Review: Filtering Workplace Web Use

Can you prevent staff from overwhelming your bandwidth without blocking all Web access? We tried three different packages.
While all three of the products covered here can be used to control Web access by content category and content type, the most straightforward solution for this problem was Websense Enterprise. Websense Enterprise was the only solution that allowed me to explicitly block sports video streams and allow news video streams in a straightforward and intuitive manner. We could get the same results with the others but it was a three or four step process vs. a one step process in Websense.

Filtering Workplace Web Use

•  The Problem

•  Secure Computing's SmartFilter

•  St. Bernard's iPrism Model 1200

•  Websense Enterprise

•  Conclusion

The others, Secure Computing SmartFilter and St. Bernard iPrism, required slight workarounds such as blocking all sports content and all streaming video for everyone in the organization and then enabling streaming video for those who need to watch the news. The end results were the same, but Websense Enterprise deserves kudos for ease with which it met the test criteria.

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Sara Peters, Editor-in-Chief, InformationWeek / Network Computing
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John Edwards, Technology Journalist & Author
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