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2019 State of the Internet / Security: Phishing - Baiting the Hook

by Akamai

Oct 30, 2019

Phishing isn't a new phenomenon. Since the early days of the Internet, nefarious actors have been impersonating people and businesses in order to first gain your trust, and then your personal information. Now that the Internet is more prevalent in our lives, attackers are getting savvier, making their phishing attacks more sophisticated so that we still fall for them - no matter how aware we are.

Phishing attacks require two things: a lure and a landing. Download this installment of the Akamai 2019 State of the Internet (SOTI) report to explore virtually every aspect of phishing, including:

• The basics of phishing as it has evolved over the years
• The development cycle used by phishing kit creators
• The growth of phishing as a service

The latest SOTI report digs deeper into a few examples of how the phishing economy works, and how users and businesses can take steps to protect themselves against the ever-evolving threat of phishing. This style of attack is not one-size-fits-all, so users and businesses must continue to do due diligence to stay one step ahead of criminals looking to misuse their social trust.