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Behavioral Cybersecurity Statistics

by HoxhuntJun 21, 2022

Understanding employee behavior in relation to cybersecurity as well as effective behavior change methodology is a critical step towards protecting individuals and organizations from phishing attacks and data breaches. This report analyzes email data of 1.6 million Hoxhunt participants and their 24.7 million simulations to uncover how email behavior varies across industries, job roles, and geographies.

Read "Behavioral Cybersecurity Statistics" to learn: How does your industry,

Make-or-Break Phishing Metrics

by HoxhuntJun 21, 2022

A one-pager on how to measure and drive behavior change that shields your organization from cyber-attack.

Read "Make-or-Break Phishing Metrics" to learn: What phishing simulation metrics to follow How to use the metrics to drive behavior change How to turn your employees into a human firewall that gives IT early warnings of real-world attacks

How To Create Behavior Change With Security Awareness Training?

by HoxhuntJun 21, 2022

Conducting yearly or quarterly security awareness training is not enough for reducing risk. Without frequent practice, people may not know what to do when they encounter an actual attack. It's not about negligence. It's about not providing people with the right training.

Behavior change is the best way to mitigate the risk related to employees. To strengthen organizational security, people must receive training that results in behavior change, meaning that they know what to do when

Why Mitigating Email Threats Should Be Your Top Priority?

by HoxhuntJun 21, 2022

Phishing is the most common technique intruders are using and solving it can have the highest impact on your organization's risk. Despite technological advances in email filtering, most cyberattacks still start with malicious emails. It's therefore essential to teach your employees to detect social engineering attacks as they will inevitably face them.

Read "Why Mitigating Email Threats Should Be Your Top Priority?" to learn: Why email threats require special attention Why

Phishing 101: A Six-Step Action Plan

by DashlaneJun 21, 2022

Phishing can get your business into all sorts of deep water. In "Phishing 101: A Six-Step Action Plan to Prevent Employees from Taking the Bait," we outline strategies for how to outsmart clever scam artists and inspire your employees to stay proactive.

Read this eBook to learn: Why different types of phishing are effective How phishers trick employees with the latest techniques What you can do to keep employees from taking the bait Download our eBook for practical

A Business Guide to Data Breaches and Hacks

by DashlaneJun 21, 2022

Cyberattacks are a fact of life for businesses, big and small. But you can avoid them with proactive security strategies.

In "A Business Guide to Data Breaches and Hacks," we offer a 360-degree perspective on the causes, consequences, and prevention of cyberattacks.

Read this eBook to understand: The factors that increase your risks of hacks and breaches The methods cybercriminals use to compromise a business The preventative steps you can take to protect your

Definitive Guide to Password Management for Small Businesses

by DashlaneJun 21, 2022

As your business grows, so does the risk that attackers will use your compromised and weak credentials against you. A password manager scales with your organization to boost security for your core business functions as you're expanding your teams.

In this eBook, you'll discover: Why password management is essential for small businesses How a password manager supports your core departments How password management makes your business more resilient and facilitates growth

A Case for Secure-by-Design Cloud Transformation

by CBI, A Converge CompanyJun 23, 2022

See how one organization cut through the confusion of cloud migration and gained clarity for a secure cloud transition.

Read "A Case for Secure-by-Design Cloud-Transformation" from CBI, A Converge Company, and Check Point Software Technologies to learn: Why starting with architecture puts cloud security on the right path How assessing your security in a public cloud delivers validation and confidence The role a trusted advisor plays in smoothing your public cloud journey

You Rushed to the Cloud. Now What? 5 Security Steps for Cloud Clarity

by CBI, A Converge CompanyJun 23, 2022

Cloud incidents are rising and likely tied to the rush to the cloud during the pandemic. Take stock of your cloud security with these tips.

Download "You Rushed to the Cloud. Now What? 5 Security Steps for Cloud Clarity" from CBI, A Converge Company, and Check Point Software Technologies to learn: Who is responsible for securing your data and users in the cloud Next steps to take to understand where your cloud security stands The role of zero trust in securing your cloud

A Case for Evaluating Security After the Cloud Rush

by CBI, A Converge CompanyJun 23, 2022

The pandemic drove many firms into the fast lane to the cloud. Here's how one business took stock to validate its cloud security position.

Read "A Case for Evaluating Security After the Cloud Rush" from CBI, A Converge Company, and Check Point Software Technologies to learn: What's at stake with a hasty cloud migration The #1 culprit for cloud breaches Aligning people skills and internal processes for better cloud security


CBI, A Converge Company

CBI, A Converge Company, is a leading cybersecurity advisor to top-tier organizations. Comprised of strategists, former CISOs, and security experts, we provide the skills and deep resources essential to secure and transform your on-prem and cloud environments. We do this by combining over three decades of experience with Converge Technology Solutions Corp.'s expansive IT solutions portfolio to secure and support initiatives across the business. We relentlessly pursue mitigating risks and elevating security for a multitude of industries and organizations of all sizes. Learn more at


Dashlane is a web and mobile app that simplifies password management for people and businesses. We empower organizations to protect company and employee data, while helping everyone easily log in to the accounts they need — anytime, anywhere. A better digital future starts with secure access.


Hoxhunt is a People-First Cybersecurity Platform that protects organizations and their employees from the risk of cyber attacks. Hoxhunt empowers employees with the skills and confidence to recognize and respond to attacks wherever they arise and provides security teams with real-time visibility into threats so they can react fast and limit their spread. The entire platform is autonomous, freeing up considerable time and allowing security teams to focus on what matters.

Hoxhunt works with leading global companies such as IGT, TomTom, Nets, Kärcher and we're partnering with the leading cybersecurity companies in the world, such as Microsoft and Deloitte.