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vLearning combines and extends classroom training and online e-learning to deliver blended learning services. Hypermash is a revolutionary new Web technology for dynamic non-intrusive indexing and 'mashing' of existing sites into a single view, using the vContent Virtual Content System. A mashed site becomes indexed, structured, accessible, navigable, searchable, reference-able and aggregated with real-time changes, versioning, dynamic updating, easily managed and more. vSim and SmartLab are a service virtualization system to enable complete information technology environments. Taking machine virtualization to the next level of cloud service virtualization, these virtualized cloud services scale capacity, reduce time-to-market, simplify management governance, mitigate risk, and reduce costs. vContent is a revolutionary new Web-based system for dynamic presentation of static content and vBiz combines both the vContent hypermash service with full commerce backend services. vShare is a web collaboration system used

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