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SOC Evolution: How and Why to Update Your Security Operations Center

by ThreatConnectOct 30, 2018

The average security operations center (SOC) is overwhelmed by threat alerts, hard-pressed to prioritize one threat over another, and too understaffed to properly investigate threats anyway. However, some organizations are rethinking and retooling their SOCs, to reduce alert fatigue and increase the agility of their security response. In this webinar, learn the benefits of updating your security operations center and get recommendations on how to implement the essential tools and practices of a

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The IT Pro's Guide to DIY Antivirus Testing

by BarklyOct 28, 2018

Don't just take a vendor's word for it, learn how to conduct your own DIY antivirus testing to successfully evaluate security products without taking on the risk of running real malware.

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The 2018 Ponemon Institute State of Endpoint Security Risk Report

by BarklyOct 28, 2018

Study reveals surge in zero-day and fileless attacks.

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Is Your Email Authentication Technology Really Automated?

by ValiMailOct 25, 2018

Fake emails are at the root of so many of today?s cybersecurity woes. Scammers use spoofed email addresses in endlessly creative fashions. Some of the most devasting attacks that mislead email recipients about where the email is coming from. Buyer beware, because the truthfulness of automation claims in the email authentication market varies wildly by vendor. It takes a diligent buyer to sift between facts and marketing hype.

Strategies for Smarter Collaboration and Clearer Communication

by LucidchartOct 24, 2018

As technology evolves and workstyles change, the importance of collaboration has never been greater. With disparate workplaces and ever-expanding volumes of information to manage, the challenges for collaborating effectively are only intensifying. Many critical applications are not integrated, and workers often lack the seamless user experience needed for real-time collaboration. These challenges extend to IT, not just to provide the right technologies, but to understand how workstyles are

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How Headless CMS Fits into Modern Web Architectures

by Adobe SystemsOct 24, 2018

Headless content delivery is seeing rapid adoption as a way to manage digital experiences across the ever-expanding number of channels customers interact with. Delivering content stored in your Content Management System (CMS) or Digital Asset Management (DAM) system quickly and efficiently to any end point is critical for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Many traditional Web Content Management (WCM) and CMS vendors are providing headless content delivery options as a way

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If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It: Cofense Malware Review Q2-Q3 2018

by CofenseOct 24, 2018

What malware types were resurgent in the past two quarters? Find out in the Cofense Malware Review Q2-Q3 2018. Get a big-picture look at the most popular malware, new delivery mechanisms, evolving phishing lures, and more. Learn why Hermes and AZORult spiked, plus get insight on how threat actors are tweaking weapons that work. View the report now.

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Get Smarter, Be Safer With VirusTotal Enterprise

by VirusTotalOct 24, 2018

VirusTotal Enterprises enables you to research and hunt for malware, to investigate security incidents, to automate analysis, and to keep your investigation private and secure.

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Purple Team Tactics and Threat Intelligence for Effectively Training Your Cybersecurity Team

by Caendra Inc.Oct 23, 2018

In this webinar, you will see how purple team tactics and tactical threat intelligence can be used to enhance your security team's capabilities against the next-generation cyber-attacks.

It has been proven that adding security technology cannot completely eliminate cyber-attacks however, training the human can definitely upgrade an organization's security posture. In this webinar, IT security managers and operators will witness how (advanced) adversary simulation, TTP reverse

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Online Malware and Threats: A Profile of Today's Security Posture

by Dark ReadingOct 23, 2018

In 2016, enterprises encountered a range of new exploits and threats -- including ransomware and state-sponsored attacks -- and developed new plans of defense. How will these organizations be investing their cybersecurity budgets and staffing in the next 12 months? What tools and best practices do they consider most important, and which emerging technologies are they implementing?

This report, one of three to come out of Dark Reading's annual Strategic Security Survey, offers insight on

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