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Too Tired To Clean Up? Try A Dishwasher-Safe Keyboard And Mouse

Seal Shield is rolling out a fully submersible and dishwasher-safe keyboard and mouse in response to demands by health care organizations.
Attention, computer users who want to really to surf the Web. There's a new keyboard and mouse that may help you actually do that.

Seal Shield Corp. on Friday unveiled a fully submersible and dishwasher safe keyboard and mouse. The products developed in response to demands by health care organizations, the company said.

"The Seal Shield Medical Grade Washable Keyboard and Mouse are the only solutions which are fully submersible and dishwasher safe," said Bradley Whitchurch, Seal Shield's CEO, in a statement. "Our products have been designed for health care, but are aggressively priced for the mass market."

Noting that more than 2 million hospital patients will contract infections this year, the firm said the new submersible products will help combat the spread of cross contamination infections. The computer input devices can be disinfected and washed to prevent the spread of bacterial infection, Seal Shield said.

The company quoted medical specialist Dr. Daniel LaPera, who said: "Bacteria that reside in the upper mouth or respiratory tract can travel to an in-office computer keyboard and survive as long as 24 hours. Viruses can live on them for one hour or more."

Seal Shield said it believes its keyboard and mouse are the first to be fully submersible and dishwasher safe; previous "spill-proof" or "washable" keyboards weren't fully submersible.

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