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Technology's Role in Integrated Delivery Models: Transforming Health Care [ Source: Optum ]

November 2011- The health care industry is undergoing a transformation - spurred by an unsustainable reimbursement model that rewards volume rather than outcome. Many alternatives are being considered, including pay for performance, accountable care organizations (ACOs), medical homes and bundled payments. Although the destination is not certain, it's clear that providers, payers, employers and patients are interested in a health care ecosystem that is connected, intelligent and aligned. Such sustainable health communities represent an innovative yet practical ...

Faster, Easier, and More Cost-Effective E-mail Migrations From Messaging Architects [ Source: Messaging Architects ]

June 2010- This technology brief highlights how implementing M+Archive as an integral part of an e-mail platform migration ensures a faster, easier, and more cost-effective solution and eliminates the need to deploy a third-party, single-use migration tool to migrate mail systems. Designed to work in multiple e-mail environments, M+Archive is an interoperable e-mail archiving and migration solution that helps organizations migrate and archive data and assists with user provisioning. M+Archive also adds value to ...

RFID Interoperability in the Spotlight [ Source: MET Laboratories ]

June 2010- The common definition of Interoperability is that of "the functional testing of a product against another product according to a set of test specifications." Unfortunately, this definition does not meet RFID requirements. The primary reason for it is that RFID implementations consist of a system of hardware, data, and software. RFID tags communicate with readers and exchange data using air interface protocols. Software facilities communications between readers, RFID middleware, and enterprise applications such as ERPs ...

Smart System Design: How To Get the Information You Need From Your Document Management System, Every Time [ Source: Optical Image Technology - DocFinity ]

December 2009- Capture, index, access. It sounds easy, and with proper planning, it is. This article shares tips you need to know in order to capture information correctly, index it thoroughly, and store it in a useful format for the maximum benefit to your enterprise.

Beyond FTP: Securing And Managing File Transfers [ Source: Linoma Software ]

August 2009- Few managers realize the security and management risks that have blossomed in their organization with the prevalent use of FTP. This paper demonstrates how you can bring FTP into a modern framework that increases IT manageability while decreasing security exposures and adhering to growing compliance/auditing requirements.

Nortel Network Case Study: Milton Keynes General NHS Trust [ Source: Nortel Networks ]

January 2008- Milton Keynes General has been identified as an early adopter in the National Programme for IT (NPfIT), which aims to transform the way UK healthcare is delivered through online access to health records. With its local area network unable to provide the capacity needed to achieve NPfIT performance targets, the Trust required a complete overhaul of its existing IT platform. To give the Trust a highly resilient VPN that would support NPfIT applications. Nortel provided: ...