Toshiba Intros Netbook With Atom N450

Intel's Atom N450, bundled with the NM10 Express Chipset, gives the Mini NB305 up to 11 hours of battery life, Toshiba says.
Toshiba Mini NB305
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Toshiba Mini NB305

Toshiba on Tuesday launched a netbook powered by Intel's latest Atom processor.

The Mini NB305 runs on the Atom N450, which together with the low-power NM10 Express Chipset is a much smallernetbook platform than the previous generation. A major advancement in the latest platform is the integration of a graphics and memory controller on the same piece of silicon as the CPU.

As is typical for netbooks, the NB305 comes in multiple colors, including brown, white and blue, to appeal to people looking for a more stylish portable. The mini-laptop has a 10-inch widescreen with LED backlight for a crisper image. In addition, there's a full-size keyboard, a touchpad and three USB ports.

Due to the power efficiency of the new Atom platform, the NB305 gets up to 11 hours of battery life, Toshiba said. The system also includes up to 2 GB of DDR2 system memory, up to a 250 GB hard drive and built Wi-Fi. Bluetooth is available as an option.

Other features include a memory card reader slot and built-in Webcam, speaker and microphone. The system weighs 2.6 pounds.

Netbooks typically have displays ranging from seven to 10 inches and cost between $300 and $500. The mini-laptops, which often have less than full-size keyboards, were the hottest selling PC category less year. The devices are primarily used by younger students or people looking for an inexpensive second computer for basic computer tasks, such as Web browsing and e-mail. Netbooks mostly run Windows XP or Windows 7.

The Mini NB305 is scheduled to be available Jan. 12 at a starting price of $350.

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