Kodak Shipping Wi-Fi Digital Cameras

The consumer camera provides wireless access to a photo gallery.
Eastman Kodak Company is shipping its EasyShare-One, one of the world's first WI-FI consumer digital cameras.

The company announced Tuesday that the product is on its way to retailers and will be available to consumers in a few days.

The model allows users to take, e-mail, upload and view photographs around the world. It provides wireless access to a gallery, which can be accessed from hotspots. It stores up to 1,500 pictures and does not require a computer for any of the functions.

It features a rotating LCD touch screen, an optical zoom lens (36-108 mm), a 4-megapixel sensor, 256 megabytes of internal memory, the KODAK Color Science image processing chip and a user interface developed in MACROMEDI FLASH.

Buyers will receive trial services from wireless companies, including T-Mobile, T-Com (in Germany and the United Kingdom), and Telstra (in Australia). Eventually, they'll have broadband hostpot access in Europe and Asia.

The model, including a KODAK WI-FI Card is selling for $599.

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