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Research: Remote Application Delivery

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

Anywhere, Anytime: Enabling Fast Remote Application DeliveryWe just dodged a tsunami of demand for remote access to desktop applications—had the H1N1 flu pandemic proved deadly on a wide scale in the United States, governments and large enterprises were set to pull the trigger on massive telework contingency plans. So what, you say? The Federal Mobility 2.0 study released by the Telework Exchange reported that 1,250,980 federal employees were eligible to telework in July 2008, with that

.NET Apps Put to the Test

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

Unit testing is a popular practice in which small tests are written to quickly validate the operation of a unit of code. Typically, a project will have hundreds if not thousands of tests to validate the code.
Unit testing is an automatic tool that can catch regressions--unwanted changes in previously working code--introduced during development and refactoring. However, it won’t guarantee the quality and correctness of your software.

(At Least) One Thing You Don't Know About Cloud Backup

by InformationWeekJul 03, 2013

You Don't Know the Cutting Edge of Cloud BackupOnce upon a time (say, five years ago), IT departments that sent backups to low-cost cloud file services were ahead of the curve -- mainly because the norm was shipping hard drives and tapes to fireproof safes. Since then, the number and variety of cloud backup options and features have grown significantly. If you're still using cloud backup like a remote FTP site, you're doing it wrong.In this report, we'll debut results of our new InformationWeek

[Slideshow] 7 Steps to a Smooth, Secure Cloud Transition

by Dark ReadingApr 27, 2018

If you're thinking with a cloud-first mindset, you should be making sure all the right boxes are checked before you make the leap. Here, security experts highlight the most important steps to keep in mind while moving to the cloud. Find out what they had to say.

10 Ideas To Power Up Your Green IT Agenda

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

As IT teams scramble to figure out a green strategy, here are some ideas to fuel the brainstorming

10 Key Steps to Success In Data Loss Prevention

by InformationWeekMar 22, 2013

10 Key Steps to Success In Data Loss Prevention  DLP, or data loss prevention, can be a monster to manage, especially on a large scale. Even for smaller organizations, it’s important to tread carefully and to break the project up into manageable chunks. Deploying DLP isn’t like deploying a security incident and event management system or a network management system, where you can just add hosts or log sources and get going. With DLP, you need to strategically position

10 Most Common Security Vulnerabilities in Enterprise Databases

by InformationWeekJun 21, 2013

10 Most Common Security Vulnerabilities in Enterprise Databases  Databases have a big target on their backs. Often the who are putting databases at risk are not malicious attackers but people within the organization— including database ­administrators and developers — who aren’t doing what they need to do to keep database systems secure.Vulnerabilities can be introduced during the creation of a database, in the process of customizing an off-the-shelf application or in

12 Features you may not know about Microsoft Azure

by AtmoseraMar 19, 2020

Microsoft Azure has many features designed to power company performance, including tools for analytics, advanced reporting, AI, data protection, DevOps, and much more. Benefit from new Azure technologies to streamline cloud management and reduce costs. This white paper reviews 12 Azure features to strengthen security, increase ROI, comply with regulations, and align with your business goals.

Read this white paper for strategies to: Utilize powerful tools within Azure like analytics,

2011 Salary Survey: Networking and Data Center

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

All's (Mostly) Well

Among Network and Data Center StaffNetwork and data center staff and managers demonstrate a high level of satisfaction, despite earning less than their IT peers in other disciplines. (R2040411-NW)Survey Name: 2011 InformationWeek Analytics U.S. IT Salary Survey; Networking & Data Center Management
Survey Date: November 2010 to January 2011
Region: United States
Number of Respondents: 1,451 networking and data center professionals in 2011,

2013 InformationWeek 500 -- Issue

by InformationWeekSep 09, 2013

Innovation That Gets Results: IW 500 companies take a practical view of even trendy tech such as cloud, big data analytics and mobile.

Top 250 Innovators: InformationWeek's 25th annual ranking of the leading U.S. users of business technology.



As a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, Atmosera works closely with organizations across all industries to implement, operate, and optimize cloud architectures with advanced services that deliver strategic business outcomes. Atmosera's expertise simplifies the process of cloud transformation and our 20+ years of experience managing complex IT environments provides our customers with the confidence and trust that they are being taken care of. As a Gold-level, nationally Managed Microsoft Partner, Atmosera is a leading provider of security services, compliance (HIPAA/HITECH, PCI-DSS, IRS-1075, SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type II), data protection, DevOps as a service, infrastructure, and other services.

Dark Reading

Dark Reading is a security dashboard for IT professionals who don't have the time or the luxury of combing wirefeeds, multiple bug feeds, or vendor Websites to find out what's new or how well it works. Here, readers will get the latest on the security industry from our crack reporting team, hear directly from trusted voices and links to the best security content across the Web.


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