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6 Steps to Build & Scale a Risk-Based AppSec Program

by Apiiro

Nov 01, 2021

This guide will help you up-level your program from being focused on Application Security to deeply understanding and acting on Application Risk at a business level. By following this approach, you will accelerate your application delivery while reducing both cost and risk. The 6 Steps in Summary:

  • Define Success - A successful AppSec program needs to consider multidimensional aspects of risk
  • Gain Risk-Based Visibility - True risk visibility requires a detailed inventory of application code and infrastructure
  • Remediate the Risks that Matter - A contextual model will help security and development teams focus on changes that matter most
  • Automate Code Governance - Automation is essential to streamline, prioritize, and focus SSDLC processes
  • Approach the SSDLC Holistically - It is critical to consider many factors, from design to code to production
  • Shift Left & Extend Right - Developers should have all the context to prevent vulnerabilities before they even occur
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