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2021 Global DevOps Secure Coding Education Survey

Oct 06, 2021

To understand the challenges today's developers are facing, we commissioned our 2021 Global DevOps Secure Coding Education Survey. We engaged a third-party research firm to interview over 800 developers around the world to understand their thoughts and views on the security education techniques being used both now and in the future.

Survey report highlights include:

  • Less than 3 in 10 Global Developers are completely confident that their code is secure.
  • Less than 25% of Global Developers feel that the secure coding education they're currently receiving is adequate.
  • 81% of Global Developers know that creating secure code is a shared responsibility.
  • Nearly two-thirds of Global Developers want interactive secure coding education
Take a look at the infographic report summary and you'll see why CxCodebashing, our snackable, gamified, just-in-time AppSec training platform, along with CxSAST and the rest of the integrated Checkmarx security solutions are the way forward to seamlessly create groundbreaking secure code for an increasingly complex world.