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Case Study: Leading Financial Institutions

by Team CymruFeb 04, 2021

This case study looks at how banks are using the Pure Signal™ reconnaissance solution to trace, map and monitor threat infrastructures to get ahead of threats, close detection gaps, accelerate incident response and prevent recurrence. Preemptive mapping of APTs and preventing incident recurrence Blocking attacks and phishing emails before they're launched Enforcing supply chain security

Threat Reconnaissance Lessons from the Private Sector for Federal and State Agencies

by Team CymruFeb 04, 2021

This case study details how analyst teams at leading banks are extending threat hunting far beyond their perimeters with the Pure Signal™ threat reconnaissance solution and what State and Federal agencies can learn from their forward-leaning approach. Tracing, mapping and monitoring threat infrastructures to defend against them indefinitely Blocking attacks and phishing emails before they're launched Enumerating shadow IT by viewing your attack surface from the attacker's perspective

What is Pure Signal™ RECON?

by Team CymruFeb 04, 2021

Your visibility ends at your perimeter. So, there's no way to get ahead of malicious campaigns that are constantly evolving. Threat hunting, for most, is reactionary detection with little or no strategic value to the organization. Learn how analyst teams are solving these problems. Extract more value out of your intelligence. Trace, map and monitor threat infrastructures as they evolve. Optimize prevention, close detection gaps and accelerate incident response. Enforce supply chain security.

2021 Application Security Statistics Report Vol.1

by WhiteHat SecurityFeb 16, 2021

AppSec Insights + Shared Responsibility = Secure Applications

The threat landscape surrounding web, mobile and API-based applications is evolving rapidly. Consequently, there is a critical need for a frequent and periodic analysis of the overall state of application security.

In this month's AppSec Stats Flash, we will dive into the first 3 key metrics when evaluating the current state of application security as well as broach the topic of shared responsibility for security as

Are We Cyber-Resilient? The Key Question Every Organization Must Answer

by Micro FocusFeb 08, 2021

Having a culture of cyber-resilience that permeates the organization will allow new technologies such as 5G-enabled Internet of Things devices to be introduced in a safe and secure manner.

Download this report and learn about: How cyber-resilience is achieved; Steps you should take to become cyber-resilient; Key cyber-resilience goals you should set for your enterprise.

Intelligent Outcomes Are Key to Business Resilience

by Micro FocusFeb 08, 2021

Shift left, be strategic, and iterate. These are the core principles of cyber-resilience in today's digital business.

Download this report and learn how to: Evolve your programs to account for unexpected crises or adversities; The key aspects of evolving cybersecurity into a cyber-resilient mindset; Structure cyberinvestments and cyberstrategies to "shift left" and support business growth and enablement.

Key Strategies for Managing New Risks in Cybersecurity

by Micro FocusFeb 08, 2021

The decimation of the traditional network perimeter by the new "work anywhere at any time" reality has caused CISOs to start looking at how they can architect their networks and applications to match reality. Implementation of zero trust architectures is becoming the answer. The underlying principle of ZT is that the corporate local area network is treated as though it were outside the corporate firewall.

Download this report and learn: How detection capabilities should evolve and

Enabling Enterprise Resiliency Through Cyberthreat Detection

by Micro FocusFeb 08, 2021

Cyber-resilience is impossible to attain if attacks that are launched against an enterprise are not regularly detected in a timely manner. Unfortunately, the metric used for the length of time an attack can go without detection is not currently identified in seconds or minutes, but rather in days, weeks and even months.

Download this Info Snapshot to see the five key elements of cyberthreat detection and how they support organizations in becoming cyber-resilient.

Protection Strategies for a Cyber-Resilient Organization

by Micro FocusFeb 08, 2021

Building resilience into the security strategy means developing a cyberfocused investment strategy that enables continuous assessment of the IT environment, which allows for changes to be made to controls, policies, and procedures in an automated fashion.

Download this analyst report and learn: How organizations should embrace cyber-resilience; What challenges come with deploying adaptive layered defenses for cloud at scale; How to prioritize the investments needed to protect

Prevent vs. Pay: A Better Ransomware Plan

by CybelAngelFeb 02, 2021

Ransomware starts with vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, so it seems preventing attacks should be as simple as securing your vulnerabilities. Not so.

Learn how to stop ransomware from exploiting vulnerabilities in your infrastructure by: Lowering your digital footprint to impede reconnaissance of your IT ecosystem Preventing malware attacks on your unpatched, internet-facing shadow assets Securing legacy infrastructure, particularly as your cyberattack surface expands with new



CybelAngel reduces global enterprise digital risk by detecting critical data leaks outside the firewall before these leaks become major data breaches. Leveraging its Augmented Intelligence, a unique combination of proven machine learning capabilities and superior cyber analysts, CybelAngel analyzes billions of data sources, files, and threats across all layers of the internet to discover critical data leaks for their customers. Global organizations rely on CybelAngel every day to detect critical data leaks before wreaking havoc on their business.

Micro Focus

Micro Focus delivers enterprise software to empower our 40,000 customers worldwide to digitally transform. With a broad portfolio, underpinned by a robust analytics ecosystem, the company enables customers to address the four core pillars of digital transformation: Enterprise DevOps; Hybrid IT Management; Security, Risk & Governance, and Predictive Analytics. By design, these tools bridge the gap between existing and emerging technologies, so customers can run and transform at the same time.

Team Cymru

Since 2005, Team Cymru's mission has been to save and improve human lives by working with public and private sector analyst teams, enabling them to track and take down threat actors, criminals, terrorists and human traffickers around the globe. The company delivers comprehensive visibility into global cyber threat activity and is a key source of intelligence for many cyber security and threat intelligence vendors. The company's Community Services division provides no cost threat detection and intelligence to network operators, hosting providers and more than 130 CSIRT teams across 86+ countries. Enterprise security teams rely on its Pure Signal™ platform for on-demand access to global internet traffic telemetry, which allows them to see what's happening virtually anywhere across the internet with a clarity similar to that of their own internal network telemetry. With this visibility, they close detection gaps, accelerate incident response, and get ahead of critical, recurring threats — mapping and monitoring threat infrastructures around the world and blocking attacks before they are launched. For more information visit our website.

WhiteHat Security

WhiteHat Security has been in the business of securing web applications for 17 years. Combining advanced technology with the expertise of its global Threat Research Center (TRC) team, WhiteHat delivers application security solutions that reduce risk, reduce cost and accelerate the deployment of secure applications and web sites. The company's flagship product, WhiteHat Sentinel, is a software-as-a-service platform providing dynamic application security testing (DAST), static application security testing (SAST), and mobile application security assessments. The company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with regional offices across the U.S. and Europe.