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Cybersecurity Strategies for the Digital Era

by InformationWeekJun 11, 2018

This InformationWeek Trend Report explores several areas of information security that are critical to ensuring the growth of the modern business.

• Learn how cybersecurity initiatives can contribute to new business growth
• Find out how digital and physical security must work together and read our 4-step plan for implementation
• Explore strategies for integrating DevOps into IT security to improve application security and performance

The Essential Guide to Blocking Malware Without a SOC

by BarklyJun 11, 2018

Learn how to break the most popular attack chains and sabotage criminals' favorite malware infection techniques. Get access to quick wins and checklists inside.

The Fileless Attack Checklist

by BarklyJun 11, 2018

Is your company protected from fileless attack techniques?

Why Choose MDR Over MSSP or SIEM?

by Arctic Wolf NetworksJan 10, 2018

Software-as-a-service models increasingly deliver popular business applications through the cloud, and cybersecurity applications are no exception. This is good news for small-to-midsize enterprises (SMEs) that can't easily afford in-house security technologies like SIEM, and lack security experts on their IT staff to manage them.

SOC-as-a-service is a turnkey security solution with several advantages over in-house SIEMs and MSSPs. It employs a scalable, cloud-based SOC with

Case Study on SIEM/SOC Options

by Arctic Wolf NetworksMar 09, 2018

Austin, TX-based Trusource Labs has experienced momentous growth since its founding in 2013. Trusource now has more than 575 employees and an international operations center Ireland that enables the company to provide 24/7 support. As it expands its business operations and client base, however, cybersecurity has become a leading concern.

For these reasons and others, Trusource knew it needed more than the endpoint and firewall protection it had in place. It sought an all-encompassing

Protecting Against the Top 5 Attack Vectors

by Arctic Wolf NetworksJun 08, 2018

Are You Secure from the Top Five Forms of Cyberattacks?

Arctic Wolf's security experts spend each day on the front lines of today's cyberwars, protecting customers from cyberattacks in an increasingly dangerous threat landscape. As breaches occur with greater frequency, businesses of every size need to enhance their cybersecurity postures.

As in any battle, it's critical to recognize the enemy and know what you're up against. In this eBook, "Protecting Against the Top 5 Attack

Combat the Top Five Cyberattacks with Managed Detection and Response

by Arctic Wolf NetworksJun 08, 2018

Cyberattacks are disrupting businesses of all sizes more than ever before. Cybercriminals use a variety of techniques to gain access to data, but five methods stand out above all others. Learn about how to detect these attacks and what you can do in response to mitigate any potential damage to your firm's assets.

Download the white paper to see why MDR is a key solution for SMEs in addressing these challenges, enabling them to benefit from the advanced technology and security expertise

Coping with the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

by Arctic Wolf NetworksJun 08, 2018

With digital transformation comes exponentially more data, and a higher number of data breaches. Making matters worse, ransomware has now become a billion-dollar industry. Hackers' willingness to go the extra mile for illicit gain is not surprising, but the fact that they continue to succeed is. The past few years have revealed that much of the cyberthreat landscape's squalor stems from a well-documented shortage of cybersecurity experts. So, how do you solve the global shortage of cybersecurity

The State of IT and Cybersecurity

by Dark ReadingJun 10, 2018

As cybersecurity has grown and become more critical in recent years, it increasingly has become viewed as a discipline separate from general IT. In many companies, the security department works independently of the IT department; in some companies, the chief information security officer (CISO) reports to someone other than the head of IT.

This report from Dark Reading shows today's IT groups play a critical role in information security — a role that is more extensive and more

More is Not More

by ThreatConnectJun 04, 2018

We're constantly inundated with the idea that more is better. We know that with real threat intelligence feeds, this isn't the case. Instead of adding more threat intel feeds, you should incorporate the feeds that provide the most value to your company's security operations. Download this new whitepaper to learn why more threat intelligence feeds does not translate to a more efficient, smarter team.


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