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Editor In Chief, InformationWeek.com Laurianne McLaughlin 516-562-7009516-562-7009
Executive Editor Doug Henschen,
Enterprise software, Information Management, Big Data
Editor At Large Charles Babcock,
Cloud, Virtualization
Editor At Large Thomas Claburn,
Senior Editor Kristin Burnham,
Social business, IT leadership and Careers
Associate Editor Michael Endler
Operating Systems, Productivity & Collaboration
  Eric Zeman,
Mobile and Wireless
  Mathew J. Schwartz ,
Contributing Technology Editor at Large: Kurt Marko  
Contributing Technology Editor at Large: Art Wittmann  
Contributing Technology Editor,
Michael Biddick  
Contributing Technology Editor,
Michael A. Davis  
Contributing Technology Editor,
Cloud and Databases:
Joe Masters Emison 828-333-4663828-333-4663
Contributing Technology Editor,
Governance, Business of IT:
Jonathan Feldman  
Contributing Technology Editor,
Randy George  
Contributing Technology Editor, Digital Business, Big Data: Michael Healey  
Managing Editor Paul Travis 516-562-5217516-562-5217
Managing Editor Jim Donahue 516-562-7980516-562-7980
Managing Editor Shane O'Neill 617-202-3710617-202-3710
Wyatt Kash Editor
David F. Carr Editor
Senior Art Director Debee Rommel 516-562-5280516-562-5280
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Content Director, Reports Lorna Garey 978-694-1681978-694-1681
Managing Editor, Research Heather Vallis 516-562-7501516-562-7501
InformationWeek Business Technology Network
Tim Wilson Site Editor
Networking, Communications, and Storage
Susan Fogarty Site Editor
Dr. Dobb's
The World of Software Development
Andrew Binstock Editor In Chief
InformationWeek Advisory Board
Dave Bent, Senior VP of IT, Avnet
Robert Carter, Executive VP and CIO, Fedex
Michael Cuddy, VP and CIO, Toromont Industries
Laurie Douglas, Senior VP and CIO, Publix Super Markets
Dan Drawbaugh, CIO, UPMC
Jerry Johnson, Retired CIO, Pacific Northwest National Labs
Kent Kushar, VP and CIO, E.&J. Gallo Winery
Carolyn Lawson CIO, Oregon Health Authority
Jason Maynard, Managing Director, Wells Fargo Securities
Randall Mott, CIO, General Motors
Denis O'Leary, Former Executive VP, Chase.com
Steve Phillips, Senior VP and CIO, Avnet
M.R. Rangaswami, Founder, Sand Hill Group
Manjit Singh, Former CIO, Las Vegas Sands Corp.
David Smoley, CIO, AstraZeneca
Peter Whatnell, CIO, Sunoco
UBM Tech
Paul Miller CEO
Marco Pardi President, Events
David Michael CIO
Kelley Damore Chief Community Officer
Simon Carless Exec. VP, Game & App Development and Black Hat
Rakhi Williams, Chief of Staff
Angela Scalpello Sr. VP, People & Culture

The Agile Archive
The Agile Archive
When it comes to managing data, donít look at backup and archiving systems as burdens and cost centers. A well-designed archive can enhance data protection and restores, ease search and e-discovery efforts, and save money by intelligently moving data from expensive primary storage systems.
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Protecting Critical Infrastructure: A New Approach NIST's cyber-security framework gives critical-infrastructure operators a new tool to assess readiness. But will operators put this voluntary framework to work?
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GE is a leader in combining connected devices and advanced analytics in pursuit of practical goals like less downtime, lower operating costs, and higher throughput. At GIO Power & Water, CIO Jim Fowler is part of the team exploring how to apply these techniques to some of the world's essential infrastructure, from power plants to water treatment systems. Join us, and bring your questions, as we talk about what's ahead.