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10 Ways Small Businesses Can Save Money on Security

Jun 12, 2013

10 Ways Small Businesses Can Save Money on Security 

Small and midsize businesses face the same kinds of security issues that large ­enterprises do, but SMBs don’t have the same kinds of resources to prevent, detect and remediate these issues. Fortunately, there are many things SMBs can do to stretch their security budgets.

First and foremost, SMBs need to determine what needs protecting, what poses a threat to those assets, and how immediate and realistic those threats are. Only then can companies expect to effectively leverage new technologies and business processes to save money while providing a high level of protection.

In this Dark Reading report, we examine the unique situation SMBs find themselves in when it comes to ­battening down the enterprise hatches and recommend 10 ways — some familiar, some not so much — that SMB IT pros can save money on security. (S7050613)


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