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Research Report: Big Data in a Loosely Coupled World

by InformationWeekDec 02, 2014

Hold On LooselyTaken together, InformationWeek's recent Big Data and Analytics and Consumerization of IT surveys show IT somewhere between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, this year's Big Data and Analytics Survey revealed some extremely positive trends, including more focus on external data sets, expanded use of big data tools, and greater emphasis on customer-centric data. However, across the spectrum of sizes and verticals, only 30% say they're very or extremely effective at

Research Report: 2015 Federal Government IT Priorities Survey

by InformationWeekNov 24, 2014

Federal IT PrioritiesGovernment IT organizations, like all tech shops, are challenged with staying on top of rapidly changing business and agency mission needs. But developing a long-term IT vision has become difficult given rapidly shifting economic, political, and technology trends. Respondents to our Federal Government IT Priorities Survey are focusing most of their attention on cyber and information security but have admittedly let cloud strategies, data center consolidation, and

Research Report: 2015 State of End User Computing

by InformationWeekNov 17, 2014

Forward Motion, MostlyThe 404 respondents to our InformationWeek 2015 Consumerization of IT Survey have accepted the infiltration of consumer-class tech into enterprise networks. But that doesn't mean they're happy about it. For example, just 22% encourage employees to contact tech support for assistance with personally owned devices. Other data points:>> 74% say there's a difference in approach to technology between workers under 35 versus those over 35.>> 40% provide iPhones to

Research Report: 2015 App Dev Priorities Survey

by InformationWeekNov 12, 2014

Change Will Do You GoodThe world of application development is undergoing a transformation. New platforms for server and client, new development tools, new languages, newfound status, and new deployment methodologies mean the already quick pace of change has gotten faster. The 528 respondents to InformationWeek and Dr. Dobb's first App Dev Priorities Survey told us in no uncertain terms that they're meeting that change head-on, even as workloads stay the same or increase. And, they're doing

Research Report: Big Data & Government IT: 3 Core Competencies

by InformationWeekNov 12, 2014

Analytics: The Time Is NowThose charged with using big data analysis for defense and intelligence, healthcare improvements, smart grids, climate, and more must answer three key questions: >> Where will we store and analyze data -- on premises, in the cloud, or via a hybrid model? >> How do we select the right software and build the right architecture to enable us to process data quickly and securely? >> What expertise do we need? These are all pressing

Research Report: 2014 IT Skills Crunch Survey

by InformationWeekNov 11, 2014

Is There An IT Talent Shortage?IT talent shortage or onerous hiring process? Your view may depend on whether you're a hiring manager or a job seeker. For the 278 business technology professionals surveyed for our 2014 InformationWeek IT Skills Crunch Survey, the talent crunch definitely exists: >> 73% of respondents at companies with fewer than 1,000 employees and 88% at larger companies say they see an IT talent shortage.>> Just 19% of respondents at small companies and 15% at

Research Report: State of Cloud Survey

by InformationWeekNov 04, 2014

Level SetAmong the 380 respondents to our InformationWeek 2014 State of Cloud Computing Sur­vey, all from companies with 50 or more employees, 22% have no cloud plans -- that's un­changed from last year. Once we drop these respondents, we get a pretty clear picture of what's working:>> 64% use SaaS, up from 57% in February 2013. Software-as-a-service is the undisputed top way respondents consume cloud.>> 51% cite security defects in the technology itself as the top concern

Research Report: Time to Reconsider Enterprise Email Strategy

by InformationWeekOct 16, 2014

Lost Email Brings Heavy ScrutinyCost, time, and risk. It's the demand trifecta vying for the attention of both technology professionals and attorneys charged with balancing the expectations of their clients and business units with the hard reality of the current financial and regulatory climate. Sometimes, organizations assume high levels of risk as a result of their inability to meet the costs involved in data protection. In other instances, it's time that's of the essence, as with a data

Research Report: FedRAMP: Catalyst for Government Hybrid Cloud

by InformationWeekOct 06, 2014

Cloud First and FedRAMP"Hybrid clouds are the future of enterprise computing." That's how we opened a recent report on the hurdles IT faces when implementing a hybrid architecture in large organizations. We have plenty of data to back up the assertion:>> Of the 47% of respondents to the InformationWeek Hybrid Cloud Survey using, piloting or developing private clouds, the majority are building hybrid public/private systems.>> Influential IT vendors like VMware, with vCloud Air, and

Research Report: SaaS as Innovation Driver

by InformationWeekSep 24, 2014

Driving Innovation With SaaSSoftware-as-a-service is the top way most organizations consume cloud. So it's clear CIOs will benefit from focusing more on business innovation, less on infrastructure operations. Among the 300 respondents to our InformationWeek SaaS Innovation Survey, 69% have some as-a-service applications in use in their orgs -- though not always IT-sanctioned. Just 12% have no plans to use SaaS. Other data points:>> 97% cite more rapid deployment as a major (66%) or