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Aligning Internal Cybersecurity Practices with External Third-Party Risk Management

Aug 22, 2022

What does it mean to prioritize cybersecurity throughout the extended enterprise in the modern threat landscape? Today's organizations are protecting their high-value assets and sensitive data from increased cyber attacks by addressing cybersecurity internally and externally. By aligning cybersecurity and third-party risk management, organizations identify the vulnerabilities present throughout the extended enterprise. This insight is crucial for organizations to develop a robust cybersecurity strategy that helps bolster their weakest links. ProcessUnity's best practice guide offers advice from cybersecurity and third-party risk management experts to help your organization:

  • Understand Internal and External Cybersecurity Risks: Review compliance risks, operational risks and information security risks within your organization and vendor population.
  • Manage Third-Party Cyber Risk: Develop a defined process for prioritizing, mapping and evaluating third-party cyber risk.
  • Evaluate Control Effectiveness: Gain a clear sense of control performance internally and externally to prioritize remediation projects.
  • Report on the State of Cybersecurity Throughout the Extended Enterprise: Create dynamic reports on control effectiveness internally and externally to track issues over time and stay ahead of future incidents.
Get started with a cross-functional cybersecurity strategy and improve your program results today. Download ProcessUnity's white paper now.