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2021 Top Enterprise IT Trends

by Dark ReadingNov 13, 2020

We've identified the key trends that are poised to impact the IT landscape in 2021. Find out why they're important and how they will affect you.

Here's what's inside: Businesses Rethink Endpoint Security for 2021 Ransomware Will Not Slow Down in 2021 Wrestling With New Vulnerabilities, Security Teams Seek Automation For Cloud Security Plus, other 2021 Trends from Data Center Knowledge, InformationWeek, ITPro Today, Network Computing The information submitted is collected by

Addressing Complexity and Expertise in Application Security Testing

by WhiteHat SecurityNov 16, 2020

"...more consideration must be payed to the security of the application.'' - Daniel Kennedy, Senior Research Analyst 451, now part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. Learn about the 'top factors inhibiting the full use of AST tool sets' today in organizations.

Practical Advice for Choosing Your First(or Next) SIEM

by Rapid7Nov 13, 2020

In this buyer's guide, get an overview of today's SIEM security market, what SIEM solutions can (and should) offer, and what to consider when evaluating vendors.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Shifting Left and Embracing a True DevSecOps Mentality

by Rapid7Nov 13, 2020

There is a major shift happening right now. It's not just affecting security teams, but IT operations and development teams, too. And it's something no company can afford to ignore today. It's the shift from web application security being the job of the security team to it being a shared initiative across many teams.

Under the Hoodie 2020 Report

by Rapid7Nov 13, 2020

Hoodies off. Shoes on. Step into the attacker mindset. And learn how to turn weaknesses into super strengths—with concrete data, actionable findings, and a few not-so-secret anecdotes.

Driving Immediate Value with a Cloud SIEM

by Rapid7Nov 13, 2020

Yesterday's SIEMs were not built for today's hybrid, remote, and cloud environments. Setting up a traditional SIEM in your current tech stack can feel like navigating an endless maze of hardware, data sources, workarounds, and different interfaces. See how a natively cloud SIEM, like Rapid7 InsightIDR, is purpose-built to get your team up and running quicker than ever before.

Cyber Attackers’ Favorite Exploits – And How to Stop Them

by Dark ReadingAug 25, 2020

There are an infinite number of ways a cybercriminal could attack your enterprise ? but only a limited number that will work consistently, affordably, and with a minimum amount of work. Do you know the cyber attacks that will most likely be used against your organization? More importantly, do you know the best methods to mitigate them? Cyber Attackers? Favorite Exploits ? And How to Stop Them -- a free, all-day online conference produced by the editors of Dark Reading -- offers a look at

How to Manage Third-Party Digital Risk

by CybelAngelNov 02, 2020

The adoption of digital transformation, cloud computing, and outsourcing of physical IT infrastructure streamlined processes and lowered costs; however an unintended consequence is enterprise digital assets are now in the hands of third, fourth, and Nth parties — far outside the corporate security perimeter.

Download this whitepaper to learn: How digital risk is shifting Why third-party security incidents are on the rise What organizations can do to decrease their third party

Evolution of Ransomware Gangs

by CybelAngelNov 02, 2020

While ransomware has been around for nearly 30 years, the cadence of ransomware attacks is increasingly more effective and more accessible, even to hackers with only a basic technical background.

This Data Leak Alert outlines: The evolution of ransomware attacks Their modus operandi How to prevent and deal with an attack This alert aims to help cyber professionals better understand ransomware from a business and technical perspective, as well as how they can prevent and handle

Are Unprotected Cloud Databases Leaking Your Data?

by CybelAngelNov 02, 2020

Migration to cloud storage and increased outsourcing to third-parties are integral for enterprise digital transformation. While these initiatives maximize flexibility and reduce cost, they can also exponentially expose your organization to critical data leaks.

This Industry Data Leak Alert touches on: Data leaks discovered on unprotected databases in the cloud — specifically, on ElasticSearch How enterprises can mitigate their open source database leaks before they become major



CybelAngel reduces global enterprise digital risk by detecting critical data leaks outside the firewall before these leaks become major data breaches. Leveraging its Augmented Intelligence, a unique combination of proven machine learning capabilities and superior cyber analysts, CybelAngel analyzes billions of data sources, files, and threats across all layers of the internet to discover critical data leaks for their customers. Global organizations rely on CybelAngel every day to detect critical data leaks before wreaking havoc on their business.

Dark Reading

Dark Reading is a security dashboard for IT professionals who don't have the time or the luxury of combing wirefeeds, multiple bug feeds, or vendor Websites to find out what's new or how well it works. Here, readers will get the latest on the security industry from our crack reporting team, hear directly from trusted voices and links to the best security content across the Web.


Rapid7 (NASDAQ:RPD) is trusted by IT and security professionals around the world to manage risk, simplify modern IT complexity, and drive innovation. Rapid7 analytics transform today's vast amounts of security and IT data into the answers needed to securely develop and operate sophisticated IT networks and applications. Rapid7 research, technology, and services drive vulnerability management, penetration testing, application security, incident detection and response, and log management for more than 6,300 organizations across more than 120 countries, including 39% of the Fortune 1000. To learn more about Rapid7 or join our threat research, visit

WhiteHat Security

WhiteHat Security has been in the business of securing web applications for 17 years. Combining advanced technology with the expertise of its global Threat Research Center (TRC) team, WhiteHat delivers application security solutions that reduce risk, reduce cost and accelerate the deployment of secure applications and web sites. The company's flagship product, WhiteHat Sentinel, is a software-as-a-service platform providing dynamic application security testing (DAST), static application security testing (SAST), and mobile application security assessments. The company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with regional offices across the U.S. and Europe.