OAO Technology Solutions, Inc.


About This Company:

OAO Technology Solutions, Inc. (OAOT) is a global leader in IT solutions and services for Fortune 500 corporations, Government agencies and global outsourcing firms. Our core capabilities include: Application Outsourcing, Data Center and Infrastructure Management and Staffing Solutions. Originally a division of the former OAO Corporation founded in 1973, OAO Technology Solutions, Inc. spun off in 1996 to focus exclusively on providing IT services. Today, OAOT is a dynamic business offering comprehensive IT solutions for our customers through our highly skilled technology and engineering professionals. With 1,600 employees worldwide, OAOT is a $125 million, privately held global company headquartered in Greenbelt, MD. Our locations include the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Denmark.

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