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IDC Workbook: Best Practices for Cloud Security

by ExtraHopOct 03, 2019

Most businesses use at least some public cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. But, as a security specialist do you know the vulnerabilities? What is your responsibility and what should be handled by your cloud vendor? In this report, IDC compiles learnings and best practices for cloud security.

You will learn:

• Which pieces of cloud security fall to service providers vs. users under the Shared Responsibility Model
• What are the suggested

Top Threats to Cloud Computing: The Egregious 11

by ExtraHopMay 01, 2020

You've known for a long time that enhancing your security is critical as you move more workloads from the on-premises datacenter to the cloud. Many organizations are being proactive by reexamining their cloud security posture. Given the events of the last couple months, it's a good time to resurface the Cloud Security Alliance's (CSA) "Egregious 11" list of top vulnerabilities and threats.

This CSA's report shines a light on the challenges security teams face, offers key takeaways

2020 Gartner Market Guide for Network Detection & Response

by ExtraHopJul 16, 2020

Network Detection and Response (NDR) is rapidly emerging as a must-have capability in modern security operations, providing In its second annual Market Guide for Network Detection and Response*, Gartner provides insight into this accelerating market. Key takeaways from Gartner include:

"Enterprises should strongly consider NDR solutions to complement signature-based tools and network sandboxes. Many Gartner clients have reported that NDR tools have detected suspicious network traffic

The Best Ways to Stop Malware and Ransomware That No One Else Will Tell You

by KnowBe4Sep 01, 2020

With malware attacks on the rise, making sure you keep your organization safe from a costly breach is a top priority. The two best things you can do to stop malware and ransomware attacks are to figure out how malware is getting by your defenses and for how long. Your current antivirus vendor isn't going to tell you the answers to either of these. But Roger Grimes, Data-Driven Defense Evangelist at KnowBe4, will. Join him as he dives into the best ways to stop malware dead in its tracks using

2020 SANS Enterprise Cloud Incident Response Survey

by ExtraHopOct 20, 2020

SANS surveyed 218 enterprises to discover the factors that are affecting their ability to respond to incidents in the cloud. They learned that most incidents are resolved in a matter of days, not hours.

Find out how compromises impacted respondents and which systems were affected. From budget to security tools and critical skills, learn which factors affected respondent's incident response times, and read SANS' predictions and recommendations for the future of cloud security and

SANS Report: Measuring and Improving Cyber Defense Using the MITRE ATT&CK Framework

by ExtraHopOct 20, 2020

Download this new report and gain insights into MITRE ATT&CK security framework and how it can help you strengthen your security and measure your success.

You will also learn about: How ATT&CK provides a list of attacker techniques and insight on how to defend against them Learn how to use ATT&CK to improve your security operations Look ahead to an important shift on the horizon for organizing and understanding techniques

Guide To Microsoft Security

by BlumiraOct 08, 2020

To help organizations running Microsoft environments, this guide gives you practical, step-by-step Windows tips to significantly improve your visibility into malicious activity.

In this guide, you'll learn: How to use built-in Windows tools like System Monitor for advanced visibility into Windows server logs How to configure Group Policy Objects (GPOs) to give you a deeper look into your Windows environment Free, pre-configured tools from Blumira you can use to easily automate

Threat Detection & Response Assessment

by BlumiraOct 08, 2020

Protecting against cyber threats in this era of remote work is more challenging than ever. Do you know if your organization has all of the capabilities to detect and respond to modern threats?

To help you do a gap analysis, Blumira has created a checklist of the different areas of threat detection and response — from logging to alerting to audits and compliance — so you can measure your current security maturity and identify any missing capabilities.

The Modern SIEM Evaluation Guide

by BlumiraOct 08, 2020

Traditional security information and event management (SIEM) solutions are overly complex, lack security insights and are costly and resource-intensive to deploy, manage and maintain. It's no wonder security and IT teams want to replace their legacy SIEMs.

This guide gives you a checklist of criteria to help you select a modern security platform that can meet your organization's needs, without significant overhead.

In this guide, you'll learn: Common challenges with the

Account Takeovers - How Organizations Try to Prevent Them & Why it's Not Enough

by Adaptive ShieldOct 15, 2020

Account Takeovers are a major problem for organizations. Due to misconfigurations in SaaS applications, attackers can easily get access to legitimate credentials to make their way inside systems.

Download this article to learn: Why SaaS misconfiguration-based account takeovers are so common How they happen Why current prevention methods are falling short How organizations can automatically and proactively prevent SaaS misconfiguration-based ATOs


Adaptive Shield

Businesses today run nearly every facet of their operations using a wide array of interconnected cloud services. For example: Office365 for email. Salesforce for business development. NetSuite for finance. Zoom and Slack for collaboration. And the list goes on.
The problem is that even though SaaS providers have been improving their native security capabilities and controls, each has its own security model and settings. This makes maintaining a consistent policy across platforms, business units, and user groups an uphill battle.
Adaptive Shield is our answer to this challenge - providing enterprises a continuous, automated solution and built-in knowledge base to not only make true native SaaS security possible - but to make it easier than ever.


Blumira's end-to-end platform offers both automated threat detection and response, enabling organizations of any size to more efficiently defend against cybersecurity threats in near real-time. It eases the burden of alert fatigue, complexity of log management and lack of IT visibility. Blumira's cloud SIEM can be deployed in hours with broad integration coverage across cloud, endpoint protection, firewall and identity providers including Office 365, G Suite, Crowdstrike, Okta, Palo Alto, Cisco FTD and many others.


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KnowBe4 was founded on the principle that the human side of the cyber security industry is severely neglected. We have thousands of customers using our new-school security awareness training program to keep their networks safe.

We are in the business of training employees to make smarter security decisions.

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