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NWC's Syracuse Labs Get a Makeover

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

Our Syracuse University Real-World Labs recently moved into new digs. Join Lab Director Ron Anderson as he takes you on a tour of the state-of-the-art facility.

IT Security Samurai

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

Outsourcing your organization's information security can expose you to great risks. We show you how a well-planned strategy can realize benefits in cost, efficiency, expertise and peace of mind.

Finding and Fixing Billing Errors

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

Cost-conscious IT departments often overlook one thing that can cost their departments money: the vendor's final invoice. We offer some tips on how to catch vendor billing errors early--before they cost your organization.

Market Analysis: Supply Chain Management

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

Companies working with razor-thin margins and just-in-time parts deliveries have little room for error. Unfortunately, these supply chains are often incomplete and lacking good communication. In our analysis, we illustrate the savings an optimized supply

Workshop: Outsource Your Mom, Friends and Church

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

With the cost of IT services and products more affordable, why not help family and friends choose the proper integrator or VAR to handle their PC, wireless LAN and high-speed Internet connection?

Survivor's Guide 2006: Wireless

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

Wireless will throttle full speed ahead in 2006, with 3G, Wi-Fi and WiMAX technologies setting the pace for the enterprise. But which technologies will stay afloat? We look to the horizon.

Survivor's Guide 2006: Storage & Servers

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

In the year to come, pay attention to bigger disks, fatter pipes and disk backups. And don't ignore multicore processors, blade servers and virtualization on the server side!

Market Analysis: Real-Time User Monitoring

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

Complex networks hide the end-user experience. Real-time user monitoring technology lets you see things from your customers' perspective and address performance problems promptly.

A Pill, A Scalpel, A Database

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

Health care is embracing IT to analyze a glut of medical data, find new cures, and provide more-personalized treatment

Centerfold: Civil Engineering Firm "White Lists" Vulnerable Apps

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

It's a conservative and labor-intensive way to ward off zero-day attacks,but Patton Harris Rust & Associates decided to go with "white listing"applications each of its users can run. We profile PHR&A's security strategy andthe lessons learned in



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