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About This Company:

"We test the Future"

BugHuntress testers say "We test the future" and it is true: they are the first users of software which could become the IT mainstream for future years: e-Communities, mobile applications, consumer electronics, and security software. Software testing company BugHuntress QA Lab is a leading Ukrainian QA/QC service provider. Founded in 2001, BugHuntress QA Lab is a time-proved QA/QC partner of a number of the leading companies from the USA and the EU.

Main services:
- Automated and manual software testing
- Dedicated testing teams
- QA/QC support for companies which outsource software development
- Independent verification and validation of software products
Core domains:
- Business (ERP, CRM)
- Web 2.0 (e-Communities, e-Commerce)
- Mobile / wireless systems
- System, security applications
- Embedded complexes
The company headquarters is situated in Kharkiv - 'Silicon Valley' of Ukraine while the representative office is based the USA

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