CES 2013: New Smartphones On Deck

CES 2013 kicks off this week in Las Vegas and promises to provide a modest smorgasbord of new smartphones. Here's what we're likely to see.
CES 2013: 9 Cool Gadgets
CES 2013: 9 Cool Gadgets
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Surprisingly few smartphones have been leaked in the days and weeks leading up to the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. There have been plenty of rumors, to be sure, but no bona fide revelations of significant new devices. Judging from the full press day schedule, however, we're sure to see at least some new hardware, especially from Samsung and Sony.

Here's a breakdown of what smartphones might be announced in Sin City, based on manufacturer.


Forget about it. Although rumors of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 are already rearing their heads, Apple never uses CES to make product announcements. In fact, it rarely even participates in the show.

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I think it's safe to say we can expect something from Huawei. The company is holding a press conference, and its executives have been flaunting a 6-inch phablet in recent weeks. The question is, can a device with a 6-inch screen really be classified as a phone, or does it cross the line into tablet territory?


HTC announced the One SV for Cricket Wireless today. Beyond that, HTC has no real plans during CES. A flagship device for the year, expected to be called the M7, is reported to make a debut later this year, possibly at Mobile World Congress.


LG has a press conference scheduled for 8 a.m. Monday, Jan. 7. It will use this press conference to announce new TVs and other consumer electronics gear. Some smartphones might appear. For example, the Optimus G 2 is rumored to see the light of day soon.


Motorola has no real plans for CES. It isn't holding a press conference and has been quiet -- on the hardware front, at least -- for some time. It is not expected to announce any important smartphones. Instead, it's been busy wrangling with the FTC.


The same can pretty much be said of Nokia. It has scaled back its presence at the show significantly. The only rumors floating around right now concern aluminum-clad versions of the Lumia 920. The company is likely reserving its new device announcements for Mobile World Congress, which takes place in late February.


Pantech is expected to reveal at least one new smartphone during CES. No details about the phone have been leaked, so it could be anything. Pantech typically makes rugged or semi-rugged handsets for AT&T.

Research In Motion.

There will be no new BlackBerries at CES. RIM is introducing BlackBerry 10 and its new smartphones at a separate event on Jan. 30.


Samsung never misses an opportunity to announce new gear at CES. It is holding a press conference on Monday, and rumors of the Galaxy S IV and even larger Galaxy Note phablet are already kicking around. It is also expected to announce a new TV.


Sony almost always makes new device announcements at CES, and has a press conference scheduled for Jan. 7, as well. There have been a number of leaked devices, including new Xperia Android smartphones. The company will probably reveal one, if not two, new smartphones. Samsung also is expected to provide more details about its ATIV-branded Windows Phones.


Last, Chinese hardware maker ZTE also is expected to announce at least one new Android smartphone. The company supplies devices to carriers around the world, but its most significant new smartphone is one that should also be available in the U.S. later this year.

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