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Message Archiving Is a Must

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

In many organizations, e-mail is the beast that ate the storage budget. The time it would take to search backup stores, tapes and disks manually for any given e-mail is mind-boggling. The answer is a coherent e-mail archiving strategy, where a copy of eve

Finding The Customer

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

Hip new-media options and loads of customer data are ushering in a new age of marketing. Smart tech leaders team with marketing to get closer to the customer.

ILM Gets a Life

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

Information Lifecycle Management is making a comeback, but don't look for any products just yet. We help plan your ILM strategy so you get the most out of your storage and your data.

Review: Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape Software

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

We show you how adding a disk stage to your backup architecture will save time and money.

Digital Signatures Are Key to E-Mail Security

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

Digital signatures based on third-party certificates secure your e-mail by verifying a sender's identity and the contents' authenticity. Here's how to set up the system.

Selling Soap, Razors--And Collaboration

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

Procter & Gamble recasts its strategy--and image--with new PC apps, predictive business intelligence, and virtualized processes

Review: Tape Encryption Devices: Host-based vs. Appliance

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

How will you be judged if one of your company's backup tapes falls into the wrong hands? We examine the strengths and weaknesses of a host-based tape encryption product and an inline appliance.

Priority No. 1: Data Protection

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

IT organizations have many priorities for the coming year, but none is as prominent as the effort to protect corporate data from disaster. We examine IT's approach to its top 2006 priority: data protection.

NWC Inc. RFI: Disaster-Recovery Service Providers

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

We invited a trio of disaster-recovery providers to submit plans forbacking up our fictional business. Each vendor has strengths, but one inparticular won our Editor's Choice award for its inclusion of dedicated servers.

Business Intelligence Survey

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

In an era of tight corporate accountability, sound business decisions and planning are not just necessities but imperatives. Deployment of business intelligence tools is stable compared with 2005; however, many companies report plans to increase employee



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