Microsoft: Social Engineering To Blame For Xbox Account Thefts

Last week, Microsoft said it was investigating reports of hackers breaking into Xbox Live accounts and stealing users' points and information. This week, it's laying the blame on users being duped.
Microsoft is laying the blame for the Xbox Live account thefts on social engineering, saying it wasn't a matter of a breach in its gaming network.

Microsoft said last week it was investigating reports of fraudulent activity on the Xbox Live network. Reports of hackers breaking into Xbox Live accounts and making off with users' points and information have been swirling around the Internet.

Now it seems the accounts are connected to Microsoft's Windows Live ID service.

Microsoft's Xbox team is trying to dispel that talk.

"Despite some recent reports and speculation, I want to reassure all of our 6 million Xbox Live members that we have looked into the situation and found no evidence of any compromise of the security of the Xbox Live Network or," said a member of the Xbox team in a posting on his site.

"There have been a few isolated incidents where malicious users have been attempting to draw personal information from unsuspecting users and use it to gain access to their LIVE account. This is a good time to remind our members that they should never give out any of their personal information."

Microsoft also suggested users download a PDF file from the Web site on how to protect yourself from identity theft.

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