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Meeting Customers Where They Are [ Source: Kofax ]

September 2014- As mobile adoption increases, deploying a platform that supports your customer base across all channels, is essential. And having the tools to create your mobile use case in weeks instead of months is a competitive advantage. Explore the value of a mobile engagement platform that meets your customers where they are with comprehensive, real-time mobile capabilities.

Learn how your organization can build and deploy mobile customer engagement solutions from mobile image capture, mobile ...

Supporting Your Mobile Workforce [ Source: Calero Software ]

April 2014- If you're asking your IT Department to provide support for your employees' mobile devices, here what they can expect

Your Pathway to Mobile Nirvana [ Source: Calero Software ]

April 2014- Millions of mobile workers. Billions of mobile subscriptions. How can you manage this mobility mega-movement and impact on your operational expense? We're taking a page from Lean Six Sigma and applying it to our journey to mobile nirvana: the highest volume and quality of services at the lowest possible cost.

Enabling the Mobile Workforce [ Source: Calero Software ]

April 2014- Enabling the mobile workforce requires enterprises to address a host of issues around management of mobile devices, data, applications, security, and expenses. But as solutions for these challenges become increasingly commoditized, the focus is shifting to optimizing the user experience.

How do you manage your growing mobile workforce? [ Source: Calero Software ]

April 2014- Enterprise mobility management ensures that you employees have secure, seamless access to the information they need, anytime and anywhere.

Accelerate Healthcare Reform with Information Technology [ Source: VMware ]

June 2013- As healthcare reform deadlines rapidly approach, choosing the right IT platform will be critical to the success or failure of new services and exchanges. This solution brief provides an overview of how VMware is helping healthcare organizations to future-proof the entire IT care environment.

Improve Outcomes with the VMware Care Systems Analytics Solution [ Source: VMware ]

June 2013- Information informs patient care. With more accurate data, caregivers can deliver better outcomes, faster. Yet, this reality is only possible when care systems are effectively managed to streamline complexity and support big data. This white paper examines how VMware is delivering new levels of automation, analytics and intelligent policy management to modernize and improve healthcare IT architectures.

Business Agility & the True Economics of Cloud Computing [ Source: VMware ]

June 2013- Read the results of a McKinsey & Company survey that reveals a direct link between implementing cloud computing and improving business agility.

Enabling Healthcare Transformation with Social Business [ Source: IBM ]

April 2013- By embracing and cultivating a spirit of collaboration and community, internally and externally, social business is helping people and their organizations deliver significant returns on the time invested. Social business is important for healthcare transformation because it connects care providers and helps them achieve patient-centered collaboration by empowering and engaging patients and providers.

BYOD and the Wireless Revolution [ Source: Avaya ]

April 2013- On average, a new wireless device, complete with its own quirks and running on an increasingly sophisticated array of operating systems, reaches the market every 45 days. For IT departments whose networks are ready to support the surge in wireless traffic, the "bring your own device" (BYOD) revolution promises huge gains in productivity, mobility and cost savings, all on devices purchased by the employees.

This Avaya whitepaper addresses the challenges and opportunities of supporting ...

Care Management and the Future of Health Care [ Source: Wipro Technologies ]

December 2012- Medical care in the United States suffers from problems related to cost, quality, and fragmented delivery, and compliance to new models and reforms. What's needed, instead, is an approach to health care that is proactive, integrated, and patient-centric.

New strategies are evolving to propel health care in those directions. A new technology solution, known as integrated care management, is emerging to address the important processes and functions of those strategies.

Redefining Value and Success in Healthcare: Charting the path to the future [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- Transformation of the healthcare industry is finally happening, and with dramatic energy, driven by a fundamental shift in the expectations of all stakeholders - patients, governments, payers, employers and providers.

Today, the market is rejecting the three major structural deficiencies that have resulted in the industry's systemic challenges:
1) An over-emphasis on expensive advances in medical technology that yield incremental improvements in outcomes, with inadequate consideration to cost
2) The myopic focus on ...

Healthcare: Riding a Storm of Change [ Source: IBM ]

February 2012- The healthcare sector is in the midst of a revolution on that will change almost every aspect of the industry, from the back-office processes associated with managing the relationship between service buyers and service deliverers, to the way in which patient data is stored, analyzed and shared, and in the way that patient care is delivered on the front line.

This paper sets out to describe the way in which a number of ...

Four EHR Change Management Mistakes (and how to avoid them) [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

February 2013- Careful planning and effective change management can help keep missteps – and the stress and costs that come with them – to a minimum when implementing electronic health records (EHR).

