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17 Security Products Tested for Malware Removal and Repair

by MalwarebytesAug 31, 2015

Strong anti-malware is the backbone of your security strategy. No matter how good the rest of your network's security is, you will be compromised if you do not have good anti-malware in place. For that reason, making the right anti-malware choice is critical. This white paper can help you with that choice. It presents the results of a series of independent tests on seventeen different anti-malware products. Read it now for research-based guidance on how to choose the best anti-malware solution

An Inside View of a Zero-day Campaign

by MalwarebytesAug 31, 2015

Cybercriminals work tirelessly to find new vulnerabilities in popular software-sometimes more tirelessly than the actual software developer. This spells disaster for users of that software, as cybercriminals are able to secretly exploit the vulnerability in what's known as zero-day attacks. This white paper follows one real-life zero-day attack performed on an Adobe Flash Player vulnerability. It provides a detailed timeline of how the attack entered the network, what parts of the network it

Anti-Exploit Tools: The Next Wave of Enterprise Security

by MalwarebytesAug 31, 2015

From malware to ransomware to state-sponsored hacks, today's threat landscape is more complex and dangerous than ever. No organization, no matter how prepared it may think itself, is immune. However, if you're smart about managing the compromises that do occur, you may be able to keep yourself safe. In this white paper, discover the shortcomings of traditional preventative security approaches and what you can do to move beyond them. Read on to learn how to protect your enterprise from today's

Rapid Weaponization of a Leaked Zero-day POC

by MalwarebytesAug 31, 2015

In early July, the Milan-based Hacking Team, an offensive security firm, were on the receiving end of a digital security breach. 400 GBs of internal documents with detailed info on software vulnerabilities and clear, concise instructions on how to exploit them leaked over the Internet. Our team of security researchers wanted to see how Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit stood its ground. By visiting known vulnerabilities, we triggered exploit attacks and measured how Anti-Exploit stood up to the evolving

Sun Products Corporation Cleans Up Malware

by MalwarebytesAug 31, 2015

The Sun Products Corporation is a leading North American provider of laundry detergent, fabric softeners, and other household products. When Cryptolocker malware hit the company, it required weeks of cleanup efforts and was the final straw. In this case study, discover how they prevent recurring malware infections and protect against dangerous exploits.

Software as a process

by Rogue Wave SoftwareAug 26, 2015

Today's software products are the result of many suppliers, vendors, open source repositories, and legacy code coming together in a mix of different processes, standards, and cultures. Each input offers a chance to introduce safety, security, or performance-related errors.

This paper explains the challenges of this polyglot environment and how strategies and tools proven in a number of industries can be applied to your organization to reduce defects, meet requirements, and minimize

3 Ways Putting APIs First Can Drive Business and IT Transformation

by AxwayJul 28, 2015

The future of business is digital—by 2020, 25 billion connected things will be in use. Does your company have an API first strategy to tackle the challenges of the digital economy? This eBook provides a structured approach to developing your API strategy around: Accelerated application delivery Driving success with partners Improving the customer experience Included is a practical toolkit to help CIOs and technologists frame their strategy and ensure best practices are applied around

There's a Revolution Happening in B2B Integration

by AxwayJul 28, 2015

Enterprises who have embraced and benefited from the use of EDI and API exchange channels as distinct silos are now coming together into a single open space, and demanding a single B2B solution that will span the full 360° of this new and expanding landscape. Download the white paper to learn more.

Re-Thinking Your Data Flow Transmission for Security Risk and Compliance

by AxwayJul 28, 2015

Sure, end users love the ease of today's cloud-based file transfer solutions. But for IT, ad hoc file transfers lack security, governance and reporting capabilities, and likely don't meet most SLAs or regulatory compliance mandates.

Get the Ovum brief and discover: How to gain end-to-end visibility into where data transfers begin and end, and who has access How to protect data from unauthorized users no matter how it is transferred--from within or outside the enterprise How to

Info-Tech Report: Select and Implement a Managed File Transfer Solution

by AxwayJul 28, 2015

MFT emerged from limitations with traditional file transfer techniques, such as basic FTP servers. FTP servers lacked the ability to handle growing data volume requirements and provide enough visibility into file transfer activity, and organizations looked to MFT to fill that need.

The Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscape report evaluates the features and performance of managed file transfer products according to 4 use-case scenarios and ranks providers by their ability to



Axway, a market leader in governing the flow of data, is a global software company with more than 11,000 customers in 100 countries. Since 2001, Axway empowers organizations around the world with proven solutions that help manage business-critical interactions through the exchange of data flowing across the enterprise, among B2B communities, cloud and mobile devices. Our solutions span business-to-business integration, managed file transfer, operational intelligence, API and identity management, and email security ,offered on premise and in the Cloud with professional and managed services. Axway is registered in France with headquarters in the United States and offices in 19 countries.


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Malwarebytes provides anti-malware and anti-exploit software designed to protect businesses and consumers against zero-day threats that consistently escape detection by traditional antivirus solutions. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware earned an "Outstanding" rating by CNET editors, is a PCMag.com Editor's Choice, and was the only security software to earn a perfect malware remediation score from AV-TEST.org. That's why more than 50,000 SMBs and Enterprise businesses worldwide trust Malwarebytes to protect their data. Founded in 2008, Malwarebytes is headquartered in California, operates offices in Europe, and employs a global team of researchers and experts

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