Microsoft Boosts Size Of Xbox Memory Unit

The new offering is eight times bigger than the current memory unit and is expected to have a retail price in North America of $49.99.
Microsoft plans to launch a 512-Mbyte memory unit for the Xbox 360 video game console next month.

The new offering, set to be available April 3, is eight times bigger than the current memory unit. The larger unit is expected to have a retail price in North America of $49.99, the company said at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Pricing for the 64-Mbyte model would drop to $29.99 from $39.99.

The new memory unit would ship for a limited time with the Xbox Live Arcade game "Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved" from Bizarre Creations.

Gamers use the memory unit to store and transport their gamer profile, game data, and Xbox Live Arcade games and other content. Gamers also can download content from Xbox kiosks at a retailer. Xbox Live is Microsoft's subscription service for online games accessible through the console.

In addition, Microsoft on Monday increased the Live Arcade game size limit to 150 Mbytes from 50 Mbytes, giving developers more flexibility in designing games and adding advanced features. Throughout the week, Microsoft plans to showcase upcoming Arcade games from companies such as Electronic Arts, Bizarre, Sierra Online, Wanako Games, Klei Entertainment, Rare, and Zen Studios.

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