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2008 NAC Survey: Adoption Slows, Battle For Framework Dominance Still Joined

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

InformationWeek Analytics surveyed nearly 500 business technology pros about their use of network access control. Here's a summary.

2011 Salary Survey: Application Development

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

Mobile, Social, Cloud Platforms Drive Developer DemandProspects for IT professionals in the development and software space are promising as demand for sophisticated mobile-, social media- and cloud-based applications increases. (R-2040411-DD)Survey Name: 2011 InformationWeek Analytics U.S. IT Salary Survey; Application Development
Survey Date: November 2010 to January 2011
Region: United States
Number of Respondents: 4,581

2011 Salary Survey: Government

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

2011 Salary Survey: Government

Concern over staggering long-term deficits may lead to more austere federal budgets, and the Obama Administration last November announced a two-year salary freeze for federal workers.For now, however, federal IT workers are still better compensated and more confident in their job security t

han other IT pros, according to InformationWeek's annual salary survey. (R2040411-GOV)

Survey Name: 2011 InformationWeek Analytics U.S. IT

2011 Salary Survey: Networking and Data Center

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

All's (Mostly) Well

Among Network and Data Center StaffNetwork and data center staff and managers demonstrate a high level of satisfaction, despite earning less than their IT peers in other disciplines. (R2040411-NW)Survey Name: 2011 InformationWeek Analytics U.S. IT Salary Survey; Networking & Data Center Management
Survey Date: November 2010 to January 2011
Region: United States
Number of Respondents: 1,451 networking and data center professionals in 2011,

2012 Jolt Awards: Mobile Tools

by InformationWeekJan 20, 2013

The rapid ascent of handheld devices as a platform for software development has created an entire industry of new tools. One type provides services to developers such as monitoring usage, pushing updates or ads to deployed apps, and providing cloud storage.The other type of tool provides the nuts and bolts for writing and developing mobile apps, and these are the focus of the Jolt Awards, which Dr. Dobb's gives out annually in six categories. Here are three finalists, two Jolt Productivity Award

2013 InformationWeek 500 -- Issue

by InformationWeekSep 09, 2013

Innovation That Gets Results: IW 500 companies take a practical view of even trendy tech such as cloud, big data analytics and mobile.

Top 250 Innovators: InformationWeek's 25th annual ranking of the leading U.S. users of business technology.

2013 Salary Survey: Application Development and Software Engineering

by InformationWeekApr 09, 2013

App Dev Pros Tough It Out, See Brighter FutureApplication development is widely viewed as a desirable profession. Developers and development managers are perceived as highly skilled, generously paid, well respected and ­secure in their positions.All of this is true, more or less, especially when developers are compared with other workers in IT and throughout the economy at large. However, many developers no longer view the field in a favorable light. As the U.S. economy continues its slow

2014 US IT Salary Survey: App Dev

by InformationWeekMay 14, 2014

The 1,117 IT staffers and 889 IT managers with primary job function of application development continue to demand compensation solidly above that of the typical IT pro. Pay increases remain at about the rate of inflation. App dev staffers earn a median o $102,000 in total compensation, and managers earn $137,000. Other data points: >> Application development staffers report a median total compensation rise of 1.5%, and managers an increase of 2.3%. >> 65% of

2014 US IT Salary Survey: BI & Analytics

by InformationWeekMay 14, 2014

The 410 staff- and 336 managerial-level intelligence/analytics and data integration/warehousing professionals in our survey are challenged and in demand. So why is compensation barely inching up?While 67% of staffers and 72% of managers got raises within the past 12 months, just 23% of staff and 37% of management report increases of 5% or more. Other data points:>> 78% of managers and 64% of staffers expect to receive bonuses in 2014.>> 68% of staffers and 63% of managers seeking new

2015 Analytics & BI Survey

by InformationWeekDec 17, 2014

The world of analytics, business intelligence, and information management is in flux, with old-guard vendors and conventional technologies losing steam and companies entertaining new options for the big data era.Our InformationWeek 2015 Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Information Management Survey finds:>> 28% of the 297 respondents responsible for analytics and BI software selections say their organizations have "standardized on one or a few analytics and BI products deployed



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