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ZTNA vs On-Premises Firewall VPN: A Detailed Comparison

by Perimeter 81Aug 10, 2022

The new shift to remote work has entirely changed the way access to cloud resources have been given. Firewall VPNs of yesterday simply cannot keep pace with the dynamic remote landscape of today. How can you keep your network and remote workforce safe from external attacks beyond the physical office perimeter?The solution? Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Don't leave your network security unattended.Get your ZTNA vs Firewall VPN Essential Guide and discover: 5 main limitations of a

Zombie SIEM: Dead but Lingering – and Eating Your Brain

by ActZeroOct 18, 2021

This white paper argues that SIEM systems are increasingly obsolete, despite remaining a standard platform for many Security Operations Centers (SOCs) today. While SIEM can provide a useful centralization of security information, in many ways these technologies now hamper cybersecurity efforts more than they help. In short, SIEMs are expensive and unwieldy. The paper details how the technology can lead to ballooning costs, and why SIEM platforms frequently leave security teams paralyzed in

Zero Trust Internet: 100% Email & Web Security

by Menlo SecurityOct 22, 2019

The "detect and prevent" approach has reached its potential. Attackers have learned how to bypass this defense method. With Menlo Security's Internet Isolation Platform, you can achieve a Zero Trust Internet.

Learn: How companies can separate their enterprise network from the public web, while allowing employees seamless access to the Internet. How you can warn employees that they are on a phishing site, never having to worry about malware, viruses, or ransomware being downloaded.

Zero Trust and the Power of Isolation for Threat Prevention

by Menlo SecurityJun 30, 2021

Online threats are on the rise, with 86% of organizations having a successful cyberattack landed on them by the start of 2021.

Legacy detect-and-remediate approaches have long been the cybersecurity standard, but savvy threat actors easily poke holes in that strategy and attack rates continue to grow. Flawed approaches coupled with legacy technology is turning into quite the nightmare for security departments, especially during a time where the COVID-19 pandemic has increased cloud

Zero Trust and the Challenge of Device Security

by InfinipointApr 28, 2022

68% of Security professionals plan to use Zero Trust for devices. But applying Zero Trust principals to devices is difficult to achieve.

Why? Our survey of 388 IT Security professionals cites support issues, administrative burden, disruption to end-user access and lack of remediation options as the top obstacles.

Read Zero Trust and the Challenge of Device Security to learn: How your peers view Zero Trust and device security The biggest challenges in implementing

Your Security Team's Practical Guide to Implementing Automation

by Rapid7Nov 13, 2020

Whether your security team consists of a pair of IT managers sharing a corner office or a distributed Security Operations Center (SOC) spanning the globe, efficiency is the key to a successful threat detection and response program. SOC automation—the process of automating and optimizing your security programs—is the ultimate efficiency. Check out the full guide to start harnessing the power of SOC automation.

Your Digital Transformation Is Being Sabotaged - The Surprising Impact of Sophisticated Bots

by HUMAN Security, IncJun 08, 2022

Sophisticated bot attacks are contaminating digital transformation trends including automation, data analytics, and application architectures, so solving these bot attack challenges should be part of every fraud and security strategy in 2022.

Find out what organizations need to focus on in order to: Improve customer experience with better processes Choose the right technology for your transformation Get your customer marketing data right

Your Data Is Not Innately Secure or Insecure in the Cloud

by CBI, A Converge CompanyJun 23, 2022

Security in the cloud is a shared responsibility, and the boundaries of cloud service providers only extend so far. Make sure your security efforts pick up where they left off with these tips.

Download "Your Data Is Not Inherently Secure or Insecure in the Cloud" from CBI, A Converge Company, and Check Point Software Technologies to learn: Busting cloud security misconceptions Where data security responsibility lies in the cloud Keeping up with the cloud

You Rushed to the Cloud. Now What? 5 Security Steps for Cloud Clarity

by CBI, A Converge CompanyJun 23, 2022

Cloud incidents are rising and likely tied to the rush to the cloud during the pandemic. Take stock of your cloud security with these tips.

