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[Strategic Security Report] How Enterprises Are Attacking the IT Security Problem

by Dark ReadingJun 26, 2017

In 2016, enterprises encountered a range of new exploits and threats &emdash; including ransomware and state-sponsored attacks &emdash; and developed new plans of defense. How will these organizations be investing their cybersecurity budgets and staffing in the next 12 months? What tools and best practices do they consider most important, and which emerging technologies are they implementing? This report, one of three to come out of Dark Reading's annual Strategic Security Survey, offers insight

Penetration Testing Toolkit

by Rapid7Jun 14, 2017

Knowing your vulnerabilities - and the ways in which attackers could exploit them - is one of the greatest insights you can get in improving your security program. Penetration testing is one of the key ways you can gain this insight, but it can be hard to know how to fit them in to a larger security program, or even how to get started.

Vulnerability Management & Endpoint Analytics Toolkit

by Rapid7Jun 14, 2017

The modern network is no longer compromised simply of servers and desktops; remote workers, cloud and virtualization, and mobile devices mean your risk exposure is changing every minute. InsightVM provides a fully scalable, and efficient way to collect your vulnerability data, turn it into answers, and minimize your risk.

Top 20 Critical Security Controls Toolkit

by Rapid7Jun 14, 2017

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) Top 20 Critical Security Controls (previously known as the SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls) are pretty much point of entry for any organization who wants to be prepared to stop today's most pervasive and dangerous attacks. In other words: If you're not paying attention to them already, you should get on that, posthaste. Learn why Rapid7 ranked 19 out of 20 for security controls.

Cloud Security Toolkit

by Rapid7Jun 14, 2017

The secret is out: Enterprises large and small have moved to the cloud, and more are making the move daily. Whether you're an early adopter or you've been battling that persistent strain of nephophobia going around, it's important to thoroughly understand and evaluate potential cloud vendors, instilling confidence for your organization and your customers.

Modern Application Security Toolkit

by Rapid7Jun 14, 2017

With application technologies evolving at such a rapid pace, both security teams and vendors have a tough time keeping pace. Over the last decade, applications have evolved from being static HTML sites to highly dynamic ones leveraging a host of technologies with highly complex clients and API driven back ends. Today's applications range from multi-page AJAX driven applications to the ever increasing Single Page Applications (SPAs) and are appearing across all industries and company sizes.

The Dark Reading Security Spending Survey

by Dark ReadingJun 13, 2017

Enterprises are spending an unprecedented amount of money on IT security — where does it all go? In this survey, Dark Reading polled senior IT management on security budgets and spending plans, and their priorities for the coming year. The information submitted is collected by both UBM and our sponsor. Click here to view our sponsor's privacy policy.

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Mature Cybersecurity Incident Response Requires Legal Advice

by BluVectorJun 05, 2017

This report examines the critical role that legal plays in a mature incident response program and how it can protect businesses from millions in breach costs.

Incident Response Ups the Ante Against Evolving Threats

by BluVectorJun 05, 2017

Ransomware and targeted cyberthreats are on the rise. Read this whitepaper to learn how machine learning can give incident response (IR) a fighting chance.

Who Needs Malware? How Adversaries use Fileless Attacks to Evade Your Security

by CrowdStrikeJun 03, 2017

Learn how fileless techniques work and why they present such a complex challenge.

Adversaries are increasingly using fileless attacks that leverage trusted systems and processes to bypass standard security. The arms race between cybersecurity vendors and determined adversaries has never been more heated. As soon as a new security tool is released, threat actors strive to develop a way around it. One advanced threat technique that is experiencing g success is the use of fileless



BluVector helps security teams respond to malicious threats up to 80% faster than current approaches. As a leader in Network Security Monitoring & Analytics, BluVector applies supervised machine learning so security teams can detect and respond to advanced security threats at digital speed.


CrowdStrike™ is a leading provider of next-generation endpoint protection, threat intelligence, and pre- and post incident response services. CrowdStrike Falcon is the first true Software as a Service (SaaS) based platform for next-generation endpoint protection that detects, prevents, and responds to attacks, at any stage - even malware-free intrusions. Falcon's patented lightweight endpoint sensor can be deployed to over 100,000 endpoints in hours providing visibility into billions of events in real-time.

CrowdStrike operates on a highly scalable subscription-based business model that allows customers the flexibility to use CrowdStrike-as-a-Service to multiply their security team's effectiveness and expertise with 24/7 endpoint visibility, monitoring, and response.

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