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Case Study: How Slate boosted registrations more than 30% with improved UX

by JanrainJun 10, 2018

Learn how leading media publisher Slate used social login and registration to improve user experience and increase site registrations.

Survey: 94% of Consumers are Concerned About Data Privacy

by JanrainJun 10, 2018

Read this survey for insights from over 1,000 U.S.-based consumers about data privacy in the wake of GDPR and other data privacy scandals. Here are some highlights:
• The Cambridge Analytica breach incited a major turning point in the way consumers feel about their data privacy
• Many American consumers are in favor of regulations designed to give them greater control over how businesses use their personal data
• 94% of US consumers are concerned about data privacy

Evaluate CIAM Solutions with this Sample RFP

by JanrainJun 10, 2018

Use this sample customer identity and access management (CIAM) RFP as a handy starting point when working with your teams and stakeholders to identify your organization's CIAM requirements.

Build or Buy? The Pros and Cons of Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) Implementation Options

by JanrainJun 10, 2018

This white paper explores the pros and cons of in-house software development vs. commercial off-the-shelf CIAM solutions and provides a framework for assessing risk and comparing total cost of ownership (TCO), including:

• Criticality considerations for identity solutions
• Build options - comparing on-premise, private cloud and public cloud
• Calculating cloud costs compared to on-premises infrastructure
• Leveraging free or open source software
• Buy

The Future of Optics in the Data Center

by InteropApr 20, 2018

Optical technology is falling behind compute, networking and storage on the order of about 4 times every 5 years. Meanwhile, bandwidth, complexity and data demands are skyrocketing. Now is the time to be thinking about your strategy for optics.The information submitted is collected by both UBM and our sponsor InterOptic. Click here to view our sponsor's privacy policy.

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Alert Nampa School District Information Services

by serviceaidApr 18, 2018

Nampa School District Information Services department went from having a help desk that was limping along to a highly-responsive organization that skyrocketed customer satisfaction.

Alert Independent Purchasing Cooperative

by serviceaidApr 18, 2018

Find out how Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC) that manages 36k Subways had a 92% reduction in system administration time.

Alert NYCM

by serviceaidApr 18, 2018

Commercial property and casualty insurance provider (NYCM) went from a limited and inefficient help desk system to impressing customers with speed and efficiency.

Reinvent your IT Service Management

by serviceaidApr 18, 2018

Learn how a Virtual Support Agent Improves customer satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity.

Virtual Support Agent Evaluation

by serviceaidApr 18, 2018

5 questions to ask when evaluating a Virtual Support Agent for IT Service Management



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Founded in 2002, Janrain pioneered Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) and is widely recognized by industry analysts as a global CIAM leader. The Jainrain Identity Cloud® provides identity management, security and activation solutions that enable seamless and safe customer insights. The company reaches over 1.5 billion identities with over 3,400 commercial deployments, including Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Pfizer, Philips, and Samsung. Janrain's identity capabilities:
• Social and traditional login and registration
• Single sign-on
• Customer profile data storage management
• Customer segments, customer insights and engagement solutions


Serviceaid's vision is to re-invent Service Management with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Data problems have plagued the service management industry for years. We have married a world-class ITSM SaaS solution with innovative big data technology and Artificial Intelligence to solve these problems.