Download "You Rushed to the Cloud. Now What? 5 Security Steps for Cloud Clarity" from CBI, A Converge Company, and Check Point Software Technologies to learn: Who is responsible for securing your data and users in the cloud Next steps to take to understand where your cloud security stands The role of zero trust in securing your cloud

Worried About SaaS Misconfigurations? You Should Be.

by Adaptive ShieldOct 15, 2020

SaaS misconfigurations cost organizations dearly in terms of money and lost time each year. Even organizations that prioritize security often fail in this area, exposing themselves to major--and easily preventable--threats.

Download this eBook to learn: How SaaS misconfigurations can put organizations at risk The top 5 SaaS configuration settings organizations fail to address How to easily mitigate and fix these misconfigurations How to get started with an automatic approach to


ActZero is a cybersecurity startup that makes small- and mid-size businesses more secure by empowering teams to cover more ground with fewer internal resources. Our intelligent managed detection and response service provides 24/7 monitoring, protection and response support that goes well beyond other third-party software solutions. Our teams of data scientists leverage cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML to scale resources, identify vulnerabilities and eliminate more threats in less time. We actively partner with our customers to drive security engineering, increase internal efficiencies and effectiveness and, ultimately, build a mature cybersecurity posture. Whether shoring up an existing security strategy or serving as the primary line of defense, ActZero enables business growth by empowering customers to cover more ground. For more information, visit

Adaptive Shield

Adaptive Shield addresses the challenge of SaaS misconfigurations across your entire application stack. We provide enterprises with a proactive, continuous, and complete SaaS security posture management solution that makes true native SaaS security simple.

Now you can automatically prevent misconfigurations and get total visibility to prevent cloud breaches and loss of valuable data. What's more, we support dozens of leading cloud apps including Office 365, Salesforce, Zoom, Slack and new app integrations are being added continuously.

CBI, A Converge Company

CBI, A Converge Company, is a leading cybersecurity advisor to top-tier organizations. Comprised of strategists, former CISOs, and security experts, we provide the skills and deep resources essential to secure and transform your on-prem and cloud environments. We do this by combining over three decades of experience with Converge Technology Solutions Corp.'s expansive IT solutions portfolio to secure and support initiatives across the business. We relentlessly pursue mitigating risks and elevating security for a multitude of industries and organizations of all sizes. Learn more at

HUMAN Security, Inc

HUMAN (formerly White Ops) is a cybersecurity company that protects enterprises from bot attacks to keep digital experiences human. We have the most advanced Human Verification Engine that protects applications, APIs and digital media from bot attacks, preventing losses and improving the digital experience for real humans. Today we verify the humanity of more than 15 trillion interactions per week for some of the largest companies and internet platforms. Protect your digital business with HUMAN.


Infinipoint is the pioneer in the Device-Identity-as-as-Service security category to extend a true Zero Trust security posture to devices. Infinipoint is the only solution that provides Single Sign-On (SSO) authorization integrated with risk-based policies and one-click remediation for non-compliant and vulnerable devices. This reduces risk by protecting access to an organization's data and services while transforming devices to support a world-class security posture.

Menlo Security

Menlo Security enables organizations to outsmart threats, completely eliminating attacks and fully protecting productivity with a one-of-a-kind, isolation-powered cloud security platform. It's the only solution to deliver on the promise of cloud security, with the most secure zero-trust approach to preventing malicious attacks—making security invisible to end users and removing the operational burden for security teams.

Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 is a leading network cybersecurity solution offering secure remote access and network capabilities managed over a multi-tenant cloud and highly scalable for organizations worldwide.


Organizations around the globe rely on Rapid7 technology, services, and research to securely advance. The visibility, analytics, and automation delivered through our Insight Platform simplifies the complex and helps security teams reduce vulnerabilities, monitor for malicious behavior, investigate and shut down attacks, and automate routine tasks.