wherever they are. The idea is to merge two or more communications into one user interface, allowing users to see whether someone is available for a phone call, conference or IM chat, and then to contact them in the most appropriate way. ...

The Proven Financial Benefits of SIP Trunk Consolidation [ Source: Siemens Enterprise Communications ]

November 2010- Siemens Enterprise Communications continues to lead the evolution of real-time unified communications by delivering innovative and customer-centric solutions with measurable financial benefits, and has proven both the technology and the savings for customers. Best of all, our open, standards-based solutions can overlay in-place PBX networks to speed ROI -- without the need for untimely rip-and-replace migrations.

In this paper, we’ll introduce the mechanisms of cost savings with SIP trunk consolidation, using Siemens ...

From Voice Over IP To Unified Communications Simplify System Management [ Source: ShoreTel ]

October 2010- Telephone system manageability depends to a great extent on the underlying architecture of the voice system. Some platforms are extensions of legacy voice switches, others are built on top of legacy data technologies, and still others were designed from the ground up for converged voice and data.

The architectural approach for integrating new systems has serious implications for management, because the different components of the consolidated voice system-such as voicemail, network call routing, ...

IP Telephony: Reliability You Can Count On [ Source: ShoreTel ]

October 2010- Constant phone service availability is crucial to today's businesses. Makers of traditional voice switches have developed systems that are available at least 99.999% of the time. Concerns that voice over IP (VoIP) may not offer this "five nine" availability has been one of the major impediments to convergence, but this should not be the case. The ideal IP telephony system is resilient and has no single point of failure.

This white paper compares three ...

How to Assess the Business and Financial Impact of IP Unified Communications Systems [ Source: ShoreTel ]

October 2010- ShoreTel knows that comparing competing solutions on equal footing can be difficult. We also know that a system with the lowest purchase price may not have the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) over the lifespan of the IP unified communications system. To help with your comparison, we've created this 15 page report which details the 12 cost components that must be incorporated in any TCO analysis.

The TCO white paper covers many specific Unified ...

Conquer the Cost of IP Complexity [ Source: ShoreTel ]

October 2010- Companies are frequently tied to expensive, complex, legacy telecommunications systems that don't support modern technologies and applications, such as unified communications. This white paper examines the challenges associated with legacy systems and how to achieve greater value and opportunities with IP-based technology.

How to Get The Foundation Right For True Unified Communications [ Source: ShoreTel ]

October 2010- This 12-page white paper delves into the deepest parts of unified communications, ensuring advanced knowledge necessary to get all the benefits from a next generation system. Use this white paper to discover the infrastructure needed to make communications a seamless part of information technology.

Also included is Gartner's 16 features that comprise a complete unified communications system, so you can make sure to gain all the benefits, not just those based on a particular ...

The Top 5 VoIP Problems and How to Solve Them [ Source: Fluke Networks ]

August 2010- With the prevalence of voice over IP and streaming video applications within the enterprise, it is important to understand the most common problems encountered during implementation. Get insight into the top five problems and learn how you can use Fluke Networks' ClearSight Analyzer to isolate the cause of the problem.

The Cost Advantages of Hosted Telephony [ Source: 8x8, Inc. ]

August 2010- With the growing number of IP telephony service and equipment options, there has never been a better time for enterprises to find a communications solution that fits their business needs. Top requirements of all businesses today in evaluating new communication solutions include lowering costs, consolidating vendor and provider relationships, refocusing IT staff, and providing flexibility to their employees. For these reasons, more businesses are considering hosted PBX services. With a premises-based solution, all equipment must ...

Avoiding Trap Doors Associated with Purchasing a UPS System [ Source: Emerson Network Power ]

July 2010- A poor power protection strategy can lead businesses through a series of trap doors that lead to increased downtime, premature obsolescence and avoidable maintenance and replacement costs. The risk is especially severe for SMBs, which often can’t afford fallback systems when IT systems fail and deal with longer recovery times when there is an outage. IT professionals should evaluate their power protection strategy in terms of availability, growth, maintenance and flexibility.

Desktop Videoconferencing: Industry Trends and Deployment Best Practices [ Source: Mirial s.u.r.l. ]

July 2010- In the last few years, desktop videoconferencing emerged as part of daily processes and communication routines within companies and organizations of any size and industry, all over the world, complementing (and in some cases replacing) traditional room systems. This white paper analyzes the latest trends in desktop videoconferencing, highlighting the best practices for its deployment.

The Big 4: Top Considerations in Choosing a VoIP Provider [ Source: MegaPath ]

April 2010- When small to midsize businesses (SMBs) are looking for new ways to reduce telecom costs, why are more of them turning to voice over IP? VoIP is a market-proven technology using the Internet to carry voice and data traffic on the same core network. Get best practices advice for transitioning first to VoIP, and then fully converged services. This brief white paper includes a helpful tutorial section "Why VoIP? Cost Savings and a Platform for ...

Countdown to Satisfaction: Practical Guidance to Hosted VoIP [ Source: MegaPath ]

April 2010- Companies are adopting Voice over IP (VoIP) communications, with hosted solutions becoming increasingly popular. What are the cost savings of VoIP over traditional telephony when it's enhanced with the added convenience of fully managed services and flexible packages? Get practical guidance on choosing enterprise-grade, cloud-based IP phone service to connect all employees into one unified phone system.

Return on Collaboration [ Source: PGi ]

April 2010- Now more than ever, effective and efficient collaboration among employees is a critical part of a successful business. But with personnel scattered across multiple locations at any given time, your company’s collaboration is only as effective as the communications technology that facilitates it. This free white paper – about the Return on Collaboration – will clearly explain the benefits of adopting web and mobile technologies specifically designed to bring employees together efficiently and cost-effectively.


VoIP Best Practices [ Source: PGi ]

February 2010- Download our free white paper, VoIP Conferencing, and learn how VoIP-enabled meeting systems are revolutionizing the world of audio conferencing. This white paper explains in plain English what VoIP is and why it is fast becoming the audio conferencing technology of choice.

You’ll also learn:

- Drawbacks of traditional audio conferencing
- How VoIP works in the context of audio conferencing
- How to set up and deploy ...

Ten Tips for Better Web Meetings White Paper [ Source: PGi ]

February 2010- Download our free white paper, Ten Tips for Better Web Meetings, and discover how to harness the full power of web conferencing technology. It’s a fast, easy and free way to learn how to stay focused on your meeting instead of the technology. Topics include:

  - The basic steps to a successful meeting
- Tips for gauging audience interest
- Creating meeting “attention-grabbers”
- Keeping the audience interested

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