This report presents strategies for avoiding common problems as you select technology, choose your implementation team, assign responsibilities and lay out the logistics.

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Mobile Clinical Assistants: Your Questions Answered [ Source: Motion Computing and Intel Corporation ]

August 2011- Given the potential for improved quality of care, cost savings, and patient safety benefits, optimizing mobility for healthcare applications is too important to ignore.

In this paper, VDC Research examines the key questions surrounding the adoption of the Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) in healthcare environments.

Windows 7: A Prescription for Desktop Health [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

February 2012- If you're an IT exec at a healthcare organization responsible for maintaining systems and end users, smoothing out electronic medical records implementations, and modernizing your mobility and desktop solutions, take a dose of this Windows 7 desktop migration strategy. You'll have happy healthcare systems and improve patient care!

Accurate Asset Tracking Boosts Small Business Profits and Productivity [ Source: Wasp Barcode Technologies ]

March 2010- From misplaced notebook computers and software licenses, from pre-paid gas cards to heavy equipment, businesses heavily invest in assets critical to their success. Yet locating these vital items can be time-consuming, onerous and, ultimately, expensive. Discover how today's affordable and effective asset-tracking technologies eliminate these unproductive, costly quests for business resources, empowering staff to spend their time serving customers and increasing sales. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn: · The time and money many companies waste ...

Delivery Media to iPhones and iPads With Helix Solutions [ Source: RealNetworks Inc ]

June 2010- Adoption of mobile multimedia has grown steadily to where over 50% of mobile devices have the ability to support playback of video and video content. While delivering live or on-demand content to these devices has been difficult based on the range of protocols, codecs, networks, and standards available as well as end users reluctance to pay additional data charges for such content, RealNetworks Helix Media Delivery Platform is seen as a leader in meeting the requirements ...

A Mobile Software Quality Framework [ Source: Lionbridge Technologies ]

February 2009- Today’s mobile software companies face a daunting challenge: How can they achieve quality while getting to market swiftly? After all, speed is king in the mobile market. New technologies are constantly being introduced; new mobile device platforms are emerging at a prodigious rate; competitors are constantly “one-upping” each other in an ever-escalating arms race of new features and interfaces. The trade-off between speed and quality in mobile software development is an illusion--or should be. ...

Improving Healthcare Delivery with Role-Enabled Communications [ Source: NEC ]

September 2009- Today, more healthcare IT organizations than ever are interested in implementing UC applications in a planned, cost effective manner. In order to meet their tremendous potential for improved healthcare delivery requires more than UC - it requires role-enabled communications. Download NEC's whitepaper to see how to deal with healthcare challenges.

Comparing Wi-Fi RFID And IR-RFID Real-Time Locating Systems For Use In Healthcare [ Source: Versus Technology ]

August 2009- Real-time locating systems (RTLS) are becoming mainstream in healthcare environments. Although currently there is only a 29% adoption rate, this number is expected to grow to nearly 70% by 2011. However, there are many different RTLS offerings as well as remarkable variation in the implementation processes, functionality, and long-term success with each system. This white paper explores the implementation costs between two popular RTLS solutions: Wi-Fi RFID (radio frequency identification) from Cisco and hardwired Infrared-RFID from Versus, and ...

Real-time Location Systems (RTLS) In Healthcare: Wi-Not Wi-Fi? [ Source: Awarepoint Corporation ]

August 2009- CIOs must ask some very important questions to appraise the cost and value of Wi-Fi-based RTLS: Are you really using existing infrastructure? What is the cost (in time and expertise) for on-going maintenance of Wi-Fi RTLS? How will Wi-Fi RTLStraffic affect your network? The “just add water” story Wi-Fi marketers publicize loses steam in real-world applications. Once you’ve optimized your Wi-Fi infrastructure for RTLS, you will need extensive location planning of highly trained individuals ...

4G And Its Evolution [ Source: Tata Consultancy Services Ltd ]

May 2009- This paper focuses on 4G -- its features, initiatives, architectures, business models, specifications like physical and MAC layer, channel access, error control coding, and OFDM. Higher-layer issues, like mobility, congestion, and QoS are also discussed.

Re-engineering The Wireless Network In Healthcare [ Source: Radiant Networks ]

July 2008- The Radiant Networks StatAware Healthcare solution tracks equipment, medical staff, and patients to improve workflow, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction. The StatAware solution has combined the Cisco Unified Wireless Network and Mobility Services Engine with AeroScout’s WiFi-based RFID tags and MobileView application to cost effectively automate asset management.

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