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Cabinet-Level Electronic Access Control for Data Security and Compliance

by Chatsworth Products, Inc.Apr 28, 2020

The importance of physical security for protecting data is generally well understood, but how often does your organization assess the level of physical security for protecting data? Better still, are you compliant with regulations that address data security?

Download this white paper to gain insight into: Current data security regulations and compliance requirements Why it is critical to extend physical security to the rack level The beneftis of electronic locking and access control

Oak Ridge City Schools Support Future Power Demand

by Chatsworth Products, Inc.Apr 23, 2020

With a student population of nearly 5,000 and a new learning initiative to get digital tablets in the hands of every student, the school district in this Knoxville, TN suburb turned to Chatsworth Products (CPI) to deliver reliable power distribution units (PDUs), server cabinets with Vertical Exhaust Ducts and cable runway to support all the cabling it would need for the next few years of its digital transformation.

Download the case study to learn how CPI helped Oak Ridge achieve its

Anthem’s Legacy Data Center Achieves Efficiency

by Chatsworth Products, Inc.Apr 23, 2020

Anthem, the second largest managed health care company in the United States, was experiencing growing pains at its primary data center (typical of many legacy data centers)—ensuring newer, higher-density equipment has enough space, power and cooling—without increasing operational costs. They turned to a variety of Chatsworth Products (CPI) storage and cooling products and services to obtain a customized roadmap for improvement and make their goals a reality.

Download the

How to Prepare Your Network for the Impact of 5G

by Chatsworth Products, Inc.Apr 23, 2020

There's no doubt that 5G wireless will impact all physical networks, including enterprise-owned premise networks. For those responsible for ensuring network availability and speed to business users, it's critical to understand what 5G enables and how it will impact your network.

This white paper, by Chatsworth Products (CPI), summarizes the impact of 5G on the physical network, and highlights advancements in equipment storage and remote monitoring that will help to protect your network

Four Technologies Affecting Enterprise Networks

by Chatsworth Products, Inc.Apr 23, 2020

Network Engineers are responsible for ensuring availability and speed of the network to business users. Given the role, there are a number of technologies they should consider when planning any upgrades to an enterprise network.

This Chatsworth Products (CPI) white paper summarizes these key technologies and their impact on the physical premise network, while highlighting some of the most impactful advancements in cable management and equipment storage that can help enhance network

Achieve Remote Power Control in MTDC/Colo Sites

by Chatsworth Products, Inc.Apr 23, 2020

A new white paper from Chatsworth Products (CPI) dives deep on the most beneficial applications for intelligent rack power distribution units (PDUs) with remote power control and lists additional monitoring and security capabilities that should be considered when selecting intelligent rack PDUs for use in laboratories, remote/edge sites or when colocating enterprise-owned equipment into multi-tenant data centers (MTDCs).

Download the white paper to learn more.

Getting Down to Business: Chatbots for the Enterprise

by Micro FocusFeb 18, 2020

Beyond Alexa in the home, enterprises are implementing intelligent agents based on conversational AI to drive efficiencies in how their employees navigate business processes, and how customers get valuable support from an enterprise like yours. Expense processing, corporate employee directories, IT help desks, purchasing/acquisition, and customer sales and product support are just some of the ways that companies are leveraging machine learning and AI in enterprise applications.

Power Management 101: A quick guide to getting the most out of your hardware

by EatonMar 18, 2020

This handbook covers the basics of connectivity including network cards, cybersecurity, remote monitoring and tips for selecting a power management solution. If you want to better understand why monitoring and managing your power infrastructure is important or just want to gather some ammunition to convince your boss of this, enjoy the visual guides, FAQs, best practices and questions to consider included in this guide.

Datacenters of the Future

by RaritanMar 17, 2020

Datacenters of the Future: A Shifting Landscape from the Core to the Edge

Most new datacenters operate at optimal availability and with infrastructural energy efficiency close to theoretical design targets. As such, it might be argued that the two biggest challenges of datacenter technology in the past 30 years have been addressed.

But despite this progress, the pace of change in the datacenter industry will continue and is likely to accelerate over the next decade and beyond.

Embracing the Digital Data Center

by RaritanMar 17, 2020

How Environmental Monitoring and Visibility Lead to Operational Insights

The reality is simple: Data is the lifeblood of many organizations, and the data center has become the heart. With organizations embracing new technologies — from AI to IoT — and generating more data that will get us into the yottabyte* age, data centers are under pressure to do a lot more — and to do it more efficiently and swiftly.

In this whitepaper, we will examine the importance of


Chatsworth Products, Inc.

Chatsworth Products (CPI) is a global manufacturer of products and solutions that protect your ever-growing investment in information and communications technology for IT and industrial automation applications. We act as your business partner and are uniquely prepared to respond to your specific requirements with global availability and rapid product customization, giving you a competitive advantage. With decades of experience engineering thermal, power and cable management solutions for the data center, enterprise networking and industrial enclosure markets, CPI is well positioned to provide you with unequaled application expertise, customer service and technical support, as well as a global network of industry-leading distributors. CPI has three key focuses: thermal management for equipment secured in racks; site optimization through remote monitoring of power, environmentals and access control; and customization of enclosures, equipment storage and cable management solutions to meet customer and site-specific requirements. CPI's broad offering includes: Cabinet, Containment and Industrial Enclosure Systems, Cable Management, Cable Runway and Tray, Environmental Monitoring and Security, Grounding and Bonding, Power Management, Rack Systems, Seismic Protection Systems, Wall-Mount Systems and Zone Cabling and Wireless Enclosures. Additionally, CPI provides free apps and online design tools, including BIM and CAD models, Product Designers, technical trainings, free webinars, and much more.


Eaton is a power management company made up of over 97,000 employees, doing business in more than 175 countries. Our energy-efficient products and services help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably. To help you maintain business continuity and prevent downtime, Eaton offers a comprehensive portfolio of backup power and distribution equipment, protecting you from a host of threats, including power outages, surges and lightning strikes. Eaton also provides a suite of power management solutions to enable you to monitor and control your power infrastructure.


Raritan began developing KVM switches for IT professionals to manage servers remotely in 1985. Today, as a brand of Legrand, we are a leading provider of intelligent rack PDUs. Our PDUs and other intelligent power and energy monitoring products are transforming how companies manage their data center power chains. Our solutions increase the reliability and intelligence of data centers in 9 of the top 10 Fortune 500 technology companies.