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eBook: Case Study: Continuously Validate Cybersecurity Controls

by MandiantMay 15, 2020

Are you able to get evidence-based data to show progress and improvements in your cybersecurity strategy?

Read this case study to understand how Mandiant Security Validation (formerly Verodin), empowers leading financial services organization Torchmark Corporation to continuously validate cybersecurity controls and realize improvements in key areas such as: People and process conditioning Communicating the effectiveness of security controls Real-time insights into environmental drift

eBook: CyberSecurity Trends 2020

by MandiantMay 15, 2020

Without ongoing validation that security solutions are working as promised, businesses can be caught off-guard when an attempted hack is successful, and the financial impact and cost to brand reputation can be highly disruptive and long-lasting.

Read the Verodin Cybersecurity Trends 2020 eBook, to understand the four key trends that will shape how users and vendors of security technology approach the evolving threat landscape.

Webcast: The Future of the Security Operations Center (SOC)

by Palo Alto NetworksMay 13, 2020

Today's security operations centers (SOCs) are helping enterprises to defend critical data and initiate security incident response. But most experts agree that today?s SOCs will evolve radically in the near future, as technologies such as orchestration, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and security automation become more tightly integrated into SOC processes. In this webinar, top experts will discuss the long-term evolution of SOC technology, staffing, and processes, and how your

Digital Editorial Content: Key to Cloud Success: The Right Management

by InformationWeekMay 13, 2020

A cloud computing strategy isn't some new version of plug-and-play. When your organization signs the contract for use of the public cloud or SaaS application, your path to success with a cloud computing strategy is only just beginning. The real work — and the real benefit — comes with careful and proactive management of the cloud infrastructure and applications. We're talking about performance optimization, managing your providers, and ongoing license management, among other tasks.

Whitepaper: Understand the Key Elements of a Successful Data Center Cabinet Ecosystem

by Chatsworth Products, Inc.May 11, 2020

As your data center becomes more complex, the need for cohesive white space management increases. That process begins with a focus on the data center cabinet (rack) and gaining an understanding of how the subsystems in the cabinet form an ecosystem to support Information and Communications Technology (ICT) equipment. By integrating the data center cabinet with hardware and software into a single platform, data center managers can truly gain visibility and understanding of the different dynamics

Whitepaper: Considerations for Intelligent Power Management within High-Density Deployments

by Chatsworth Products, Inc.May 11, 2020

As data centers deploy virtualization and consolidate equipment for more efficient computing, the average rack power density is constantly rising. While the average cabinet supported 3 - 4 kW just a few years ago, it's not uncommon for today's power loads to draw 9 - 15 kW, and in several cases, even higher than that. As a result, ensuring high available power to IT equipment means that all components in the power chain need to have monitoring capabilities, including rack power distribution

Whitepaper: How to Select Rack-Mount Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and Power Strips

by Chatsworth Products, Inc.May 11, 2020

Almost every Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) equipment rack that stores compute or network equipment requires a rack-mount Power Distribution Unit (PDU) or power strip to distribute power to equipment. But, if you are unfamiliar with electrical power distribution systems or even the differences in industry jargon, selecting a PDU or power strip can be challenging.

Download this white paper to get an overview of the basics of selecting PDUs and power strips, and learn

Whitepaper: Cabinet-Level Electronic Access Control for Data Security and Compliance

by Chatsworth Products, Inc.May 11, 2020

The importance of physical security for protecting data is generally well understood, but how often does your organization assess the level of physical security for protecting data? Better still, are you compliant with regulations that address data security?

Download this white paper to gain insight into: Current data security regulations and compliance requirements Why it is critical to extend physical security to the rack level The beneftis of electronic locking and access control

Digital Editorial Content: How Cybersecurity Incident Response Programs Work (and Why Some Don’t)

by Dark ReadingMay 11, 2020

This Tech Digest takes a look at the vital role cybersecurity incident response (IR) plays in managing cyber-risk within organizations. Download the Tech Digest today to find out how well-planned IR programs can detect intrusions, contain breaches, and help an organization restore normal operations.

Here's a preview of what's inside: How Cybersecurity Incident Response Programs Work (and Why Some Don't) Cyber Resilience Benchmarks 2020 How a Manufacturing Firm Recovered from a

Whitepaper: Menlo Security's New Remote Working Realities Are Altering the Security and IT Landscape

by Menlo SecurityMay 07, 2020

See how Menlo Security is delivering security through the cloud, allowing organizations to offload Internet traffic from legacy networks security architectures such as VPNs and firewalls. To learn more, download this white paper.