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Customer Case Study: Omada Health and ZenGRC

by ReciprocityJul 02, 2020

Omada Health, one of the largest digital healthcare companies in the world, needed to meet stringent personal health information (PHI) standards that spreadsheets just couldn't keep up with.

Download this case study to learn how Omada Health:

• Became the first digital health company to achieve certification with a number of security frameworks (including SOC 2)
• Manages the risks and vulnerabilities associated with vendors
• Stays compliant with

Vendor Risk Management: Why Your Business Needs It

by ReciprocityJul 01, 2020

While the risks of vendors are not new to most CISOs, our current business environment has expanded those risks dramatically.

This e-book will explore:

• First, why are vendor risks proliferating--why now, and where do they come from?
• Second, what steps are necessary to manage vendor risks?
• Third, how can CISOs and compliance officers implement those steps in a practical way, so you don't spend all your time chasing vendors with risk management

Special Report: Computing's New Normal, a Dark Reading Perspective

by Dark ReadingJul 01, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic created new models of computing almost literally overnight.

This special report examines how IT security organizations have adapted to this "new normal" of computing and what the long-term effects will be. Read the report and get a unique set of perspectives on issues ranging from new threats and vulnerabilities as a result of remote working to how enterprise security strategy will be affected long term.The information submitted is collected by both Informa Tech

The Threat From the Internet – and What Your Organization Can Do About It

by CyCognitoMay 26, 2020

For most enterprises, the increasing use of the Internet has created new business opportunities, greater efficiencies, and a green field for innovation. But growing use of the Internet is also increasing the risk of cyber attack. In recent years, online attackers have launched a wide range of Internet-borne attacks, ranging from DDoS to DNS-based exploits to infiltration of commercial websites. And with the world relying more heavily on Web-based communications during the COVID-19 pandemic, new

The Value of Threat Intelligence with DomainTools: Identify Threats 82% Faster

by DomainToolsJun 29, 2020

There is an increasing chasm between the number of qualified cybersecurity professionals and the number of people needed to fill those roles. DomainTools is a vendor that seeks to address these challenges by offering context rich threat intelligence solutions. DomainTools offerings involve using indicators, including domains and IP addresses, to develop risk assessments, profile attackers, guide investigations, and map cyber activity to attacker infrastructure.

Download this white

What is NDaaS?

by CyGlass Inc.Jun 26, 2020

Network Defense as-a-Service (NDaaS) simply and effectively identifies, detects, and responds to threats to your network without requiring any additional hardware, software, or people.

Download this datasheet to learn:
• Why you don't need to hire expensive cybersecurity analysts or purchase clunky hardware to secure your company's networks
• The different components of an NDaaS service offering
• How NDaaS can help secure your company's people, data,

Case Study: Netskope and Reciprocity

by ReciprocityJun 24, 2020

Netskope, a leading security cloud company with offices in six countries, needed a compliance management solution that was able to:

• Simplify and centralize risk and compliance
• Formalize monitoring and reporting
• Provide out of the box integrations with leading business and infosec applications

Case Study: Global Pharma and Reciprocity

by ReciprocityJun 24, 2020

A global pharmaceutical distributor had a very confusing and time-consuming risk management process. They struggled with manual tracking and management calling the process "awkward, confusing, and time-consuming."

Discover how the pharmaceutical distributor attained:
• Streamlined vendor risk management
• A central system of record
• Workflow automation

"We wouldn't be anywhere near where we are in our risk management program without ZenGRC."

The Threat from the Internet—and What Your Organization Can Do About It

by Dark ReadingJun 19, 2020

For most enterprises, the increasing use of the Internet has created new business opportunities, greater efficiencies, and a greenfield for innovation. However, online attackers have launched a wide range of Internet-borne attacks, ranging from DDoS to cloud data leaks to infiltration of e-commerce sites. And with the world relying more heavily on Web-based communication during the COVID-19 pandemic, new threats are emerging. This report by Dark Reading and sponsored by CyCognito, describes some

2020 State of Malware Highlights (or Lowlights?)

by MalwarebytesJun 19, 2020

It depends if your worldview is "half-empty" or "half-full." In any case, analysis of the latest cybercrime data is in and it's clear that cybercriminals had a busy 2019. The volume of global threats against business endpoints has increased 13% year-over-year.

Get an illustrative view of the top cybersecurity threat takeaways--from Windows & Mac threats to industry threats and malware detections around the globe. And peek into cybersecurity predictions for 2020. Have they come true?



CyCognito is solving one of the most fundamental business problems in cybersecurity: the need to understand how attackers view organizations and where they are most likely to break in. The fully automated CyCognito platform enables organizations to discover, understand, prioritize and eliminate the hidden risk that attackers actively target in on-premises, cloud, partner or subsidiary environments. It maps and analyzes an organization's attack surface based on the methodologies and technologies that sophisticated attackers use. Then it provides business context to each asset along with risk prioritization. Organizations can quickly see attackers' paths of least resistance--the most easily exploitable exposures--and know precisely how to focus their security teams to eliminate them.

CyGlass Inc.

CyGlass is a leading provider of network centric, dark threat detection solutions that allow you to uncover, pinpoint, and respond to advanced cyber threats that have evaded traditional security controls.

Our mission is to provide your operations with a new level of intelligent enterprise cyber attack defense. With our asset oriented, risk-based approach to dark threat detection and mitigation, we are tirelessly dedicated to helping you focus your attention to those emerging attacks which pose the greatest risk to your business.

Dark Reading

Dark Reading is a security dashboard for IT professionals who don't have the time or the luxury of combing wirefeeds, multiple bug feeds, or vendor Websites to find out what's new or how well it works. Here, readers will get the latest on the security industry from our crack reporting team, hear directly from trusted voices and links to the best security content across the Web.


DomainTools, the recognized leader in domain name research and monitoring tools, offers the most comprehensive searchable database of domain name registration, Whois records and hosting data for online investigations and research. Cyber security analysts, fraud investigators, domain professionals and marketers use DomainTools to investigate cybercrime, protect their assets and monitor online activity. DomainTools has 12 years of history on domain name ownership, Whois records, hosting data, screenshots and other DNS records. That's why customers say, "Every online investigation starts with DomainTools." DomainTools customers include many Fortune 1000 companies, leading vendors in the Security and Threat Intelligence community and most crime-fighting government agencies. Individual users can start with an online Free Trial available at Enterprise accounts are available from


Headquarters: San Jose CA 95113

Malwarebytes provides anti-malware and anti-exploit software designed to protect businesses and consumers against zero-day threats that consistently escape detection by traditional antivirus solutions. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware earned an "Outstanding" rating by CNET editors, is a Editor's Choice, and was the only security software to earn a perfect malware remediation score from That's why more than 50,000 SMBs and Enterprise businesses worldwide trust Malwarebytes to protect their data. Founded in 2008, Malwarebytes is headquartered in California, operates offices in Europe, and employs a global team of researchers and experts


Founded in 2009, Reciprocity has reimagined bulky legacy GRC software to meet the demands of today's dynamic data-driven ecosystem. The company is recognized for its forward-thinking cloud platform, ZenGRC, that elevates risk, compliance, and audit from a burdensome expense to a strategic advantage. Reciprocity has U.S. headquarters in San Francisco and global offices in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Argentina.