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Incident Response and Data Breach Report

by Palo Alto Networks | Unit 42Apr 21, 2021

Get a detailed review of the most pervasive and impactful cyber threats found amongst Palo Alto Networks | Unit 42's investigations in 2020. Download the comprehensive analysis of the top cyber threats that occurred last year and check out the Pro Tips to help your organization fight back.

Serial Console Servers

by RaritanMay 13, 2021

Five Ways Remote Access Technology Improves Business Continuity, Simplifies IT Management, and Reduces Costs.

Serial console servers are a critical piece of IT infrastructure and a smart investment for any enterprise IT shop because the technology allows for the secure, remote access and management of network and data center equipment.

The following white paper will detail the five key applications of serial console servers, explain the benefits of each and share

Threat Intel Challenges of Next-Gen Firewalls

by Bandura CyberMay 12, 2021

Organizations today are relying even more on their network infrastructure to maintain business continuity & support digital initiatives. This has in turn led to a rise in cyber threats. As orgs scramble to adopt new network paradigms, they continue to rely on traditional security controls like Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs).

Unfortunately NGFWs are challenged to meet today's security demands. Download this paper now and learn about the challenges and strategies to overcome them.

Ransomware Security Breach Summary: Food Production

by CBTSMay 03, 2021

Within minutes of being alerted to the anomalous activity in the client's environment, the CBTS security and operation team notified the client and immediately began to assess, contain, and mitigate the damage. CBTS brought the full weight of our experience and skill sets to help restore more than 140 production servers, and databases, as well as active directory, network, and remote desktop services.

Legal Team’s Role in Investigating and Responding to a Data Breach

by AccessData, an Exterro CompanyApr 20, 2021

This white paper outlines the critical role of in-house legal in helping organizations effectively collaborate to manage post-breach investigations and minimize the damage—from the initial identification and investigation, through reporting findings and learning from the incident.

Download this paper to learn where Legal fits in the following categories: Planning for incident response Responding to a breach The post-breach response and investigation

Incident Response Comes to the Cloud: 3 Reasons to Choose an IaaS Solution

by AccessData, an Exterro CompanyApr 23, 2021

Given the recent spike in employees working from home, organizations have been forced to move their data and communications to the cloud via Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and other cloud applications. However, information security teams still need to conduct investigations, respond to incidents and be able to access, collect and analyze data that is being stored in the cloud and on cloud data sources.

Download this white paper to learn the 3 advantages of conducting IR in the cloud

Cloud Misconfiguration Mayhem

by CensysApr 23, 2021

Misconfiguration of the cloud is the #1 cause of cloud-based data breaches as Cited by Gartner. Our team started investigating and compiling data in March 2021 from a dozen popular cloud providers in the industry, including the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant Cloud Providers.

Key Findings Our research identified nearly 2M database exposures across cloud providers. We found more than 1.9M RDP exposures across the dozen cloud providers we investigated. Users of OVH were more likely

Get Continuous Visibility to Active Directory Exposures and Live Attacks

by Attivo NetworksApr 23, 2021

Active Directory is a Microsoft product consisting of several services to administer permissions and access to networked resources on a Windows Network. Because it's the primary source of information for all enterprise resources and seamlessly integrates business applications, it's a high-value target for attackers.

Download this report to find out how you can achieve ongoing visibility into critical domain, computer, and user-level exposures and monitoring of Active Directory for

Build an Active Defense Strategy with MITRE Shield and Deception Technology

by Attivo NetworksApr 23, 2021

The MITRE Shield matrix lists capabilities that help an enterprise to change an attack engagement from a defensive play to an offensive play. These range from basic defensive capabilities to cyber deception and adversary engagement operations. In this paper, Attivo evaluates the ThreatDefend® platform against all Active Defense techniques and use cases documented per technique by the MITRE Shield knowledge base to illustrate its comprehensive coverage.

Cybersecurity Risk Management

by InformationWeekFeb 10, 2021

The shared responsibility model of cloud computing means companies are responsible for securing their cloud-based data, apps and infrastructure. But since not every workload demands the highest level of security, how do you balance risk tolerance and cost? This virtual trade show will highlight the latest strategies, tools and research to help you develop the right cybersecurity risk strategy for your business.


AccessData, an Exterro Company

Whether it's for investigation, litigation or compliance, AccessData, now an Exterro Company, offers industry-leading solutions that put the power of forensics in your hands. For more than 30 years, AccessData has worked with more than 130,000 clients in law enforcement, government agencies, corporations, service providers and law firms around the world to understand and focus on their unique collection-to-analysis needs. The result? Products that empower faster results, better insights, and more connectivity.

Faster insights, trusted answers and better results. Our proven approach to forensics gives you infinite benefits, no matter what the challenge.

Attivo Networks

Attivo Networks®, the leader in lateral movement attack detection and privilege escalation prevention, delivers a superior defense for countering threat activity. Through cyber deception and other tactics, the Attivo ThreatDefend® Platform offers a customer-proven, scalable solution for denying, detecting, and derailing attackers and reducing attack surfaces without relying on signatures. The portfolio provides patented innovative defenses at critical points of attack, including at endpoints, in Active Directory, in the cloud, and across the entire network by preventing and misdirecting attack activity. Forensics, automated attack analysis, and third-party integrations streamline incident response. Deception as a defense strategy continues to grow and is an integral part of NIST Special Publications and MITRE® Shield, and its capabilities tightly align to the MITRE ATT&CK® Framework. Attivo has won over 130 awards for its technology innovation and leadership.

Bandura Cyber

Bandura uses the best-in-class threat intelligence to secure your networks, data, and users, in real time — wherever they are — on-prem, cloud, remote, or all of the above. The platform blocks attacks from up to 150M malicious IPs and domains in real time with no latency. We provide out-of-the-box threat intelligence and integrate data from any source. At Bandura, we believe nothing scales like simplicity. We make blocking threats smart and simple — at scale — everywhere.


With deep capabilities across security, data, network, voice, managed services, monitoring and management, CBTS covers your technology needs with end-to-end expertise and is dedicated to driving business outcomes.


Censys was started as a research project at the University of Michigan by the creators of ZMap and inventors of fast Internet-wide scanning. Today, Censys, Inc. is led by a team of industry and academic security and networking leaders, and provides both best-in-class Internet data and Attack Surface Management.

Learn more about Censys at


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Palo Alto Networks | Unit 42

Unit 42 brings together an elite group of cyber researchers and incident responders to protect our digital way of life. With a deeply rooted reputation for delivering industry-leading threat intelligence, Unit 42 has expanded its scope to provide state-of-the-art incident response and cyber risk management services. Our consultants will serve as trusted partners to rapidly respond to and contain threats so you can focus on your business.


Raritan, a brand of Legrand, is a global leader in intelligent rack PDUs, KVM switches, and other data center infrastructure monitoring and management solutions. Raritan's innovations improve the reliability, efficiency, and intelligence of data centers and server rooms around the globe — including those of the top Fortune 500 companies, such as Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft.